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Honey-collecting insects offered at no charge whatsoever...(aka free-bees -- palms & misc. plants)

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I'm "down-sizing" my plant collection and have a few things I've decided not to plant that I'd like to give to other plant enthusiasts/collectors -- most of these would benefit from being re-potted (or just planted) and/or need some TLC/fertilizer.

For pick-up only...(in Sarasota)

6" pot & 1 gal. - Chamaedorea klotzschiana

1 gal. Chamaedorea seifrizii (bamboo palm)

1 gal. Dypsis baronii

1 gal. Dypsis lutescens (areca palm)

1 gal. Dypsis ssp. (trangle palm hybrid?)

1 gal. Gaussia princeps

1 gal. Phoenix sylvestris
3 gal. Walachia disticha
1 gal. "mystery palm"-- probably Sabal sp. (found growing as a recruit in another palm pot)
7 gal. Rhapis excelsa (rhapis palm)

1 gal. Zamia furfuracea (cardboard palm)

1 gal. Zamia vazquezii

TREES/SHRUBS/PLANTS (all are 1 gallon unless otherwise noted):

Acacia xanthophloea
Banana ssp. (ornamental variety – small red fruit)

Bauhinia tomentosa
Breynia disticha (Hawaiian snow bush, snow-on-the-mountain)
Capparis cynophallophora (Jamaica Caper - Florida native)

*Ceiba (Chorisia) speciosa (*one large in approx. 10 gal. pot and one small & still in the ground -- both are unknown flower colors)

Costus barbatus (red tower ginger, spiral ginger)
3 gal. (small) Datura metel 'double purple'
Dracaena cambodiana
Dragon Fruit (unknown color/type)
Garcinia livingstonei - Imbe
Jatropha integerrima

Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri ‘donkey ears’
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora
Loquat 'Bradenton'
Myrciaria cauliflora (jaboticaba tree)
Nandina domestica (heavenly bamboo)
Pithecellobium flexicaule (Texas ebony)
Podocarpus costalis
2 or 3 gal. (basket) Selenicereus ssp. (?) – hanging basket cactus
Taxodium distichum (bald cypress tree)

*Terminalia arjuna (*nice tree -- herbal benefits -- however, it is not currently in a pot -- after I dig it up, it will need to be put directly into the ground again as it is too big for a pot)


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Check the freebie forum. There's a request for donations for a school.

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Do you really have a bee issue? If so and they haven't been sprayed with chemicals, Nicholas would be happy to come rescue them.

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