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  2. Silas_Sancona

    Belated, post-growing season updates

    Last group of updates, i promise, lol.. But first, for @Josue Diaz the Tephorocacti.. Spineless ( but not spine free ) "Pine/ Spruce Cone" form. Better shot of the long spined, possibly slightly stretched form. Forgot about the other one i had, to the left in the picture. Piece of what i think is a wider/shorter spined form.. Segment had fallen off some we brought into the nurery i'd worked at in Gilbert. Looked different compared to the ones i already have so decided to root it instead of throwing it out. Last of the bigger specimens: Lonchocarpus violaceous, kind of a rough year for it.. Was exposed to more sun than it prefers and had some die back. Repotted and moved it to under the Mesquite. Guiaicum sanctum, after stepping up over the summer. Has formed fruit the last two years. We'll see if the seeds are fully formed this year. ( Were deformed last year ) Guaiacum officinale, ..and just for @Darold Petty included my Ceratozamia hilidae in the shot. Impressed with how this Cycad has done here, let alone how big the leaves have become. Being in shade might have something to do w/ that, but anyway, Caudex is about 3" or so in width. Delonix pumila, second year from seed. Had purchased a big specimen from Redlands before leaving Florida.. Unfortunately it ( like 90% of my Erythrina collection ) fried the summer of 2017. Was likely close to flowering size-wise. Madre De Cacao, Glircidia sepium.. Only issue i have w/ it here is new growth likes to die back a bit at the end of winter, just as it is starting to warm up. Repotted this year and hoping to see less die back. Kind of twiggy looking atm but has been pushing more growth since stepping up. Last of the seedlings.. Jacquina macrocarpa var. pungens. Nice busrt of growth this year. ( Pic #2 ) Included a couple pictures of the flowers/ overall form when larger, taken at Desert Botanical awhile back( pic. 3 and 4 ) Several specimens also growing around Tucson as well. Thick, Holly like, spine tipped foliage, but loves sun / heat. Fruit is supposedly edible but don't think i'd try it. palm to the lower left is my bigger Livistonia decora. Better shots of the Ceiba seedlings from seed Loxahatchee Adam ( pic #1 ) and Mike ( in Coral Gables, pic. #2) had sent. Albizia sinaloensis survivor. Thats all for now, Enjoy!
  3. Phoenikakias

    Who has thought ever of guerilla pollination?

    To bee or no to bee?
  4. Castanospermum australe. This should do well in our climate. I'll likely pit these into 15 gallon come spring. I have 3. A VERY SLOW quararibea funebris. This one is 3 years from seed. It would probably benefit from a larger pot and more light. And a tropical climate lol Handroanthus umbellata, went into the ground last spring. Hasn't batted an eye at the heat or cold so far. Handroanthus impetigunosa - also laughing at the full sun exposure and dry soil. Now this one I'm very impressed, if not surprised with. I planted spathodea last year. it dropped it leaves before we even had frost, and then died to the ground. This spring, it came back and grew to 7 feet+. It's much heftier than the sapling that died back last winter. maybe it will keep doing this until there is enough wood to make it through a winter, and maybe one day it will bloom. Ficus roxburghii was a gift from @JEFF IN MODESTO. It remains evergreen and looks so lush all year. New leaves are bright maroon/red Corymbia ficifolia, no longer looking like a sad little seedling by the side of the road. and lastly, a couple of brugmansia dooing their fall bloom. This pink one is just finishing its flowering, while the Charles Grimaldi (yellow) is a few days from full bloom. & some cheery aloe blooms
  5. Thank you. It’s always a work in progress. I keep a folder of my progress and it’s crazy how it looked so much different one year - even six months ago!
  6. Makaisland Palms


