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    I posted this same view off my lanai for a previous Independence Day. I didn't think you needed to be an American to appreciate it. I guess it is the Aussie colors as well. At any rate, it seems to be especially colorful every year at this time. Who needs fireworks anyway? Happy 4th to my fellow Americans!
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    My Satakentia has about 3’ of clear trunk now. Doesn’t seem to muster up much purple color but it’s still a very pretty palm.
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    went to see me mum and sis...took a walk in bro in laws garden. Hes a lifetime member of the IPS and a longterm palm collector
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    Here’s a quick view of the Licuala ramsayi var. voyeurensis. Right out my shower stall with a window outside.
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    Last Friday I did this..... I bought an unexpected find at my local Green Thumb nursery. I go there once or twice a week just to get away from my work desk. I wasn’t looking for anything and God knows I really don’t need anything else at this time. Nonetheless, never letting that stop me before I couldn’t pass this beauty up because this is rare to find at nurseries in my neck of the woods. This Friday (today) I did this........ I put her in the ground. Perhaps not the most ideal spot as far as the elements go but quite frankly it’s about my only option left at this point. Other locations available would be more of a gamble. It will be pretty much shaded all morning through early afternoon. It will get late afternoon sun and exposed to our Santa Ana winds when they occur. My fingers are crossed. I had never planned on putting a Hedyscepe in this spot but what was I going to do, not buy it?
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    We have planted some really neat plants this year. One of the highlights has been this newly described palm from the Colombian border. If it grows half as well as it has in the nursery, I will be pleased. Hope you all enjoy
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    I’m happy my Kentiopsis oliviformis has opened up a couple leafs in a couple months. First two pics show the first of the two recent leaf openings from early May. Next pics are from today showing the second of the two recent openings. I’m hoping for one more in September. I have a B. Hapala in the front yard that’s on this same schedule. Just maybe about a week behind this one with each leaf. Funny how these spears can sit full length for many months and then when the time is right, Bam. (I guess the fertilizer doesn’t hurt either.) (Sorry, I didn’t mean to post this last pic but it won’t seem to let me delete it.)
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    Looked out the kitchen window this morning to see this. Hopefully seed down the road.
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    Attached are some pics of my Dypsis CS and its first inflorescence. For scale, the spath is about 5 ft. tall. Palm h as been in the ground for about two years and has taken off this year.
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    So it was my birthday last week. My friends Mike and Paul came over to surprise me with a birthday present. When I opened up the present, it was a bag of Queen palm seeds. I laughed it off and was about to throw away the box. They stopped me and told me the toy real present was at the bottom of the box. I looked down and sure enough, there was a handwritten gift card on a Bluebell Nursery business card. It was credit for one large palm. These guys are really special to me ( not just because of the gift). So today, I went with Paul to pick up my gift. With all the choices, I settled on this Dictyosperma album rubrum: NOTE: The woman in the picture is Arlene. She and her husband Jack have been growing palms for 40 years. THANKS, AGAIN...Mike & Paul!
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    This Specimen is about 20 years old. It was from Merrill Wilcox. It has been through Teo cold winters during that time. 13F and 11F. no damage at 13F. The 11F came with 4 sequential days below freezing. Grind damage but no Spear pull. It has only flowered once. A nearby Similar aged Butia flowers every year and was completely defoliated with Spear pull at 11F
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    Took this last evening, came out really purty. I'll bet you have some like this, too.
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    I was driving on El Camino Real today near the Carlsbad Airpot and saw some interesting palms out of the corner of my eye next to some office buildings. Since the kids were asleep in the car I pulled into this business park area and this is what I found...
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    Great find I have 4 growing down here in Coastal Tasmania and 1 has just started trunking ( grown from seed in 2010 ) cool almost frost free climate like SFO summers like SLO central coast
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    Lemurophoenix halleuxii opens only a few fronds per year, so when a spear cracks open, it's an event to celebrate! (post your leaf events!) Planted June 2010, my "three screaming lemurs" as I refer to them, had a dramatic setback during the nearby volcanic eruption in the summer of 2018. It has taken this long to get some decent sized fronds on the center palm that was most exposed to the SO2 gas. Three sequential mornings of the opening frond: This center Lemur was the tallest of the three until the eruption (note the lower left deformed leaf), but now it is getting close to catching up with the others again. Do you have a "Leaf Event" photo? Please share!
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    I got 10 seedlings from the first batch available. Biggest full sun...look at petioles stretch on partial sun which may actually make it taller
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    After a couple of years of crushing events, the last one completely crushed my 6 foot perfect dypsis psammophila, I was considering taking out my Royal since I couldn't plant anything under it. I didn't want to pay for someone to bring out a boom truck to cut off or tie off the fronds every time one was ready to fall. So I came across these guys who use a slingshot to setup Ham radio antennas in remote locations. So I copied an idea and built my own. All you do is shoot it over the petiole of the one ready to come off, tie paracord to the fishing line, pull it over, tie a loop on the end of the paracord, thread it through and cinch it on the petiole. Then shoot it over the next one to come off, pull it over and tie it off to another palm or anchor it to the ground or house. When the leaf finally comes off just lower it down without damage to anything or anybody. Took a few tries but was successful. Though I would share since I'm not the only one with this problem. It's one of my favorites in the garden and didn't want to lose it.
