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    Howdy all kinda gloating over equipment upgrade. CLASS, here’s the assignment: Stand or sit as close to your front door and take pictures of what’s there, morning, noon, evening or night. Or afternoon. And post here! Here’s mine: ( For now!)
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    Dave, great view! Love the Archy trunks especially. Here’s a look through my front door windows and a couple of shots from front porch at different times of day.
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    From my front door in my highland home. Tropical exuberance.
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    Just now... Front door view... Back door view...
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    4 years old Areca catechu in Israel. so far so good.
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    I was recently in Madrid and got to spend about an hour in the botanical garden there. They have a nice collection of palms in USDA zone 9a. I didn't take many pictures but thought I would share a few. I was especially impressed by the Trachycarpus martianus, Butia sp. gigantea and Parajubaea torallyi.
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    It's not my front door but it is my backdoor.
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    Here’s all of the palms I mentioned from before and pardon the layout of this message using a cellphone is rather tedious. I wouldn’t mind having some insight on all the species names so I am aware of what I currently have. I recently received 2 licuala grandis plants. My house sits next to a waterfall and is located and grandfathered in a reserve In low lying tropical jungle near the ocean Awkonradi. (I realize dictyocaryum is in high elevations in case anyone was wondering.. I am a half hour away from las cruzes Wilson’s botanical gardens) I am hoping to become more involved with choice cultivars of tropical species and helping preserve endangered species with seed collecting and distribution to other fellow collectors/reintroducing wild populations given my tropical zoning.
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    Pictures of my last trip in Seychelles island https://www.flickr.com/photos/88672295@N02/albums/72157712918735358
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    Well, yahoo and all that; the Chambeys are gearing up for baby making! Here’s my watermelon hookeri leaping into the reproductive fray.
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    Put me in coach. Palms waiting in the bullpen just hoping to be planted this spring. Not all pictured are going in of course but some will. For sure the D. Pembana (seen in 1st and 2nd pic) , D. saintelucei (Seen in third pic) and a few others including the Jubea chiliensis (Seen in last pic.) That one I’m afraid my wife might fight me on. So what do you plan on adding this spring? Pics if you have em.
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    Here’s one of mine about six feet tall
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    I have had great luck with this Pritchardia pacifica, germinated from seed collected in 2013 from PR.
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    My young var conjugatum, and other forms behind it. Last winter was weird, with many clear cool nights...no frost but temps down to about 5C (40F) on occasion, and many nights below 10C (50F). The regular forms actually had some minor marking but the conjugatum was perfect...
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    I love it. I was using Miraclegro shake and feed palm fertilizer before. I saw no real results. A year and a half ago several forum members recommended PalmGain. It has worked. Leaves on all my palms are green.
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    I planted five Washingtonia many many years ago when I didn't know better. I wish I knew better. There are hundreds of palm species that grow here that would have been better. Just glad it was only five of them that I planted. They're certainly not ugly of course and are tall enough now that they are visible from blocks away and shed their own leaves now. I'd replace your's with a nice Brahea edulis or armata, Bismarckia, Livistona, Sabal, or a host of other possibilities.
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    My older Chambeyronia sp 'Houailou' puts out new leaves that are salmon colored. Today I found this dark crimson leaf wonder on my smaller 'Houailou' in the front yard. Enjoy.
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    Leave it and under plant. The more the merrier.
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    Not a huge zone push, but I've seen more of these Dictyosperma album popping up in spots. This particular palm has been around since at least late 2010.
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    My young Veitchia spiralis...still recovering after the severe drought we have had for the last couple of years, but wit the recent rain are now getting a growth spurt and normal sized leaves again...
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    Looks like some of the palm trees that were burned in the fires are coming back. What kind of palms are they?
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    Take it out ASAP. Soon it will be nearly impossible to remove the root system. In the not to distant future, all you will be able to do is chain saw it at ground level and leave the roots so you'll never be able to plant in that spot again.