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    Just back from a week of exploration in the Kahurangi National Park-New Zealand and wanted to share the beauty of the place...Dream on!!!
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    Dear Fellow Palm Talkers, I received word from Cindy Adair that she survived Hurricane Maria and is doing fine in Puerto Rico. She has no electric power, internet or phone connection, but she is upbeat and asked me to convey to the PalmTalk forum that she is OK.
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    I’m still not sure if this is sabal causiarum or domingensis. There seems to be some confusion on which one has liguels. But none the less I love this huge Sabal. It’s finally going vertical after walking about 5 feet from its original planting spot. I planted it 7 years ago for my son (the monkey in it). It’s been a blast watching them both grow. Today he said “ I want to climb my palm” so up he went.
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    Hi everybody As a newby (here at least) I think it would be appropriate to introduce myself. My name is Niek, I'm dutch but live with my wife and two children in Belgium not far from the french border. Therefor I'm native dutch-french speaker but can help myself in English as well. I'm certainly still unknown in the English speaking "palmworld" but quite active in the Dutch, French (and a little bit the German) palmfora. For a couple of years a even was the administrator of the Dutch/Belgian forum "Palmvrienden" but I'm also known by my own website "La Palmeraie". The site is already quite populair among Dutch/French speakers but I'm now also occupied with the translation to English! Still a lot work to do but I'm working on it.... The idea is that I try to use my studies (biology) together with my own experience to create/publish articles on things I missed online when I started but also main discussions as a complete summary of all the Trachycarpus species or to unravel once and for all the Butia genus naming mystery . Enough said about me, now a little bit about the garden. As said, I'm at the french border in a town called Ronse. This corresponds to USDA zone 7a. I started the hobby in 2003 and therefore have seen winters down to -19°C / -2.2°F. Mostly I work with palms, bamboo, bananas/taros and grasses. But you'll also find Albizia's, Cycas, Japanese maple trees, tree ferns,... I hope you will enjoy. Kind regards Niek I live in my actual house since end 2009 and started creating from scratch literally in 2010: And this was last year, same angle
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    Planted at our home and is quite happy! Approx. height is 12-15'.
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    Hey all, I'd like to know what palm species are naturalizing or even invasive in your region. Photos would of course be nice. In Switzerland, we have Trachycarpus fortunei spreading on the southern site of the Alps in moist forests and building self-sustaining populations. Cheers, Vincent
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    Syagrus romanzoffianum, the common Queen Palm, in the right location and in its natural habitat, and it's a beauty! Here with Iguazú Falls, Argentina, as the backdrop.
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    P. martii, one beautiful palm. They're getting some size to them now and the leaves are just crazy. The one pic is of the hastula on the front of the leaf. Tim
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    Thought I'd share my Copernicia fallaensis growing in the garden. One of my favorite Copernicias so happy to have it growing quite well. It grows pretty much on its own without much help other than an occasional weeding and mulching. Rarely gets supplemental watering either.
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    Dypsis carlsmithii and malcomberi showing off.
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    Ok, I know ya all been wondering if my Dippy D is still alive. Well I have been neglecting it a bit due to some recent injuries, but here’s a photo taken this morning. We had no sub freezing temps this winter, (my low was 33.1f) so as you can see my hiscus was blooming through winter.
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    After weeding in my Dictyocaryum grove the other day I figured it was time for a couple of photos (promised long time ago when Tim asked me!), and interestingly they can also display other colors than the blue, which we are so used to seeing. These photos were taken just a few minutes ago.
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    I got one. Fastest brahea I have other than brandy. Monkey for scale
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    Photos around the yard.....
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    I'm an artist from S FL, been including palms in my paintings for years. These images are from my Sub Tropic series which includes the elements of sky, water and palms.
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    Copernicia Fallaensis near Fallas.
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    Copernicia gigas, on the south coast of Sancti spiritus:
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    Hi! I´ve often followed topics on this site and have learnt a lot through it, but I am finally daring to post a few pics of my own garden in Cadiz, south of Spain, where I live, right next to the coast. The climate isn´t too bad here, maybe 9b or 10a but we get some pretty bad dry winds which tropical palms (and other plants) don´t enjoy much... Only a couple of frosts this winter, but palms like my Dypsis Lutescens or Pritchardia Hildebrandtii took quite a bit of a beating... Hope you like my pics
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    LA Arboretum/ Santa Anita this morning @LAArboretum
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    And here it is today,
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    I finally got around to planting out this 6' tall Tahina a couple weeks ago. From what I understand and have been told this could be the largest one in California????? It was in a big A#$ tub and took four of us to get it situated in the ground. It took me over 6 months of hemming and hawing over which spot to plant it in. After much careful consideration I finally felt it was time to set this free. Thank again Adam (akamu on PT) Dennis W and Luise for your help planting this guy. finally I excited to see this magnificent beauty in its new home. Adam (Left) & Dennis (right)
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    C nucifera/Niuyabia...C Renda...Euterpe E...Tahina....R Taedigera...R.Farinifera ..all 3 Beccarios..2x C Macroglossa..C Glabrescens (clumping)...the easist to see
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    Planted just a week ago, two Dypsis sp. 'Orange Crush' (formerly misidentified as Pilulifera). These replaced an overgrown D. lutescens that was encroaching on the driveway (another was removed from close to the house). Tahina spectabilis just keeps throwing out bigger and bigger fans. The Clinostigma lawn (samoense), the picnic place. View beyond the lawn toward the back with more Clinostigma samoense, Licuala (have to look it up), Verschaffeltia splendida (left) and some Dictyosperma album var. furfuraceum (did I spell that wrong?) Over in the red garden, Chambeyronia macrocarpa var. Hookeri living up to its reputation with the new very red leaf
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    This is one of the whitest-ultra pale blue Pritchardia I have ever seen, and it is just a half a mile from my house, been here 22yrs and never noticed it. Only 8ft tall. In a weedy strip of land. Absolutly stunning in my opinion. The very old one at Hoomaluhia is so tall its hard to appreciate its color, but this is head high. and maybe even whiter. aloha Colin