    All messages from him should be considered as Spanner Scammer Spam. Say that Five times fast. I can't even say it once!
  7. Beautiful yard, well done
  8. Hey Nathan, took to the greenhouse this morning to get some pics of my trees (treelings). This time of year, we're blessed with plenty of rain and balmy, sun filled days so plants are loving the shift. (I'm sitting in the yard at the moment in shorts, flipflops and a light sweatshirt as i type madly on my phone). First, is schotia brachypetala. Luckily i wrote the date these were sown. This one would benefit from a larger pot, or from going into the ground. Its larger sibling went to the Clovis Botanical Garden for their S Africa exhibit. (*Siri, remind me to follow up on the garden to make sure they plant it) Milettia grandis, also a smaller sibling of one that went to live at the CBG. I think i want to pot this directly into a 15 gal next spring. It's currently in a 3 gal. Cassia leptophylla - collected the seed for this one from the street trees lining La Jolla Ave in La Jolla. Really exciting about growing this one here. Caesalpinia ferrea, so far haven't kept this one inside the greenhouse but i may place it in there to play it safe. This is one of about 7 hymenospermum flavum. Two went to the CBG. Two went in the ground, and the rest are in 3 gal pots. Really high expectations for this species here. Dais cotinifolia, went in the ground this fall also. Putting on lots of growth with this rain. (Ruah in the back, sniffing around) *Siri, remind me to stake this one Here is the crop of ceiba crosses from @LoxahatcheeAdam. All waiting patiently for their individual pots. My own ceiba (unlabeled, but likely speciosa). It hasn't bloomed yet but hoping for flowers soon.
  9. Impressive mamey! mangoes are definitely possible. I think we had lows of 27 last winter and all mine survived. I know they get hardier with age. I’ve got several avocado varieties: lil(dwarf), bacon, hass, Mexicola . I’ve got a handful of seedlings too and I’d love to learn to graft if you guys are up for it. I’ll take you up on some Eugenia. Even if I’m out of space here my father in law has a lot of property in Madera ranchos that I can experiment on. I have a ton of papaya from seed. Several are under palms, one in the open, one under roof ridge, and one halfway under frost cloth. We will see what survives. I had one take no damage under a queen palm last year but its actually smaller than all of my new seed grown papayas haha. If you or anyone else is interested I’ve got an unnamed banana clump that I’m taking out to replace with a named variety. It would be free of course. It weighs about a hundred pounds and is very vigorous, 15 ft tall. Here’s a picture of the same variety fruiting about 2 month after flower:
  10. Makaisland Palms

    Rhopalostylis sapida pics

    Yeah, I've been waiting a long while. Kicking myself for passing up some seedlings I saw last year, didn't realize how scarce they seem to be outside of NZ. Just took a flier on some apparently fresh (October) seeds on eBay from France. Hopefully get something to sprout. I think these are some of my favourite looking palms! Great pics everyone! Wish me luck!
  11. Silas_Sancona

    Mystery Tree Aloe

    Ahh, good to know.. Haven't been up that way. Will check out their pictures.
  12. Sago Rey has many gems. Not sure if all their stock is at the Central Ave storefront, but the greenhouses have lots of cool stuff, brahea super silver, jubaeopsis, trachycarpus princeps, copernicia prunifera, macrozamias, encephalartos, parajubaea, jubaea x butia, butia x syagrus... Here is my pouteria this morning. loaded with flowers at the moment.
  13. raimeiken

    Mystery Tree Aloe

    Desert foothills nursery at cave creek and carefree highway have a lot of dichotoma planted in full sun. If you look at their photos on google you'll see them on display. Theres also a couple at the cactus garden at the Phoenician resort that are I think in western exposure.
  14. Silas_Sancona

