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    Joseph, I notice you live in the Tampa area. If you would like to grow a Butiagrus Palm (Mule) I do have a real nice potted one in need of a home. Scott
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    Proud of my restraint when the sample lady at Costco insisted that Acai berries only grow on a special bush in Brazil, denying that it A: comes from a palm, B: can be grown in Hawaii, C: is anything but what her boss and the internet told her. I said cheers and walked away after two tries.
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    Without meaning to brag, I just finished my 14 day diet plan in 3 hours and 20 minutes
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    Floribunda shipment arriving today. Woohoo!
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    I don't remember dreams often but last night I had a very vivid and intricate dream which involved hunting down a certain Pritchardia species... I think I may have a problem!
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    Spread 500 lbs of fertilizer on palms & tropicals over 0.61 acres. I'm tired
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    Hi Little Tex, the palm is in Tuvalu. It is a south pacific island north of Samoa
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Livistonia chinesis doesn’t need any protection here in Jacksonville which is usda zone 9a. I don’t have information on 8b zone and lower .But they good on sun or shady areas,growing pretty fast here.
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    Happy Birthday! Hope you are doing something fun to celebrate like getting a new palm.
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    I have a nice Pritchardia bakeri for you, it should do really well in Manoa, just keep it wettish at first. I hopefully will soon have a collection permit from DNLR to allow me to wild collect, since it has just now made the endangered list, and is recognized as a separate species. aloha
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    Happy B'Day from the land across the monster pond
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    Matt, you got it right, that's how we pronounce it.
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    Hey Rafael, how is it going? Any new updates on your garden? This February has been under average in much of Iberia, any major issue in your place? Regards!
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    Hopefully make it back over to Kauai soon, I would love to go hike up powerline, but have heard from a running group, that it is basically impassable. If you are ever on Oahu and want to go see P. bakeri and/or P. marti there are some at the top of our valley, Kuliouou, in east Oahu. Lots of pictures of bakeri in palmpedia encyclopedia that I have taken. aloha Colin Peters
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    Hi Kostas, Hope you're well! You found my new site... thanks! Some seeds are going to be listed on there soon for free, courtesy of DoomsDave. Best regards, John
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    Sorry to hear you recently had an injury. Hope all is well apart from that.
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    Go the maroons. Smashed the supposedly resurgent blues. Love it
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    Hey Ben OK...I see you're from the great state of OK...I have for its second winter coming up a McCurtain County Sabal in ground and ready for winter number two...stupidly, I ordered it online in January...it arrived promptly and not having any place to adequately winter it, I put it (still in its pot) under my protected Medi-Fan (see shelter palm below) and it did so well I had to keep an eye on it over the winter to make sure the pot didn't dry out...sent its tap root right out of the bottom of the pot...anyway...it's in ground now...nice blue hue to it...
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    We must live pretty close. I am 4 miles west of I-95 on 210. I am growing Becarriipheonix alfredii, Bismarck, Mules, Seashore palms, King palms and other assorted exotics. Trying adjust to plant life in 9A. Aloha!
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    Well mate, your new avatar shows a more relaxed side of your personality that was not so obvious previously.
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    I have sent yesterday all requested free seeds.
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    Send some Chamaerops seeds if you can
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    Chris, I have one 15 gallon D. onielihensis for $250. It is very tall (about 6 feet) in full sun but is not profusely clumping. I bought it for my yard a couple years ago from Rancho Soledad and then my Onielhensis X baronii really started growing and I have very limited space left to plant so it is still in a pot. 760-420-5982
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    Happy birthday Jim. My best wishes and bless.
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    Great shots steve now what kind of seeds are in your hand and where could they be now
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    Hi Eric, Do you have fresh seeds of heliconia spissa "Guatemala Yellow" for me ??? My address: Clinton Care 903 Queen Street, Thames NEW ZEALAND. 3500 I had been waited for 3 past years for you to send me the seeds of heliconia spissa "Guatemala Yellow" Do you have other heliconias in your property beside heliconia spissa ??? If yes, please send me a list of names of your heliconias you grew at your property. Cheers clinton9.
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    Hi Carmel South Florida , Miami will not work out They ,wine palms do not do well in high heat and high humidity Would you perhaps instead of the wine palm be interested in a dog?
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    Looking back from the Lake House
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    Front yard...Chinese gate through to jetty across mini lake... lake house in the distance...then onto Gate House then out....
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    I need to check this site more often than once per year or so! Here's a few more pics of the Becce fenestralis in my yard. If memory serves me well, a big if, it went in the ground about 17 years ago from a 15 gal pot. I think I got it at a CFPACS meeting. It has been at least as hardy as the Royals in the yard and did not miss a beat when we had the two lousy winters a few years back. No luck with viable seed yet. That's ten ft of clear trunk; pics taken yesterday from on top of the roof.
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    My oldest is 6 today! Hey hey, My my...
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    It's a devastating day. My naughty darling Ralf crossed the rainbow bridge this afternoon. I have a hole in my soul. He was my baby.
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    Renewed IPS Membership!
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    Growing, Planting, Potting ...............
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    I gathered pollen from three Phoenix spp (theophrasti, dactylifera, loureiroi), the pollen from theo is already stored in the freezer.
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    Hey I see your in Alabama. Do you know Steve Anderson also in Northern Alabama that sells cold hardy palms? He does mail order and pick up direct and sells quality stuff. Here is his email address in case you want him to send you a list of palms he has for sale. stevea07@earthlink.net Happy growing! Scott Shaeffer Omaha, NE
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    Looks like a little bit of rain on Thursday, at least enough to clean off the dust with really clean water.
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    This is my D. Decaryi that germinated first. It's grown quite a bit from the last photo you saw
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    Flying to see Areca and Cocos tomorrow, looking forward to drinking the first tea after landing on Thursday. Then: NO INTERNET for a while.
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    Hello Rafael Have a great Xmas with your family, hope you get to visit some time. Regards Colin
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    More Florida Boys! Welcome Rick.
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    Joined the IPS today!

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