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    Delonix regia and Bismarckia lining the freeway in Texas?!
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    Just thought I would share my Archontopheonix myolensis with you today. For some reason it caught my eye this morning. This was one of the first palms planted in my backyard. It’s been a consistent grower for me although not quick with putting on height. Early on it developed a soft spot on the trunk. I thought I was going to lose it. It has since mostly hardened back up although it is a bit concaved on one side of the trunk near the base. But seems to be moving along just fine now. Fingers crossed it stays that way.
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    Royals are one of the most common palms in the Rio Grande Valley (the 4 southernmost counties in Texas) and are probably the most common pinnate palm in Brownsville, the McAllen metro area, and the coast. They are ubiquitous in private, commercial, and increasingly, even public landscapes.
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    I bought this palm sick about 6-7 years ago. It sat and struggled for what seemed like forever - never holding more than 2-3 ugly leaves. About 2 years ago I did some grading and driveway work that diverted a good portion of the rain runoff that created a small stream during rains that surrounded it. Almost immediately it responded and started swelling up and holding more leaves. It might end up being a nice palm for me after all. Maybe some extra water for those of you trying to grow this one would help you too.
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    This is one of the more robust ones
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    Foxtail palms are not that far behind in popularity Check out the big mango tree ! Another big mango, a common street tree
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    Great photos everyone! While I don't have one of these here in Hilo, I did have a couple of them in my Fallbrook California garden. Here are those photos: October 2010: And here's my final photos of it from before I sold the house. June 2019:
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    This has been much faster then the "white form" for me. And seems more robust as well. Managed to get two boots off it today, so it's actually looking more like a grown up.
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    Last year this palm produce 3 inflorescence. the first one was heavy in fruit and a strong wind blew it off the tree. The other two produce probably a few hundred fruit which ripened and fell on the ground into the litter from the flowers. Around Feb of this year I noticed a number of seedlings sprouting up around the base of the tree. I soaked the ground and dug about 4 up and potted them. All looking good but still only that single thin leaf. This year the same thing happened to the first inflorescence. Now the other two are loaded w/fruit and #2 has some turning red. I plan to put some soil in a gallon pot and place some seed on top and cover w/flower litter. Others I may just lay on top of the litter as if it was nature doing it. these will go into my 60% shade house and see what happens. Not crazy about the thought of cleaning the fruit from seeds so I'll probably just try the above methods and see what happens.
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    Chambeyronia macrocarpa first flowering at the age of 27, after a first attempt last year:
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    I recieved this sabal from Ken Johnson as a 8-9 foot overall non trunking palm. I tried to some provide wind protection up near the east side(shaded late day by house)) house and with magnolia and maple nearby it has had some shading. the soil is sandy and i really was preoccupied over this time with other more sensitive palms. I started mulching the area annually 3 years ago. I have trimmed back the two sh ade trees near it repeatedly to give it room. This summer it went into flower. I am re-rigging my irrigatiion system(converting grass sprinkler pop ups to micropsrayers) to ensure it gets more water as this palm is in a relatively dry area. With so many palms growing up and overhead in my yard its nice to have a slow grower I can still see the crown without a ladder.
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    Part of the description of this palm: "grows naturally on the banks of two rivers," "Likes a sunny, well drained position, with ground water." Believe me only the "likes a sunny" is the only part that describes this planting in the Wai`anae, O`ahu desert. Planted on a dry hillside terrace w/only irrigation twice a week for 30 min each time. First planted in 2005 the other a year or two later. Quite happy in my sunny desert. The two photos show view from opposite sides of the planting. I believe my 60% average yearly humidity helps.
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    Sneaking in some more dicots...the big Ficus elastica teased earlier A big Ficus microcarpa Royal poinciana (Delonix regia) is another common street tree, this one was especially big
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    At UTRGV in Brownsville A Market Square Brownsville
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    Hi it’s been a fair while since I have posted anything. Here is one of my Parajubeas coccoides
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    Gotta love the random morning surprise of a flame thrower showing off its stuff.
