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Our Caryota mitis is not making seeds

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We moved the clump 2 yrs ago to rebuild our house, it was and still is about 15-20' tall,

the tallest of 5 main similar stems immediately resented the disruption and started to flower.

Funny the last leaf to emerge was only half out and is still only half out.

It has predictably continued flowering from the top node through more than half a dozen moving down the trunk.

I know that the C. 'urens' is monocarpic and that this particular stem will die when finished flowering.

It only has a couple of nodes to go. The bees love the flowers. But then nothing?

Caryota mitis is not dioecious is it? What can I do to get seed? :hmm:

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Well this turned out not to be a problem. The subsequent flowers did produce seed. All five stems started seeding as normal from the top and worked down slowly.

I am not sure if it was the move that prompted the flowering or just their age. But now 10 years latter we are still pulling out hundreds of C. mitis seedlings from around the yard and the flowering and seeds have reached their lowest nodes. No more flowers no more seeds and no more new leaves. I have cut off the lower dead seed spikes already.

And the palm is finally dying. The leaves are all dying back but most noticeably from the lowest/oldest first. A mere shadow of its former beauty.

So there you go about ten years that is how long it took.




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