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    Here’s my front yard from my front door.
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    Hi guys, Want some pictures to look at on a Saturday night from the most beautiful place in the world, Lord Howe Island. Sure you do. This place is just so picturesque you just can't take a boring picture. Don't even aim your phone or camera and you will get an interesting pic. Put some thought into it and you'll have a wonderful picture. But for us palm lovers, you want to see palms. So let's start with Howea.
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    It's been about 5 years since I've shared some videos of the garden and it's filled in nicely since then. I think I'll take some more videos if you guys are interested. Here's a sneak peak to wet yer whistle....
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    Hello all, As a fellow palm enthusiast, I’d often day dream of owning land and designing a nursery. For the past few years, I’ve scoured multiple reality websites, searching for the perfect plot. We found one and offered full price for a little over 12 acres and the owner accepted. This property was beautiful and was once a running nursery (perfect for me!). A few days went by after putting deposit down, when the realtor called me saying that the owner got cold feet and backed out of the deal. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. Many nights I spent plotting and scheming the lay of the land and what to do with it, just for them to pull the rug from under me. Flash forward to now, a year and some change later. My wife and I fianlly closed on 9.06 acres, about 4 minutes from our house. It was a blessing in disguise when the other property didn’t work out, as it was in a very rural area with little development, while the newly acquired land is in the in the middle what feels like Sim City with unlimited funds. The property is fully fenced with a 4” well, pole barn and an insulated shed. The land is majorly covered by large water oaks with a few pockets of cleared land. We recently had about 3/4 acre cleared to start planting clumping bamboo and palms (potted and in ground). Development of the nursery is going to take some time, as my wife and I both work full time jobs. But, with the property so close to the house, I’m out there every day. So, here’s to the start of our dream nursery and the progress along the way. Enjoy...
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    Yesterday I took the following photos of some of the palms in my back yard World's Smallest Jungle View down the walk toward the Isabelle Canal Left (east) of walk: Chamaedorea ernesti-augustii in pots and Hydriestele dransfieldii Right (west) of walk: Kerriodoxa elegans Pinanga cochinensis Ravenea julietae and Chamaedorea geoniformis Lytocaryum hoehnei Lytocaryum weddellianum & Reinhardtia latisecta Compact x2 Pots of palm seedlings germinated this past growing season
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    Hello there, spring has fully kicked in, summer is already knocking on the door - so why not giving a short update of my garden. We bought the house in Sept.2012 - the garden contained only some Bougainvillea which I got rid of - locally sold palms are Manila, Areca, P. roebellenii, Kentia and Cocos nucifera (from time to time). If you are interested in more, you have to order seeds - what I did mostly - but then it takes time to get the palms big. However, if you interested, please enjoy: Rockets over here: Veitchia joannis. (from seeds) Another fast beauty: Alexander palm. (from seeds) Super fast growers: Washingtonias (They were heavily infested by bugs, it took a while to find them and pull them out of the tree, but I think they will do well again.)/(from seeds) Standard palm over here: Adonidia merillii (six years old and flowering the first time) (bought as a seedling) My most loved Cocos nucifera, a Golden Malay dwarf(?) - took a heavy blow last October when typhoon Talim raged over here - got infested with bugs, too, but is now bouncing back. I am so glad. (bought from home depot) This Green Cocos palm was bend over the wall after the typhoon - I had to cut many broken fonds off - but it is now again growing very well, it is almost as tall as the Golden Malay but has still no real trunk yet. (This one is grown from a washed ashore coconut, the tree is not older than five years.) Same with this one, five years old from a coconut washed ashore. Same palm, photo taken from the outside. Now some slower palms, but all of them have survived our winters and typhoons so far. Dictyosperma var. (aureum?). The new spears are interestingly colored. (from seeds) Another species: Elais guineensis. (four years old)/(from seeds) Livistona chinensis. (from seeds) Phoenix sylvestris. (three years old) /(from seeds) Phoenix rupicola (four years old) / (from seeds) Dydsis decaryi. (bought last years from home depot) Finally some palms that taking their time but doing well so far... Clinostigma samoense (three years old) /( from seeds) Clinostigma harlandii. (three years old)/(from seeds) Bentinckia nicobarica (three years old) / (from seeds) Beccariophoenix alfredii (three years old) / (from seeds) Finally: Copernicia fallensis, pushing its third leaf after one year... I hope, it is going to speed now Waiting inside: as seedlings: Dypsis leptocheilos, Dypsis lastelliana, Licuala naumanii, Obi Nymph palm, Lytocaryum weddellianum, Cocothrinax borhidiana, Livistona rotundifolia, Pritchardia pacifica, Becc. fenestralis sp. ("Eastern"), Dypsis sp. bejouf/bejofa, Foxtail p., Cop. hospita, Chamberyona macrocarpa and many more still bagged as seeds. Ok, that it should be for the moment - thank you for your time, best regards Lars
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    Went for hike today to look for Pritchardia bakeri in Niu Valley, Kulepeamoa ridge, it is next to ours, Kuliouou. from which I have seen these Pritchardia thru binoculars, but never gone over to look for. The trail is much harder to follow than Kulliouou, much more dangerous, and almost no existent . Was so windy in places I got knocked over, so was safer to crouch or crawl, with shear drops on both sides in places. These pictures do not do justice to the beauty of the area. The bakeri ( it keys out to bakeri.) pictured here was just off the trail. The fruit stalks were extremely long. At least 12 feet or more. and some were hanging on ground. Some green seed was present, marbled size, but no mature or decomposing ones on ground and no evidence of reproduction, most likely due to rats. About 50 seed were present. Was in a sea of strawberry guava trees, but there were other natives scattered around underneath. Many other palms were on the cliffs , but only accessable by ropes. So not sure if P. marti or bakeri. Not sure if Don Hodel or other biologists have been to this site, but the one pictured is very close to the trail. Was a pure joy to see these, was so stoked to finally make it up to that valley, came around corner and their they were. aloha
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    H belmoreana and H forsteriana
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    And on "ground level" in the upper area.
