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What's the 'gem' of your palm collection now?

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On 12/9/2020 at 9:34 AM, Bill Austin said:



since still no expert at all, I have got one with a similar colored trunk...

Maybe it gives a clue...


The leaflets look a bit different but I thought it may help to narrow it in. 

Now six years old from seed - Dictyosperma album var. aureum.

best regards from Okinawa -



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I love all my palms, but am very happy with this fellow who has survived being planted and dug up twice now...doesn't even miss a beat...fortunately, as these Voanioalas are so hard to come by these days.




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Looks perfect Daryl. On the move again eh? Glad this little fella is providing a bit of continuity. Thanks for your comment on the other Voanioala thread. 


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Toss-up. I became obsessed with the Wedds after seeing posts on here and finally bought a couple, but I love the Cataractarum because literally all it does is grow. I'm scared to see what it'd do if I fed and fertilized it regularly. 



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