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    Just came across these two phoenix hybrids made by Patrick. They have very soft foliage like roebelenii. Soon to go in the ground! Phoenix roebelenii x "favorite" P. roebelenii x canariensis And allow me to bless your timeline with these exquisite plumeria blooms
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    I wanted to make a Floribunda order in March after the winter chill faded away. Then we were forced into lockdown by the corona virus and I had to abandon my order plans. All I could do was dream vicariously while viewing other PTers' bounty. In early June, FL began to "reopen" so I worked up a new order and submitted it to Jeff. Yesterday afternoon I received my Christmas and birthday gifts combined: a big, long box of my favorite things - Palms! Other girls can keep their Jimmy Choos. Today I took the following photos of my hard-earned bounty Group Photo 4" Pots: Front Row - Basselinia pancheri, Dypsis minuta x2 Back Row - Dypsis ifanadianae, Licuala terengganuensis, Hydriastele beguinii, Ravenea sambiranensis Dypsis rosea Ravenea hildebrandii, 1g Areca oxycarpa, 1g Calyptrocalyx pachystachys, 1g Euterpe sp 'Orange Crownshaft', 1g Pinanga maculata, 1g In the small blue basket are three Coccothrinax spp and two Colpothrinax cookii seedlings
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    More rare than a Texas coconut is this Corypha utan at a collector's (Dr. Medsen) house in McAllen. Also Acrocomia, Cocothrinax, and Hyphaene among others
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    The unicorns...coconuts! They look real hit and miss. Many of them are not getting enough water and some are barely hanging on. The last two winters have been very mild. \
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    Getting much more rare...Christmas palms (Adonidia merilli)
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    Some slightly less common palms Tree sized plumeria are plentiful
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    My 15 year old Dallas, Brahea moorei is producing 2 bloom spikes!! It is only the second time to do it. Has anyone ever had this species produce viable seeds?
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    Wow, some real monsters you have there, Mike! I’d love to see this thread filled with domesticated Tahina photos and Tahina Donor banners. The largest in my garden, below, planted July 26, 2010, now roughly 11 ft. tall. The broadest fans are about 7 ft. In diameter, or slightly more. For scale, the rounded stone set upright is almost exactly 1ft. In height. The only problem I had was a sudden drying up and browning of a newer leaf. Threw everything at it and it seemed fine, then happened a second time several months later and took same action. No problems for a couple of years now. Volcanic eruption nearby didn’t bother it. The baby Tahina was planted by my son-in-law December 31, 2015 from a 5-gal. pot. Experience has shown they kind of remain one size even if kept in a pot for a few years. But plant them in the ground and they begin to grow. At 4 1/2 years in the ground, this one is pushing vertical leaves, moving beyond the horizontal leaf infant stage. There isn’t much soil in this spot, but the palm looks healthy.
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    After spending months in the house due to Covid my wife and I spent a weekend at Moody Gardens in Galveston after Texas had opened businesses back up. We went back in May before Texas started seeing drastically higher covid cases. Fortunately we didn't get sick. Here are a few pictures of the palms that they had.
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    OK, the deed is done ! I like to position my palms very carefully, so I use a same sized pot as a form. Here I wanted the trunk precisely on the point of the pedestal base. This also avoids any jostling of the root ball. I water heavily the area around the pot form the day before, then just remove the form and slip in the palm. Here is my newest in-ground palm, planted about one hour ago. Thanks again, Bret for your insights. I enjoy background music as I plant, today's tune was the Beethoven 3rd Piano Concerto, with Rudolph Serkin.
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    Wanted to start a thread about (imminently) huge palms we currently have planted in our yards which are seedlings or juveniles. I'll begin with 5 cocoa nucifera and an alfie which, after being stunted for 3 years, seems to be taking off.
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    Walked the kids halfway to their bus stop and took a walk to our local beach. Decided to wander north for an hour and saw a few new things (and some beatific rainbow lorikeets).
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    Last up, a new planting of Veitchia spiralis. Veitchias are touch and go here, so we'll see. Thanks for looking!
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    These are planted at Garvey Center, a commercial building complex downtown...southwest facing wall. I’m told they’ve been here at least 7 years...I think they fit very nicely here!
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    Dusty, hopefully these photos can provide some insight on how Rhopalostylis do in Coastal Carlsbad. These are planted in southern Carlsbad in a neighborhood just west of Pacific Rim Elementary School and south of Poinsettia Park, about 3/4 mile east up the ridge from the North end of Carlsbad Campgrounds. The first specimen (Rhopalostylis baueri) was shade planted, north side of a two story house, with shade from a couple of Kentia's with overhead ringed trunk when I planted it. As you can see even today it gets a lot of shade, with a large Bismarkia to it's west blocking late afternoon sun as well (see first two photos). Second pair of photos are a Rhopalostylis sapida planted as a small 15 gallon before the baueri was planted. While it now gets decent afternoon shade from the Sabal up the slope from it and a pair of King palms shading it from below the slope, it was in a mid-day sunny spot when planted sometime in the early 2000's. The sapida was the second one I planted in that spot as the first one died. The sapida looks better now that it is in more shade than it has ever looked, but you can see how slow it is. I also planted a pair of Rhopalostylis sapida's in another garden in South Carlsbad about half a mile south of this garden and a block east. Those two were planted as 1 gallons in about 1989 or 1990. Occasionally I will drive by and peak over the fence. They were planted in the space between my old house and the neighbor getting shade in winter, but full overhead sun during the summer arc of the sun. While those palms look healthy, they aren't much bigger than the R sapida below after about 30 years, maybe a 2'-3' more of trunk. An alternative that will be very upright, handle the sun you describe and have an awesome trunk is a Kentiopsis oliviformis. While not a speedster when small, if you can find a 15 gallon, you will be suitably impressed in 5 years and have a significant palm in 10 years.


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