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Never Knew Hastulas Could Say So Much

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I know many of you are not fans of Trachycarpus but I recently had the opportunity to purchase a "true" Trachycarpus takil in a 15 gallon size that is three to four feet tall planted height. The price was a steal (12.50). Anyways "takil" apparently can be identified by having an irregular "hastula" which is the regiion where the leaflets join the petiole. Rather than a clean semicircle it bulges out and creates more of a squeezed irregular egg shape.

Found this great resource for palm IDing and so I pass it on. I never knew hastulas could tell you so much about palms. Many have been selling "takils" for years but they have turned out to be something else. While looking into hastulas I found this website with a great deal of information on palm morphology.



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