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    • GregVirginia7
      By GregVirginia7
      Anybody have any experience with Brazoria in zone 7? Have been back and forth with mine but the mild winter last year and wet summer this year really gave it a leg up...Looking for any expertise...
    • Alex37
      By Alex37
      Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, I'm looking for butiagrus seeds (Butia x syagrus r.), I live in Italy, is there anyone who has them?
    • GregVirginia7
      By GregVirginia7
      Do Trachy leaves fold to help moderate the environment? I’ve noticed, especially in the winter, the colder it gets, the tighter they close...I know it can be a sign of stress but my Trachy seems to be healthy...it’s leaves have always looked semi-folded...some days more than others...today is dry, sunny and low 80’s...even the Mediterranean Fan tends to be folded, though to a lesser degree...the Needles are wide open and flat...any lesson would be appreciated...
    • GregVirginia7
      By GregVirginia7
      Hi folks...been a while...Palms seem to be doing well in south facing situation in Springfield, Northern Virginia...this Mediterranean Fan gets a burlap corral and top...just gets a string of C-9 lights around the perimeter at ground level to let a little heat rise. Got it at a local garden center. They had it in a greenhouse...had 3 leaves covered in mites...a little in ground situation, some mite killer and it exploded...I think in ground since 2014...This Brazoria seems way too far north...it suffered the winter before last but last winter was an easy one...just gets a little burlap tent in the winter, no heat...Maybe I’ll add some C-9’s this winter...will enjoy it while it lasts.This McCurtain is the slowest growing thing ever but is finally getting what appears to be a mature leaf...guess it needed several years to sink a root/trunk deep in the ground?This is my baby! In ground since 2014...planted with about a 12” trunk...now 7 feet..and has been through it all...used to be under a Heavy shade large pine tree but we had to cut that down and suddenly it was in full sun...suffered from that a bit but now seems more than happy...the only protection it gets is black frost cloth on the ground to soak up the sun...leaves do really well in the coldest weather...didn’t lose a single leaf all these years to cold...good genetics I guess,Good old stand-by Needle...just lives on its own and never asks for anything...it’s area is moist compared to the others and it seems to like that...

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      I have 10 extra Serenoa repens Super Silver seedlings for sale. They are approx. two years old and I germinated them from seeds I got from Christian Faulkner. As this palm is very slow growing after taking months to germinate, you have a chance to bypass several years of waiting to grow one from seed. Silver saw palmettos germinate green and take on their silver-blue coloring as they grow. Info from Palmpedia below:
      This SE U.S. native palm is quite coldhardy: down to zone 8. Once considered a noxious weed in its native territory, it is now valued as a desirable component of the ecosystem and a decorative urban asset. 
      Serenoa repens Super Silver: $10.00 each
      Shipping = $10.00 for one plant. Additional plants by quote - ask me.   No shipping outside the US. No shipping to HI.
      Payment via Paypal.
      PM me if you are interested.

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