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Hola de Costa Rica - IPS Biennial

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Yes please tell us. For everyone's heightened viewing pleasure, I've added numbers.

Reduced 76%

1024 x 681 (172.77K)

yes - that is me, Dan Ashley (PalmTalk member KONADANTOM), person # 12 (the guy wearing the dark blue shirt kneeling down in front next to our tour guide) in that group photo of the passengers from the "Ox Cart Party Barge" (CRT Tours "Chamaedorea" bus - IPS Biennial group #4) - the photo was taken at a turnoff on the Braulio Carillo highway near the Costa Rican continental divide

A Big Mahalo (muchas gracias) to all of my new palm pals for sharing the great photos - I've returned home to my own tropical paradise here on Big Island, and am looking forward to future IPS palm adventures

Costa Rica is tuanes (cool)

bueno solo (its all good, dude)

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Aloha to our English-speaking PalmTalk people – if you have not been to the PalmTalk Spanish Forum yet, you are missing a treat. Tono Datil has posted some really great photos of the Bienniel:


Some other Spanish-speaking PalmTalk people like Carlo Morici have also been posting some great photos of palms, places and people:


Although we have many members who are not bilingual (or who like me are “very minimally bilingual”), there is a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Having members post great photos on both the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking sections of IPS PalmTalk is a great way for us to stay in touch, and maybe learn “un poco nuestra palabras”.

your pal Dan, on “the Big Island” of Hawai’i / su amigo Danni, en "la Isla Grande" de Hawai'i

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