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  2. The Silent Seed

    Sansevierias / Snake Plants

    Erik, it seems like these are Sansevieria hyacinthoides.
  3. The Silent Seed

    Bridgeport Sabal Palmetto CT Notable Trees

    What does it mean by "reduced from 8'?" Was it a 8' tree that died, and what we are seeing are offsets? Or is that their way of saying a few 8' leaves died? I'm surprised they are calling it zone 7.
  4. bubba

    Garden Visitors

    Daryl, Your Koala picture defies some common thoughts about these critters. The belief is that they are sweet and placid. Those fangs speak contrariwise. Are those truly running the streets? Are they aggressive?
  5. rhallford826

    Seedlings for Charity

    Love the cause! Sending some $ to support as well!
  6. Today
  7. NatureGirl

    Seedlings for Charity

    Thank You WayKoolplantz for you donation!
  8. Rickybobby

    Phoenix Dactylifera seeds not giving up the goods?

    Good to hear your. Back since you’ve been gone the palms have been growing like weeds. I ended up doing a second batch of dates as well. I’m surprised you had no luck it seems they pop easy with some heat
  9. RJ

    London’s palmy potential

    One thing to keep in mind in the popcorn discussion: An old fiend of mine who was a forester told me when I was zone pushing deciduous trees up by the 45th. He said; "Trees will grow anywhere they can get away with it, they're opportunistic". I think the same holds true for palms. What you can take aware from this in this back and forth pissing match is. Palms that may perhaps grow in another climate that are native to a different climate doesn't make a climate. Just because CIDP's, robusta's, or whatever grow in the UK or the PNW doesn't make that climate anything other then it is: Temperate maritime. Climate makes Climate, Palms don't make climate.
  10. dekaoxtoyra

    Free Sabal serrulata seeds silver variety

    εχω 2 φυτα αλλα δεν ειναι ετοιμα για σπορο εαν θες στειλε λιγους σπορους για να προσθεσω ευχαριστω
  11. dekaoxtoyra

    Free Phoenix hybrid seeds

    εαν μπορεις στειλε μερικους σπορους εδω απο αυτα τα 3 ειδη να τα δοκιμασω στην περιοχη μου εδω ειναι χωρος για πολλους φοινικες γιωργος τσοποζιδης του κοσμα ματουλας παλιο αγιονερι 57011 6934048942 ευχαριστω εαν
  12. dekaoxtoyra

    Free Phoenix hybrid seeds

    στειλε και εδω κανενα
  13. kinzyjr

    Phoenix Dactylifera seeds not giving up the goods?

    @RaychHasDatePalms Good to hear from you again! Congratulations on the house and getting married!
  14. RJ

    Bridgeport Sabal Palmetto CT Notable Trees

    From the notable tree website: "This is the first tree of this species in our database, as well as the first palm tree. This is a USDA zone 8 tree growing in zone 7. This tree was grown from seed from collected in Sun City Center, FL, in 2005. It was planted outside in its current location in 2009. This tree suffered die-back over the 2017-2018 winter and its height was reduced from about 8 feet. It is in a favorable microclimate, very close to a south-facing masonry wall, and is about 500 ft from Long Island Sound.
  15. NatureGirl

    Seedlings for Charity

    Absolutely! I collect all the money and donate a minimum of $200 at the end of Oct, usually $100 to Susan G Komen Breast Cancer and $100 to St Jude. If I collect more than that, all the better. But no matter how much I make here I make up the difference if I fall short of my goal. Great response, I think I only have a few Liv. muelleri left now.
  16. Hilo Jason

    How Bout a 'Color' thread?

    Hey Mike, looks great. How about a photo of the entire palm?
  17. waykoolplantz

    Seedlings for Charity

    Non purchase donations possible ?
  18. Sounds pretty impressive for the greater Bay Area. You have any pics? Was on the fence ( regarding hardiness ) when I'd brought one back from a trip to San Diego when I lived in San Jose. Had planned to hold onto it but ended up giving it to a neighbor ( who forgot to protect it the first winter after I planted it ) when I moved to Florida. Heliconia and Tiger Grass I planted in his yard survived ( and are still there, 6 years later ) a hard frost that occurred literally the day after I headed east, Brazilian Cloak apparently didn't make it. Pretty sure it would have survived had I not moved at that time though. Had numerous other things that could be considered far more cold sensitive in that part of California, that grew fine for me in San Jose. One things for sure, for anyone reading this, here, in / around Phoenix.. if you want to try it here, plant these under lots of canopy.. and water the heck out of them. I'd had about half a dozen cuttings I'd started before moving here, that practically went up in smoke by late May the first year here..
  19. Chris Chance

    Chronicles of a Cold Hardy Temecula Garden

    I was actually talking about Chamaedoria plumosa which has been an easy palm for me in the shade. I had a random seed pop in the garden and didn't know what it was till it grew a bit. I found out a while ago that Dypsis plumosa doesn't handle frost well. Have yet to get one growing in my garden here but only have one gallon size plants at the moment.
  20. That palms "cannot grow in England". (My Deutschland ancesters are probably rolling in their graves by me pointing this out).
  21. Meangreen94z

    cold hardy palms in houston

    Bellaire. Those look to have been planted long ago, before that area turned affluent. Those palms may be part of the reason that house hasn’t been torn down for a McMansion. I’ll have to stop by one day.
  22. Mr.SamuraiSword

    Dumbest things you've heard about palms

    I know a lot of people who think plants like Trunked Yucca and Dracena are palms while assuming plants like Sabal Minor and Needle palm aren't palms but regular bushes. The dumbest thing I have ever seen was at the place I got my 25$ date palm. while this is on sale for 25$ They wanted 269.99 for this Washy what?
  23. RaychHasDatePalms

    Phoenix Dactylifera seeds not giving up the goods?

    Hey everyone, sorry I ghosted for about two seasons. No, I didn't have any luck with any of the seeds! It was so disheartening..... after all my plants except the Chicago Fig dying during the polar vortex and extended winter, despite my best efforts. v.v Then we bought a house unexpectedly, moved in, and got married..... now we have a great big yard to focus on! Sure, it's a Michigan yard, but I'll be able to plant my fig, and I'm thinking about possibly doing a tea tree as well. Maybe I'll try more dates again this winter in pots.... we will see how dry it gets in this house. How has everybody been??????
  24. Would like to make this but cannot this time. Hope you all have a great time!
  25. GottmitAlex

    London’s palmy potential

    It's all about the microclimate. In your case, south facing, pavement/cement close by and drainage.
  26. UK_Palms

    London’s palmy potential

    If anyone is in central London and planning to go visit the Natural History museum, there are several CIDP's growing close to the front entrance. They have grown pretty well in just a short amount of time, having endured the past 2-3 winters there, planted as small palms. There are a number of other palms and exotics nearby as well, blended in to the environment. Chamaerops Humilis in particular seems to thrive here. Interesting to see how stuff like this will effect the atmosphere and skyline of London in the years to come. The Natural History museum is a major landmark attraction. The 4th most popular in London so people will be taking note of this sort of stuff, especially when they start getting big. It seems people are now planting them in yards, in less than ideal positions, and not realising how big they get here still, until it's too late. So they just hack the fronds back...
  27. GottmitAlex

    What is your current yard temperature?

    So even in your 23-24 N latitude (by your info), you can feel the effects of winter? I eas under the impression that you (below 25 latitude) had only wet and dry season...
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