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    This thing never stops to amaze me. Dypsis carlsmithii. Three leaves just fell off, due to rotting infloresence.
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    I have been busy trying to eradicate as much of the horrible vine, pica pica (Mucuna pruriens) from my land as possible. This afternoon I called it quits for today and went for a stroll. Two surprises greeted me. The first was on my largest Licuala mattanensis 'mapu'. I almost missed it. Then I looked more closely at my only Licuala sallehana.
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    The pre-storm wind blew off a leaf base and revealed the best purple color I've seen yet.
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    Pauline Sullivan's amazing garden in Ventura with her famous Ceroxylon ventricosum and Dypsis decipiens pictured Linospadix monostachyos Bismarckia with a nice bend Licuala ramsayi in no hurry Probably the coolest palm of the trip! A particularly ventricose Ceroxylon ventricosum Jubaeopsis caffra Hedyscepe canterburyana Pritchardia minor in a parking lot at Ventura College
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    The Lemurophoenix dropped another leaf sheath, not quite as colorful as the last time, but just incredible just the same. Tim
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    Dictyocarum lamarckianum. Just an amazing palm and the three of them shed leaf sheaths within weeks on one another. Tim
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    I'll throw in a few more photos from the same walk for good measure. All in the ground post hurricane Maria so less than three years ago. In the tropics plants grow fast. The palms are Licuala cordata, Calyptrocalyx laxiflorus and Chamaedorea geonomiformis.
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    Archontophoenix tuckeri in fruit; the leaf silhouette: Infructescence: Fruits and fibers of the mesocarp, in brackets length and width of the fruits (mm):
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    The most impressive collection of palms in Northern California can be found in Los Altos! Rhopalostylis fronds Foxy Lady Palm, Roystonea borinquena, and Wodyetia bifurcata
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    This has been a good season for revealing pretty nice crown shaft color due to leaf sheath fall. It seems like every week something new is giving a splash of color in the garden. It was a rather hot, dry summer for Hilo, but the rain has finally returned this week. Here are a few photos. Tim Basselinia eriostachys and pancheri.
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    Just wanted to post a few photos from a recent trip to Bill Austin’s garden here on the Big Island. I was there in the morning so the sun was in a good spot to catch some quick pictures of some of his amazing palms. Enjoy. And a special thanks to Bill for being very gracious when it comes to sharing his garden.
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    A couple of Dypsis. D. basilonga, D. 'orange crush', D. saintelucei Tim
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    Oraniopsis appendiculata Ceroxylon quindiuense are getting tall, and apparently set fruit last year! Juania australis!!!! Plectocomia himalayana meandering through a tree
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    The healthiest Arenga micrantha I've ever seen at SF Botanical Garden Rhopalostylis sapida Rhopalostylis baueri Not a palm, but Metrosideros excelsa is absolutely stunning!
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    Kentiopsis oliviformis in San Francisco, CA Apparently heat radiation works, a great Jubaeopsis caffra in San Francisco, CA Pritchardia hillebrandii in San Francisco, CA Dypsis decipiens Pritchardia minor in San Francisco, CA
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    Finishing up with... Clinostigma samoense and Satakentia liukiuensis. The Satakentia was from a few months back, but I love this photo. Tim
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    They're common, but I love them. Dypsis lutescens Syagrus botryophora A very healthy Veitchia arecina Clinostigma savoryanum The only trunking Roystonea oleracea I know of in Southern California Ravenea glauca A non-palm, but me with a Ficus macrophylla at the Amtrak Station in Santa Barbara
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    Lepidorrachis mooreana Hedyscepe canterburyana at Darold Petty's yard! Unfortunately he was out of town. The famous Ceroxylon parvifrons
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    I was lucky enough to travel to Southern California a few weeks ago and visit some amazing palm gardens. I went to Pauline Sullivan's famous gardens in Ventura, CA, then wandered through Santa Barbara. Additionally, I got to travel to the Newport Beach Hyatt Regency, San Diego Zoo, and former Quail Botanic Gardens, now known as San Diego Botanic Gardens. The complete photo collection can be seen in the link below, and I included some highlights here! Clicker HERE for all of the photos One of my favorite Braheas: Brahea moorei w/ glaucous leaves and silver undersides Bismarckia are growing at Balboa Park Borassus flabellifer growing at the San Diego Zoo! This is my first time seeing one in Southern California This scene reminded me of somewhere that receives more than 9 inches of annual rainfall
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    I had the privilege of traveling to Northern California a couple weeks ago to see so many amazing palms. I started off at a private garden in Berkeley, CA and saw a few roadside attractions in the area as well, followed by a brisk walk through the Lakeside Palmetum in Oakland, CA. After that, I headed in to the city of San Francisco to see the new Salesforce Park beneath the 1,070 foot Salesforce Tower, then headed to a few private homes and ended the journey with Jim's absolutely STUNNING garden in Los Altos where he has palms that seem marginal even in Southern California! All the pictures can be found in the link below and included some highlights in this post. Click HERE for all the pics Dypsis baronii in Berkeley, CA Flawless Howea belmoreana in Berkeley, CA Caryota gigas and Jubaea chilensis in Berkeley, CA Parajubaea cocoides and the Salesforce Tower
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    Areca oxycarpa and a Pinanga speciosa Tim
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    Dypsis mananjarensis, not a crown shaft, but the new leaf spear. D. lafazamanga Tim
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    A couple of my palms that were unaffected by our past severe winter.