    Belated, post-growing season updates

    Thanks gentlemen.. yes, no doubt i've had my fare share of challenges here. Have had service techs here working on the air conditioner and internet comment asking how i'd managed to keep stuff alive since everything is in containers. Not easy keeping a container ranch compared to when living in both Florida and San Jose.. Especially lacking much tree canopy in most of the yard. but, i have managed to make it work as best as possible.. No doubt there will be less challenges once back in California.. For now though, its all about making sure stuff that can't take it, is placed out of the sun through the summer, and setting small batches of seed so that, if i loose them, i don't totally wipe out what seed i have of X species.. Especially stuff that is harder to obtain, shared by fellow members here.. As i'm sure i have mentioned in the past, Yard size isn't bad, more long than wide.. ( somewhat small compared to others in our neighborhood though ) Biggest challenge has been the lack of tree canopy to buffer the sun, primarily during the summer since that side of the property faces west and there is no additional tree canopy in the neighborhood behind us to throw any extra shade, esp. on the block wall there. There are times you walk out into the yard about an hour after sunset during July and August and you can feel the heat still radiating off the wall, standing at the edge of the patio, roughly 50ft away.. Been spraying it down occasionally the last two summers to try and cool it faster on such evenings. Southwest corner, where the burly Mesquite sits, is the best spot in the yard.. very few issues w/ anything placed there. As far as palms, yes.. there are some mixed in w/ everything else.. That said, after loosing lots of seedlings the first summer here, let alone all the other bigger things i'd been growing, been very reluctant to work with anything else palm-wise until later.. So no, lol.. for anyone curious, i haven't stopped growing palms, just playing it smart and working with other stuff for now. That said, Seedlings in the background of some pics. include older Sabal mauritiiformis ( Lighter green ) and some Everglades, ( Acoelorrhape wrightii, Bluish looking seedlings ). Also have the Sabal "Lisa" batches / older specimen coming along nicely.. A few Copernicia baileyana / 1 C. hospita left, Coccothrinax com pots, pair of Arenga engleri, some Livistonia decora, and two L. saribus that came up in a pot with what i think is a Chamaedorea... maybe microspadix, the only Pinnate-leaved palm i have left. These were all seed collected from Kopsick/ around Bradenton and started before i left Florida...
  15. The papaya was waaayyyy out on Jensen, west of Hwy 41. It was planted just at the base of the house and branched at the roofline, presumably recovering from frost damage is my guess. Hit me up for some eugenia. I have several varieties, all sprouted this last summer and potted up in to individual pots about two months ago. Would LOVE to connect next summer about trading edible fruiting plants. A good friend of mine is a member of the local chapter of the CA Rare Fruit Growers Association. We're currently growing avocado for grafting onto next spring. Interested in mangos also if they're possible here.
  16. Silas_Sancona

    Mystery Tree Aloe

    Interesting.. Can't say i've seen any of either species planted around Chandler. Only larger Hurcules / Dichos ive seen were at Desert Botanical and theirs are either under tree / man made canopy. The biggest Hurcules, located by the Euphorbia display, do sit exposed to full afternoon sun however.. Those things are so big that i'm sure that position doesn't bother them at all. Largest Dichotoma i have seen anywhere in the region ( at Plants for the southwest, in Tucson ) is also growing under shade canopy as you walk into the Nursery. Tohono Chul does have a nice Hurc. planted in full sun though. Definitely doesn't hurt to try in sun, protecting the trunk as you mentioned for the first couple summers. Your experience may be completely different than mine.
  17. raimeiken

