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  2. AZPalms

    Yard update then and now.

    Thanks Josue!! Yes, two Roystoneas. My babies! Its a ton of work buying a home and then envisioning what it’s potential could be. You’ve done an outstanding job from the photos I’ve seen to your home. Like night and day my friend. If I could plant 15 more palms around my pool I would! Never would I have though of more than Pygmy dates or med fans in my yard. Now my neighbors are asking what I’m unloading into the backyard. Just need to keep it on the downlow and avoid my HOA spies haha. max
  3. scycads

    • scycads
    • Bill Austin

    pm sent

  4. mike in kurtistown

    Finally....some trunk

    Got you matched, Tim, if not exceeded:
  5. I was thinking of silas when I took these pictures last week.
  6. I prefer the chocolate flushes myself. I have both versions as well as the brown emergant Ferox.
  7. Mine died during the winter and had 2' of trunk. I was really bummer out about it. They cant handle anything less than 26-27 degrees. Peroffskyana on the other hand is quite hardy.
  8. TexasColdHardyPalms

    Cycad cones and flushes

    More goodies
  9. Kim

    How Bout a 'Color' thread?

    This is a favorite thread to revisit often. Time to contribute. Dypsis carlsmithii showing off Dypsis ”orange crush” drops a frond to show some color
  10. Palm Tree Jim

    Archontophoenix question

    All is not lost.....by far. Good advice above. Water away. And by the way, good catch on the irrigation problem.
  11. Today
  12. mfpalms


    Do you still have Burretiokentia vieillardii, Dypsis lanceolata, and Dypsis pembana seeds available. Also, when were these picked? What other species do have? I am looking for C. macrocarpa and C. hookeri. Thanks
  13. John hovancsek

    How Bout a 'Color' thread?

    a few palms that caught my eye this morning
  14. Thank you. I had 2 different people try to talk me out of the Hopei, and towards Peroffskyana with similar stories. I intend to find a nice Peroffskyana as well. When did yours die? During the winter? Or due to some other environmental/ climate condition? I have extensive cold weather protection for some of my other plants and have had success. As long as it doesn’t mind a wet climate(it will have good drainage), including wet winters, I think I might have a chance at success with it.
  15. AZPalms

    Roystonea Violacea wanted

    PMd you!
  16. abdalav

    Allagoptera arenaria seedling

    I live in Rio de Janeiro (one of the seashore palms' native sites, so the climate probably helped). I sowed seven seeds and kept ten more in a plastic bag. For now, just this one sprouted. This pioneer has been watered once a week. The others were watered three times a week. I keep hoping the others will germinate someday...
  17. colin Peters

    Chambeyronia macrocarpa "watermelon"seed

    have sold thanks
  18. Any citrus growers in your zone? They use the manganese. It surely looks like severe manganese deficiency, the strange thing is that this is usually induced in soils with high pH or in cold weather
  19. Also in Tangerine, some larger clumps of Dypsis lutescens . If you look close there are some dead trunks in them. Probably casualties from winter 2017-18. It was probably 25-26f out there.
  20. Another surprise, 2 Coconuts planted in Tangerine. This is located between Zellwood and Mt. Dora. They will be shortlived.
  21. DoomsDave

    Archontophoenix question

    I concur with @Josue Diaz and @Neil C; looks like you'll be okay. You do want to make sure the water gets to them, though. Maybe a picture?
  22. quaman58

    Allagoptera arenaria seedling

    Sorry, American term. Tender, Loving Care.
  23. Today's paper had an article concerning TPPD for anyone that is interested: https://www.theledger.com/news/20190422/lakelands-trees-endangered-by-disease-caused-by-insect-vomit-infrastructure
  24. UK_Palms

    Aussie heatwave

    @sandgroper Yeah, it's cooling down thank god and we are getting some rain by tomorrow hopefully. I can already feel the difference in temperature today as we only topped out at 21C here. Compared to 27C yesterday, 28C on Sunday, 29C on Saturday, 26C on Friday etc. It remains to be seen how much rain we get though, as it is usually just very light drizzle for an hour or so. The forecast suggests that we are entering a wet spell, but I'm not convinced we will get much rain. They have forecast plenty of rain days since Jan 1st, but I have only recorded 3 inches of rain since then... averaging about 0.8 inches a month.
  25. Josue Diaz

    Archontophoenix question

    Good catch. At least it hasn't been hot yet. Imagine if it'd happened in summer
  26. Josue Diaz

    Yard update then and now.

    Dude very nice! I am 30 and had a similar experience in buying a home and redoing the landscape. Good for you! What is the palm in your lawn closest to the fencing? Roystonea?
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