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    Mine split twice so has 4 growing points. 14 years old from a 5 gallon. Loves heat and water.
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    I agree with Tracy..........so my favorite of the day just happens to be; Geonoma atrovirens, killer little palm species. Tim
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    White triangle, flowering for the first time.
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    I had no idea Santa Barbara was home to so many astounding Jubaea chilensis!!! As well as publicly planted Caryota gigas Probably the most beautiful display of Howea forsterianas I have ever seen Dypsis onilahensis 'upright'
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    Coccothrinax borhidiana hybrid with fruit. aztropic Mesa,Arizona
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    Seeing zone 10b+ palms growing steadily and healthily in the ground just 30 minutes away from where I'm living (south of Kissimmee) is certainly a mind-boggling experience, meanwhile I've already had to bring my C. renda inside once this fall because temps were falling below 55 degrees, but at any rate I had a great time! Seriously, though.... how much pavement exactly do I need to create a "heat island" and who do I have to call? (Just kidding.... sort of....) See below for some of my favorite pics of palms (and one non-palm) that I was able to grab shots of. Seriously though... they have triostars growing IN-GROUND there, meanwhile I can't stop finding new browned leaf tips on mine (planted in perfect, airy, course, well-draining soil that I obsessively monitor the moisture of) for the life of me....
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    Voici mon futur préféré dans son pays natal, à Pétrin, à l'île Maurice. . by Pâquerette19, sur Flickr . by Pâquerette19, sur Flickr
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    I recieved this sabal from Ken Johnson as a 8-9 foot overall non trunking palm. I tried to some provide wind protection up near the east side(shaded late day by house)) house and with magnolia and maple nearby it has had some shading. the soil is sandy and i really was preoccupied over this time with other more sensitive palms. I started mulching the area annually 3 years ago. I have trimmed back the two sh ade trees near it repeatedly to give it room. This summer it went into flower. I am re-rigging my irrigatiion system(converting grass sprinkler pop ups to micropsrayers) to ensure it gets more water as this palm is in a relatively dry area. With so many palms growing up and overhead in my yard its nice to have a slow grower I can still see the crown without a ladder.
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    Tree is getting better looking every day! Current picture with its first real crop of seeds... aztropic Mesa,Arizona
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    One more in the ground. Only six more from last order. OOPS a missing "a" on the label.
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    It’s an interesting time of year. We have days in the 60s then days like today. It is too early for my complete winter protection but still put some Xmas lights around the trunk for good measure. It’s amazing how bummed out the windmills look when they are bent. My neighbors think I’m crazy, anyways, enjoy! Big 1: Windmill Small: Needle
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    My father moved out of his house this weekend to another location in Yuma, Arizona. He had to make an extra trip just to bring a few palms with him!
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    Everything here is OK guys. Alessandro I wanted to find a green tall variety of coconut but so far no luck. I might end up trying the ones from holland again. Thanks for the kind words Dave. Here in Cyprus we had the hottest summer ever. Still the weather is unusually warm. Yesterday here in Paphos we had 32C. Today in Nicosia they expect 36C. This October seems to be one of the hottest ever. They also expect dry winter this year. After 2 very rainy winters that will be good for my palm. As you see in the photos it doesn't look its best. The last 2 winters it has no protection and will remain like this as is difficult to cover.
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    It’s a double planting. The house was built in the 90’s so that’s the only guess I have about age, although I’ve seen similar size ones around 10 years old. There must be thousands of ‘em seeds! These things are monsters, to the bottom right is my Coconut seedling for scale. There is also a huge Chamaerops also hiding underneath them.
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    They do great here in the southeast. My two largest.
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    Yep.Copernicia berteroana. Heres mine to compare,grown from seed I collected on the 2006 IPS trip to the Dominican Republic. aztropic Mesa,Arizona

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