    Mystery Tree Aloe

    Interesting, I've seen many Hercules in full sun planted around the valley doing very well and same with aloe dichotoma. I picked up a 5gal aloe tongaensis yesterday and the spot I'm thinking of putting it in is full sun. I'll try to protect its trunk the first couple of summers to be safe. But yeah planted in group vs in pot would be better. I had a big capitata last summer in full sun in a big clay pot and it melted.
  18. They may jack up your sidewalk or sewer in several years though. The garden looks beautiful. Welcome!
  19. Thank you all for the kind words. Please offer any advice you feel would add cohesion to my yard!
  20. thank you josue! It’s a pleasure meeting plant enthusiasts in Fresno. After seeing your post when I asked about Hercules aloe I looked through your profile and loved your yard. Yours is truly beautiful. Love the bungalow style with tropicals. Keitt mangoes, for me, have been the worst. Mine died inexplicably last late summer. I got two more that were for sale at Lowe’s this winter and they’ve stayed alive but have been slow growing. The mango seedlings sold at Lowe’s and Home Depot have been very strong. Mine take full sun and survived last winter - they aren’t pictured. The pictured mango is a Valencia pride, picked in part due to its vigorous growth to combat winter damage. It’s been in the ground for one year and tried producing dozens of mangoes but I only kept one. I also have ice cream and nam doc mai mangoes that are dwarf and doing well, about a year and 3 months in ground. The ice cream fruited - spectacular. I purchased the Valencia pride from a website called plantogram.com for $100 at 5.5 ft. It put on about 2-3 ft of growth and lots of branches. I’d recommend them if you feel like getting one. I’ve never tried white sapote, but I did get a sue belle that I have in a pot waiting to plant it. Seems like I’m running out of space haha. I had been interested in Eugenia but we don’t see any in store so I opted for things like lemon guava, guava, pineapple guava, and I bought a Barbados cherry online which has survived a winter no problem. I have a large muntingia calabura in my front yard that I anticipate dying, if it doesn’t I’ll be shocked! ive seen many sago Rey posts when i scour offerup haha. I’ve never been but they do seem to have a large affordable selection. I’m behind the palm game too. Many are just “palms” lol. Bananas, Madagascar, African palm. I moved in with all the beautiful queen palms already here thankfully, but I’m adding a lot of Areca palms in the understory of the queens - Areca are my favorite. where did you happen to see the papaya? I’d love to check it out!
  21. Silas_Sancona

    Mystery Tree Aloe

    @raimeiken Going on my experience putting my big Hurcules in a full sun position, i'd say plant in shade, at least where the sun won't hit it from about 11am-Sunset during the summer. My Hurcules looked great for awhile, only suffering some minor leaf bleaching during the hottest part of the summer. Still, wasn't growing much despite watering it occasionally. While working in the front yard one morning in July, i noticed that it was a bit loose when pulling some weeds nearby. Turned out the base had been sun damaged and rotted. Cut the top to re-root, and tossed the rest. All my other Hurcules ( potted ) sit under the canopy of the Mesquite in my Backyard. Those look great and have been growing nicely. Had a young Aloe X " Medusa", which is supposedly Tongaensis ( Neanderthaloe might be Waterwise'es own name for Medusa.. perhaps?? ) but lost it after placing in full sun here... In that case, i might have cooked it in it's pot. Might have done better in the ground, but, like my experience w/Hurcules.. thats debatable.
  22. DAVEinMB

    Toppled Mule

    Thanks James. I have a few ideas for underplantings but I'm in the same boat. Would like to compliment the mule without taking too much away from it. I have some yucca, fatsia, and different grasses at the base of a 16' sabal; I'll get a pic for you, it may help the creative juices Thanks Jeff, I love the color of them and their workability is awesome. You can make any curve you need just as easy as a straight run. Spring plans are to do the same thing around the other 2 mules. Im gonna have bricks everywhere haha
  23. raimeiken

    Mystery Tree Aloe

    They'll do well for you in SoCal. Theres a recent post in The Aloe Underground group on facebook from someone in Cali, showing 10 year progression of these aloes there. I was more concerned with our high temps here in AZ if itll handle full sun here or need some shade. I've toasted and rotted a few aloes here recently that needs a shadier condition like Africana and capitata
  24. Impressive collection Nathan! I see a couple of palm seedlings in there too - photos #9 and #23 - maybe Brahea? It's great that you have sufficient room to grow all of this especially considering the heat/sun challenges you (and I) have. Jon
  25. bubba

    Things that make you go hmmm

    That Blue Norther revealed by Tropical Tidbits for December 15 has been cancelled! Nothing at all in the latest run! Wow!
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