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  2. Josue Diaz

    Some of my palms after the rain

    It's much, much colder just 40 miles east of us...
  3. Josue Diaz

    Some of my palms after the rain

    Next, Bismarckia nobilis! Beccariophoenix alfredii (although, perhaps i grabbed madagascariensis by mistake? Perry had the two next to each other when i bought this one.) Brahea armata - a $5 rescue from a nursery where it was under-potted and under-watered. Brahea Super Silver Copernicia prunifera Butia x polyandrococos caudescens - see if you can spot it among the grass lol. Very little of the polyandrococos genes came through on this cross, i think. Phoenix 'NOT reclinata' getting bigger than i had anticipated... Lastly, a Patric Schafer hybrid, parajubaea coccoides x jubaea chilensis. It won't be hiding among the grass for much longer...
  4. bubba

    Cool Double Coconut

    Private garden just North of the Old Monkey Jungle...
  5. Thanks for the informative video Kris - hope all is well over there!
  6. We've had quite a rainy spring this year, with snow continuing to fall just 40 miles east of us at around 5000 feet in elevation. At least here on the valley floor, all of my plants seem to be enjoying the extra rain coupled with 70 degree weather. Here are some pictures i took this morning, hope you enjoy! First, Jubaeopsis caffra! i never get tired of looking at it. My neighbors must think I'm weird.
  7. realarch

    Bentinckia condapanna

    Appreciate the comments, happy to post photos of these palms. I know Kim has a more than a few of these in her garden......how are they doing? Matt, if I remember correctly, didn’t you have a couple of nice looking ones? Thanks Greg, enjoy your garden photos as well. Lars, good to hear your going to keep trying. I would think they would grow well in Okinawa. Hai! Tim
  8. wimmie


    Just because we are more or less homebound because of the Coronavirus, I decided to do some maintenance on my wooden (teak) plantcontainers. Two of them are old school palmcontainers; they are deeper than a "normal" plantcontainer. For the first time in thirty years, I sanded and oiled them and they do look fantastic again. Should do that more regularly! The second photo shows a big, fifty years old container with a Trachy in it.
  9. Tracy

    Dypsis lanceolata

    There is some variation in Dypsis lanceolata with some opening with color and others opening without it. I can look out my office window and see another colorful leaf on one variant I am growing while on the other side of the garden I have another that has never thrown a single colorful leaf. I'm wondering if this goes back to Matty's Dypsis species 1487 (I presume the number comes from Floribunda as did the photo). What I find interesting is that D sp1487 was solitary and I have yet to see a solitary Dypsis lanceolata, not that there might be some out there. Here is a thread I started when I was puzzled by my two different appearing Dypsis lanceolata with other's responses. https://www.palmtalk.org/forum/index.php?/topic/50724-dypsis-lanceolata-variation/
  10. Today
  11. Here are some pics of tillandsia my wife has attached to a very old philodendron. The aerial Roots on the philodendron make a great place to attach the tillandsia to thought I would share.
  12. James760

    Strictor Butia

    I like this form. Very nice!
  13. Cape Garrett

    Dypsis lanceolata

    Mine only had some frond color when young and was shade grown. Full sun now and seeding. Only throws me green ones. Still a pretty palm.
  14. OC2Texaspalmlvr

    Sabal blackburniana Inquiry

    I actually had a pallet shipped from Phil once before, right when I moved out to Texas. For the amount of palms they were able to jam into 1 pallet was amazing haha. Definitely gives you more options size wise. Have you used these hauling services before? If so recommend any in particular?
  15. NOT A TA

    Lucky day...

    You scored Lars!!!
  16. Brad Mondel

    Strictor Butia

  17. First flying saucer opening up.. These flowers have got to be one of the most impressive of any. Crazy beautiful. This is planted nearly pasted up against a south wall.. the three buds closest to the wall are developing the quickest.
  18. AZPalms

    Palm Tree Identification

    Looks like Brahea Armata
  19. Arenga engleri has nice color and which has the added benefit of being very fragrant when they flower.
  20. Anyone know what this tree is. The picture doesn’t do it justice but it’s so light green it’s almost blue.
  21. I know, in more tropical areas Dypsis lutescens is a weed, but they make a nice screen and are although not rare, they are not common here in Southern California. I received this one at a So Cal Palm Society meeting in a 1 gallon and it looked like it had just been potted up at the time from a band size. I still have non-palm friends ask about the colorful yellow on this. Perhaps I'll even be pulling up some volunteer seedlings to share with them at some point in the not too distant future.
  22. OC2Texaspalmlvr

    Guess That Genus

    I have a multi (3) one of these that saw 20° plus freezing rain unprotected for 36hrs in 2018 It showed no damage what so ever , very leaf hardy. I'm very happy with this palm =)
  23. That is surprising given the size of yours. It is very curious. I wonder what it is that holds yours back and if others in Florida don't flower but grow well due to some specific climate need. If it is true of others in Florida, that may explain why they aren't readily available there.
  24. And here we have a b. erio exhibiting the same Symptoms .
  25. Chester B

    mule palm hardiness

    Why no? Only one way of knowing if they'll make it. They might have a bit of a hard time with the cool, wet winters but I guess you'll find out. @Palm crazy has one up in the Seattle area (Olympia) if I remember correctly. Pretty sure it spear pulled the first couple of winters but grew out of it. I've finally planted one in the ground this spring but it is pretty small, but I am hopeful.
  26. Im gonna afree with meg, I have one solitary pembana that split above the ground after spear pull in a 28 degree freeze event in 2010 and is approaching 25' tall in a wet spot irrigation wise. Its nearly as fast as my alexandre archies. I also have a pembana clumper that was in a poor planting spot, waterwise(construction clay near the fence, modest watering) and it is slow, though it is now around 15' overall since planting in early 2011. Water and feed and they do grow well here in florida. The blue green trunks are quite attractive.
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