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    I had the opportunity and great privilege to visit Rafael and both of his palm gardens yesterday. They are both located in Ovar, a suburb south of Porto in Portugal. After seeing many of Rafael's photos here on PalmTalk over the years it was great fun to finally visit and see for myself all the hard work and dedication that he has put into his two gardens. The first ten photos are from the more recent garden, which is the one which had a major issue with a retaining wall a few years back (there is an old thread here on PalmTalk), and this is also the larger garden and the one where Rafael is putting in most of his effort these days. There is an upper part and the first several photos show this area. This area is pretty much all planted out, unless Rafael decides to "Velez" it even more. The lower part of the garden, as can be seen in some of the photos, is just at the beginning stage, and Rafael is hoping (I'm sure! ) to transform this area into a real palm jungle as well. The final seven photos are from Rafael's initial home and garden, and this property is fairly close to the water. As can be seen in the photos, this garden is well established, and I sensed that there may only be very limited additional plantings here. I'm sure Rafael will be happy to provide additional information and he would also clearly be the one to answer any questions. (Yes, he gave me the name of every single palm, but I may not have memorized all of them. OK, maybe there was the occasional Livistona where the species name temporarily had been forgotten... ). And Rafael - you've done a fantastic job with both of these gardens, just in general, but also considering the challenging climate you're dealing with.
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    Hey guys, Its been a looooooong time! I’ve been in the garden lately and decided to do an update. I thought this palm deserved a separate thread. I got this from FB on the second batch around 2012 (planted one from the first batch Jeff put out and it’s still the size of a 1 gal). This was 3 palms put together (1 one gal, two 4”) and unfortunately one of them still looks like a shrimp. I caged it, amended the soil and have it on drip one time a week (2x in summer). It’s planted on the west side of the house and gets around 6 hours plus of sun now that it’s over the roof line. Total height is around 10 feet, 6’ where the spear starts. I also haven't fertilized in about 4 years. Happy growing
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    I was eating some watermelon in the dining room and happened to look out the back window and this caught my eye! Funny bcuz i was outside several times this morning and didn't notice it. First time ever blooming. Hopefully it sets seeds bcuz they will probably be pure as all my other Cocco's are way past blooming and in the fruit stage.
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    Last month I took a trip to Morocco and saw Chamaerops cerifera and Phoenix dactylifera growing in their natural habitats in the Atlas Mountains. Most of the Silver Chamaerops one sees in habitat is very low ground cover, but occasionally, on steep slopes or in stream beds you can see some with several feet of trunk. They tend to be most common at elevations between 4,000-5,000 feet. Here's a video:
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    All of these first 3 pics are from the base of Mt Lidgebird.
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    Here is the late, great Richard Douglas.
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    Thanks to a tip from PalmTalker donalt, I went downtown Orlando to investigate a couple of possible Beccariophoenix alfredii street plants. Sure enough they turned out to be BA. The first and second photos are of 7 planted in a median that separates bus and car lanes. It is on Livingston St. just east of I-4 in between the LYNX bus station and ACE Cafe. Interestingly the ACE Cafe is located in the historic Leu Building; Mr. Leu of Leu Gardens fame, this is where his business and warehouses were located.
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    Unbelievable Mauritia flexuosa growing in Micco at Jason and Sues beautiful Garden. Jason first photo, my husband Greg in third photo. This palm survived the 2010 freeze!
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    I started trimming leafbases(many just fell off) up on my sabal causiarum. Less than 2' clear, its a fattie at 36" diameter. This palm was planted in summer 2011 as a big strap leaf seedling. It has come a long way to about 20-22' in overall height. Its a beast and has brought 2 volunteers under a nearby bush(not sure if I cut down the bush now. Originally it was labelled a sabal domingensis by Tejas tropicals but the small fruits and 3 orders of branching match Scott Zonas ID of causiarum. And yes it has ligules, but not until it trunked a couple years ago. For scale, my foot is wearing a 12 1/2 size shoe 13" in length.
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    Here’s my biggest hybrid Archie abloom and aflame in the setting sun on a fine northern hemisphere evening. Show is your palms aflame in first or last light!
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    Potted Areca catechu Dwarfs & Semi-Dwarfs Ptychosperma sp & Adonidia merrillii x Wodyetia bifurcata Adonidia merrillii x Wodyetia bifurcata Satakentia Cocos nucifera Dwarf Red Spicata twins on Garden Lot. I lost their mother to Hurricane Irma in 2017
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    I've read threads on here about spreading the love (read obsession) of palms with friends and neighbors. Today, a success story from my neighborhood: after seeing palms slowly take over my front yard, my neighbor across the street asked about planting one in her front yard. I was super happy to plant this parajubaea for her. Here she is, happy palm, happy palm owner.
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    Another belmoreana pic and forsteriana with Mt Lidgbird and Mt Gower in the background.
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    And the large open lower area - lots of exciting possibilities here, that's for sure!