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Palms for Trade

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I have the following palms available for pick up in the New Orleans area. Most are in three gallon pots and are dying to get into the ground. There doesn't seem to be too many people from south Louisiana or Mississippi participating in the forum, but maybe there are some who are lurking and might be interested.

Arenga engleri

Bismarckia nobilis

Chamaerops humilis

Copernicia alba

Dypsis decipiens

Euterpe edulis

Livistona chinensis

Phoenix theophrasti

Sabal causiarum

Sabal etonia

Sabal minor

Sabal unknown?

Serenoa repens

Syagrus romanzoffiana

Trachycarpus latisectus

Trithrinax campestris

Wodyetia bifurcata

All of these palms were unprotected during the last several winters and showed no damage.

I would like to trade for any zone 8 cold hardy plants (palms, bamboo, cycads, gingers, lilies, etc.), but if you don’t have anything to trade, you are still welcome to pick up some palms.

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I can't believe you are willing to part with a Trithrinax campestris! One of my favorites...

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Not sure if you are interested in doing any shipping - but I'd be interested in the Phoenix and some of the Sabals?

Best, Jude

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