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  2. Randall SD

    Biggest Foxtail ?

    Here's a picture of mine. It's still looking a little ragged from winter.
  3. mxcolin

    White Fuzz on Queen Palm

    It’s a 15 gallon. Can I remove the fuzz from the trunk or should I just leave it?
  4. Chris Chance

    Palms in the California rain

    I took a few rain shots today. First is one of my favorite Beccariophoenix alfredii with Psudophoenix sagentii and Allagoptera brevicalyx. Next is Parajubaea sunka and Livistona chinensis. Continuing to get nice rain here all day.
  5. HtownPalms

    cold hardy palms in houston

    Jeff, The ones in the picture are $275 and I believe they are in 30 gallon pots. Last year they also had smaller ones in 15 or 20 gallon pots as well for $175. I think in places where they grow like south Florida i would assume that's a ripoff, but since we live where there is limited supply they might just be expensive. I am growing some from seed and that are 2 years old. To get to my seedlings where the ones at Joseph's are i would assume is another 4 or 5 years off.
  6. Meangreen94z

    Seeds Confiscated by Customs

    I’ve never had luck with their palm seeds anyway. They are usually no longer viable from my experience, better to hang out in the for sale section on here and get fresh seed when they become available. I do buy cycad and agave seed from RPS occasionally, they typically have a longer shelf life than most palm varieties.
  7. jreich85

    Seeds Confiscated by Customs

    Thanks everyone for the replies and sharing your experiences. A lot more information gathered here than I probably could have gleaned after hours of searching elsewhere. I'll see if RPS takes any pity on me, and you can count me in the group of folks not buying seeds anytime soon - the cost of covering all bases is sadly just not worth it to the hobbyist buying 50 or less seeds at a time.
  8. I put these both on king palms almost 5 years ago when they were tiny. Washed the dirt off then wrapped the roots in wet sphagnum moss and used panty hose to tie on to the trunks. You can see how I cupped the hose around the roots almost like a planter to hold the moss in place. Watered consistently. Never let it dry out that first year. Took the pany hose off the next year when I knew they were well rooted on the trunks. First pic is the day I put it on the king palm trunk. Second pic is the same fern today. Last pic is the other fern on my double king palm. Those palms are giants now too. Never used any fertilizer. Sprinklers hit the second fern. The other I check and hand water in the dry season once a week or so. They've had spores the past 2 years now. Love the tropical effect these give to a garden. They are voth 4 foot wide now. I leave the dead leaves on them as this helps to keep the moisture at the roots and protects against any winds that could dry the roots. I think this is the Nidus variety.
  9. Today
  10. jimmyt

    Garden Visitors

    Butterflies in central TX on the blooms of red tip photinias....
  11. On Easter Sunday a PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS SITUATION may be on the rise here across the southeast United States. A level 3/5 ENHANCED RISK is in place for the following cities: Alexandria, LA, Baton Rouge, LA, New Orleans, LA, Jackson, MS, Biloxi, MS, Mobile, AL, Montgomery, AL, Dothan, AL, Pensacola, FL, Columbus, GA. A level 2/5 SLIGHT RISK is in place for the following cities: Houston, TX, Lufkin, TX, Shreveport, LA, Tupelo, MS, Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA, Panama City, FL, Tallahassee, FL, Columbia, SC, Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, NC. BE SAFE AND HAVE A WAY TO RECIEVE WEATHER ALERTS!!!
  12. jimmyt

    Seeds Confiscated by Customs

    @colin Peters I have done exactly what you described above when I visited Maui several years ago and collected seed and plumeria cuttings, etc. It is a tedious but nearly 100% guaranteed successful process to insure your seeds will arrive at their US destination. The inspection station was at the airport and like you say they look over everything closely and if cleared you get to box it and seal it up on the spot. Then they will stamp it Clear for transport. Then you have to take it to the post office or shipping station to send it. It all takes a lot longer than standing in line at the post office for sure. I understand why you Hawaiians have to charge a little bit for your seed!
  13. JLM

    White Fuzz on Queen Palm

    Completely normal! Turns out it means good health. I had the exact same question a while ago that was answered by fellow palmtalkers. No worries! Also is that a 6.5 gallon?
  14. colin Peters

    Seeds Confiscated by Customs

    Occasionally I ship my palm seed to US destinations from Hawaii . I have to go to USDA and have them inspected, . Many times they look at each seed. Sometimes even x-ray them. (It ends up being a time consuming endevor, and many times it dosenʻt feel worth my effort). Very rarely have they found a pest. They stamp the package and watch me seal each one. I have had one package from RPS confiscated, luckly RPS sent me replacements. I would try them first. aloha
  15. James760

    Guess That Genus

    I didn't see a tag anywhere on this one but I think it's a Sabal Riverside, near the San Diego zoo entrance. Its pretty beefy in person.
  16. It was awesome to have you along for the trip. All of your laughing everytime the rental car hit a rock on those crazy dirt roads, that helped take some of the stress off. The car made it back to the airport, limping...
  17. GottmitAlex

    What is your current yard temperature?

    Nice. Right now your weather is much better than mine. I'm at 16C. 1:43pm PST. Our low at dawn was 11C.. Winter just doesn't want to depart!
  18. Hillizard

    Seeds Confiscated by Customs

    Yes, it is something to consider... unless you want to start up a palm nursery business with all those phyto-certified seedlings!
  19. Hillizard

    Seeds Confiscated by Customs

    I don't think you'll be compensated, sorry to say. I had the same thing happen recently twice (once by Calif. Ag, then by USDA inspectors), after years without problems, so for my next order I paid for a phyto certif. and got my seed delivery. But it gave me pause whether I want to do that again. I may just order from palm suppliers in California and Hawai'i.
  20. I’m seeing the attached white fuzz on my new Queen Palm. It was on all the Queen Palms at the nursery so I’m assuming it’s harmless but what is it? It wipes right off but should I just leave it? Is it protecting it somehow?
  21. Hillizard

    Some of my palms after the rain

    Sorry to learn yours croaked. I think I'll not be trying Wodyetias, at least outdoors in the ground where I live. I hope to test a 1-gal. Roystonea borinquena in the ground in a semi-protected spot this spring. So far it's shown no problems with lower 40s F during the night outside.
  22. PalmatierMeg

    Seeds Confiscated by Customs

    I got an order from RPS a couple weeks ago and am expecting another soon. I've not had RPS seeds seized before but suspect I'm on borrowed time (but, please, not this time). Problem for me is RPS charges $30 (euros?) for a phytosanitary permit, which gives me great pause. I would need to order !00s of $ of seeds to make that expense worthwhile, which would send my husband into orbit. All those $$$$$$ for - seeds? He has a valid point.
  23. necturus

    Seeds Confiscated by Customs

    If you get the Small Lot of Seeds permit from APHIS you do not have to have a phytosanitary certificate so long as you follow the rules. However, you have to have the package shipped to an inspection station and include certain documentation. I have not tried it with RPS, but I know in the past their website mentioned it. After they have inspected it, they forward the package on to you. I have imported seeds from the UK and elsewhere several times now without issue in this manner, but it takes a little extra effort from the exporter to make it work. Unfortunately, I agree that you are out of luck in this case.
  24. See all you Croton fans this Saturday Palm fans welcome too
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