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A New Species of Beccariophoenix???

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thanks alberto, for the explanation, great information!

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If I can revive my photo bucket acct I will post some pics.

We have maybe a dozen "windows"...the largest in the ground for 10+years purchased as a 1 gal from D Hull..now 20' tall with about 8-9' of solid wood...maybe 4' in diameter, been producing viable seed for 3 years. The rest...some in ground..others in large pots in pool area given to me by Pete Balasky from seed he collected in Mad.

We have 3 purchased from Señor Marcus as sp coastal form...getting big...very upright Attalea like.

We also have 2 Alfredii...also from Pete Balasky...from seed collected by Alfred. No id issue here ! These had a bluish-grey tint when younger. Will inspect further when sun rises. The largest I've seen is in Petes garden at his clinic.

Still confused by re-naming, but the plants don't care what we call them.

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