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Presidents of the International Palm Society

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1956-1957 Dent Smith, Florida

1957-1960 Dr. Walter Hodge, Florida

1960-1962 Eugene Kitzke, Florida

1962-1964 David Barry Jr., California

1964-1966 Nat J. DeLeon, Florida

1966-1968 Otto Martens, California

1968-1970 Dr. Jerome P. Keuper, Florida

1970-1972 Dr. John Popenoe, Florida

1972-1974 Kenneth (Ken) C. Foster, California

1974-1976 Dr. U.A. Young, Florida

1976-1978 Myron Kimnach, California

1978-1980 Donn Carlsmith, Hawaii

1980-1982 Paul A. Drummond, Florida

1982-1984 Richard Douglas, California

1984-1986 Allan Bredeson, California

1986-1988 Edward McGehee

1988-1992 Jules Gervais, Florida

1992-1996 Jim Cain, Texas

1996-2000 Phil Bergman, California

2000-2004 Horace Hobbs, Texas

2004-2008 Paul Craft, Florida

2008-2012 Bo-Göran Lundkvist, Hawaii

2012-2014 Leland Lai, California

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There hasn't been a president since 2014?


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17 hours ago, NorCalWill said:

There hasn't been a president since 2014?

Ray Hernandez ( @SubTropicRay ) is the current president. 

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Here is the current slate of IPS Officers:

OFFICE                                                                  DIRECTOR                            TERM

PRESIDENT:                                                  Robert Blenker                 2020-2024

VICE-PRESIDENT:                                         Jeff Brusseau                     2020-2024

VICE-PRESIDENT:                                         David Tanswell                  2018-2022

CORRESPONDING SECRETARY:                  Ray Hernandez                 2018-2022

ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY:                   Larry Noblick                      2020-2024


TREASURER:                                                  Tom Jackson                      2020-2024

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Maybe things have changed? It used to be 2-year terms, with the ability to serve 2 consecutive terms.

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