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South Louisiana Queen Palms

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Originally I thought some of my smaller queens may have survived as they showed no burning BUT today I saw that the three foot green spear was turning brown. I grabbed it and it came out with a rotton base. This probably means that my queens, all four of them are probbaly dead. These came from two different sources and at least one of them was supposed to be a coastal queen. All of them have had the benefits of a dedicated irrigation system with bubblers, three doses of Palm fertilizer last spring and summer, an initial treatment of Super Thrive and a dose of epsom salts. All seemed to be in great shape until the winter of '10. I have replaced two of them but I am waiting to do my large one to see if it can pull off a miracle. It has about 16' of clear trunk so maybe it can. I was looking at the pics from Houston area and observed that his leaf scars are much closer together than mine. I have not defoiliated my large Queen so I may try to post a pic so it can be compared.

In an earlier post I spoke of the uncertainty of my Phoenix Reclinata. Well I think I can say that it has made it. It has many of the pups growing ugly but growing and the main trunk has about 18" of growth. Also my slender lady palm has shown no ill effects and is doing well. My Sylvestris is fine. Sadly it appears that my triple trunk Roebelini has lost the two smaller trunks. This was a large speciman plant and it will never be the same without the other two. The two trunks that died were 4' and 5'. The survivor was a little over 6'. The base caliper on the smallest was at least 5". These were tented and had a 100w light bulb in the tent for heat. Obviously this wasn't enough.

Where does one buy a BXS cross in the NW Florida area that would have at least 8" of clear trunk? Would I have to get a second mortgage for one?

Last thoughts. The big orange box store had some Queens that were easily twenty foot tall with about 8' of clear trunk that they were selling for $95. They had twelve foot ones that were $59. At that price I can replace them every year just wouldn't want to. The big ones easily were over 400 pounds. I noticed that the leaves were a darker green and were fuller than my originals. Any thoughts on this.

Oh overall low at my house was 19.3 on two different days.

Charles in Pensacola FL


December 7th, 2010

I lost all three trunks on the robelini not just two. The third one grew out nicely and then last month, November, the fronds started drooping at the base and when I grabbed the spear it pulled right out. I was shocked. It had produced about twenty fronds this Summer and I thought it had made it.

My big Queen never recovered.

My reclinata fully recovered.

My Sylvestris gradually showed burning of the leaves for a long time. It has replaced about one third of its canopy and is looking good. Hopefully we can get a better Winter this year.

Tonight forecast low of 26. Not looking good as this is way too early in the year for these low temps.

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I have been to South America a couple of years ago. Syagrus romanzoffiana is very common from the tropical coastal areas arround Rio de Janeiro as far south as Uruguay and close to Buenoa Aires it grows in the Rio de la Plata area. But its also found in the Serra Catarinense. The Syagrus from that area is found together with Butia eriospatha, and it said to be hardier then normal Syagrus. Also in Buenos aires you see plenty Syagrus in cityparcs. Maybe you should look somewhere in South America for hardier forms of Syagrus! Maybe the Syagrus in the US are not from the coldest provenance. And you seem to need a more coldresistant form.

Nigel in Florianopolis knows more about them!


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