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One of the more interesting Sunsets so far this year... Brought to you by some unusual atmospheric optics.  Possibly an Upper Tangent Arc  ..though there are missing elements of that optical phenomena in this example..  Too low in the sky, and facing the wrong direction for it to be a Circumzenithal Arc as well. Interesting regardless.



While quite vague, taking a trained eye to notice,  the two " blobs " in the picture, at roughly the 10 and 2 -O'- clock position,  are something created by ice crystals rather than thicker clouds or something involving the camera. " blob " on the left ( 10 O' clock position ) is slightly brighter than the one on the right ( 2 O' clock position )


Crepuscular rays and the "Ice Spot"



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Nice end -of- the- weekend-er: Crepuscular rays created by climbing Cumulonimbus towers feeding into an advancing storm on the horizon, and some small, high altitude Mammatus clouds.



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