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  2. Palmlover_78

    Grow lights - picture/discussion thread

    Hello, I have a grow light in my tiny one bedroom apartment :), and this is my set up, a little Tropical ambiance for the cold days of winter, -24 outside right now
  3. Palmlover_78

    Hi everyone

    Hello and Welcome , I have germinated Christmas Palms and Date Palms with ease. I live in Canada and right now it is a nice -24 outside . I just started to try my luck with Windmill Palms. My Christmas Palms seedlings are exploding in my house with the grow light. These were planted Sept 15th of 2020 and this is what they look like now.. So living where you are shouldn't be a problem
  4. joe_OC

    Mature Howea belmoreanas

    I have been telling people who are looking for Belmoreanas to go to Joe's for years.
  5. Joe NC

    Adult Butia x Jubaea in Columbus, Georgia

    I had walked by this palm many times. I thought for sure it was too massive to be just a regular old Butia. It even had purple flowers and the trunk is self cleaning at the base. However, I found some dropped male flowers underneath... only six stamens on all that I looked at. Even found a couple of the dried up old seeds, and they were Butia sized (not larger like even F3s or more show). "Just" a massive pindo.
  6. Today
  7. Frond-friend42

    Another New Palm Garden in East Hawaii

    Magnificent posting, Rick. Especially loved the Metroxylon, Caryota, and now these Marojejya. Here is my mainland sumawongi, sharing a pot with orbicularis. I hope I live long enough to see it take on such beautiful proportions as yours.
  8. Darold Petty

    Mature Howea belmoreanas

    Joe, that is an insane good deal !! Too bad my tiny yard is already too congested or I would drive right down !
  9. Some nice color on emerging leaf on my really bug palms!
  10. JLM

    Florida Freeze Watch: Jan-Feb 2021

    That 75F in the forecast is a little concerning. Looks like blooming might occur. The average high for this time of year is about 60F, so i am forecasted to be 15F ABOVE AVERAGE on Monday. Today: 64F 100% chance of rain Tonight: 50F Cloudy Tomorrow: 64F Partly Sunny Tomorrow Night: 51F Cloudy Sunday: 67F Cloudy Sunday Night: 61F Cloudy Monday: 75F Sunny with Gusty winds, 60% chance of rain Monday Night: 58F Thunderstorm or two, 60% chance of rain Tuesday: 71F 20% chance of showers Tuesday Night: 56F 40% chance of showers Wednesday: 70F 50% chance of showers/thunderstorms Wednesday Night: 53F 40% chance of showers Thursday: 65F 20% chance of showers
  11. GoatLockerGuns

    Gratuitous palm shot

    My dad hangs rubber snakes on the trunks of his mango and kumquat trees in a desperate attempt to scare off squirrels and birds!
  12. floridaPalmMan

    Looking for Sabal minor seeds

    You might want to PM @PalmatierMeg and see if there are any more Sabal minor Emerald Isle Giant Seeds available. I grabbed some a week or two ago. They came fast and clean
  13. I have a couple of Grandis in pots here in NW Orlando, borderline zone 9b/9a. I had 28F with frost and they did fine in an area protected by Queen canopy and near the house for some extra heat. My best guess is that they saw around 30-32F with no frost. These get full sun all day in the winter and are shaded by queen canopy in the summer. If you don't see freezing temperatures I think they'd do fine in the ground, just protect them from peak afternoon sun hours in the summer.
  14. hbernstein

    Gratuitous palm shot

    Woodsonianas keep growing and growing and growing...until they fall over!
  15. About what temperature did your Ficus Palmata defoliate? I am borderline 9b/9a and routinely see 27-28F dips in the winter, usually 1 or 2 nights per year. For example, this year I had 28F with frost on Christmas night, but no other nights below 31F so far. Ficus Elastica (rubber plant) defoliated anything exposed to frost, but 2 small plants will probably grow back fast. Ficus Lyrata and sea grapes did the same with the top foot of leaves, but everything else is pretty much okay. A seedling Ficus Benghalensis completely defoliated and might not survive. I've purchased some Ficus Auriculata / Roxburghii to trial this year, and was thinking of adding Ficus Palmata "Icebox" too. Brachychiton rupestris sounds like a really cool plant. I read that it takes 5-8 years for it to grow the "bottle" shape in the trunk. Fairchild Gardens in Miami has a giant Adansonia digitata baobab tree, but they are zone 10+.
  16. I love seeing coconut palms pop up in California, it’s interesting to watch how they do!
  17. PalmTreeDude

    Where Are Sabal Palmetto Grown North of NC?

    People probably just don’t plant them, either they think they won’t survive or they never considered it.
  18. ahosey01

    Palms for goa zone 13

    Except most things desert-native or cool-weather loving or generally intolerant of 10 feet of rain in a three month span. But I do agree the possible selections are very large.
  19. climate change virginia

    Licuala Grandis replant advice

    dont repot them they will just out root it again so why give yourself a pain in the neck of repotting all the time put it in the ground and it will grow HUGE
  20. I was fortunate to have an opportunity to acquire these two 25G Licualas from a couple who were down sizing their collection. They told me these were purchased from Fairchild's 32+ years ago as seedlings and have lived in pots their entire life. I’m considering planting them in the ground in a well protected spot. I’m also open to leaving them as pot growers. I think I may need to pot up the one who is growing out the bottoms. Looking for best advice on these two replant options. Thanks
  21. climate change virginia

    Show the Biggest Chamaedorea radicalis (Trunking Form) You Have

    if they were a little thicker and slightly taller and a red trunk but planted very close they would look like a lipstick palm
  22. Tyrone

    Palms for goa zone 13

    No problems. I agree. No Ceroxylon would last more than 20 minutes in Goa. It’s proper tropical.
  23. climate change virginia

    Palms for goa zone 13

    oh I got confused with this and Ceroxylon parvifrons they are different palms because it said wax palm that is what I thought
  24. Tyrone

    Palms for goa zone 13

    Believe me that will not bother them. They’re equatorial from Singapore area southern Malaysia. Heat and humidity is what they want. Those away from the tropics can only dream of growing them.
  25. climate change virginia

    Palms for goa zone 13

    it might melt away in south india they get 91f days all the time
  26. Tyrone

    Palms for goa zone 13

    Cyrtostachys renda. Lots of them.
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