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  2. aztropic

    Can I cut off these fronds?

    Absolutely. You probably can easily peel off the boots (old crownshaft covers) too at this point. aztropic Mesa,Arizona
  3. Hello Palm Friends… Can I safely cut off fronds on this Royal that have no hint of green in them whatsoever? If so, how much space between my cut and the trunk should I leave? Pictures below…I’m thinking the bottom 2 Thanks guys
  4. ZPalms

    Robusta growth native vs LA

    I see it had a friend that didn't make it, I wonder what will happen when they reach their maximum life expectency
  5. Does anyone know the salt tolerance of L. Rigida and L. Nitida? With my pool being complete, the auto overflow drain was put in. I am not a huge fan of these But anyways… if I choose to leave it on, how salt tolerant are these palms? For those not familiar, a “salt” pool does not contain enough salt to taste salty…so it’s certainly not like the ocean.
  6. Billy

    Open real estate

    I may end up doing this back in the corner just to add something with a little height and some ringed trunk. Will post photos if/when it happens.
  7. I have been struggling with these palms because I don’t know what I’m doing. I live in Southern California (Fallbrook) and my soil is practically all clay. These king palms are 9 months old. When they were planted in September last year, I overwatered them heavily and one died of root rot. These 2 in the picture managed to survive, and now look decent. But they started turning yellow / brown in March. I admit I was not watering them much in Jan-Feb-Mar because I had just killed the other Palm with overwatering. Now I am giving them 4 gallons once or twice a week. I have (2) 2gph emitters on them. Also what’s weird is the new fronds. Can you see how it’s dark green on the sides of each leaf but light green/yellow in the middle? That makes me wonder about nutrients. I did fertilize these palms once 1.5 months ago but I did it wrong. I only put the fertilizer in a circle along the drip line, I did not put any between the drip line and the trunk. I used Miracle Gro Palm (3 month feed). Let me know how much I should water these puppies and if you think they are lacking nutrients. Thanks for your help! -Mat
  8. NWpalms@206

    Spring 2022 new plantings thread

    What I’m pretty convinced is a nanus hybrid but sold as nanus, is planted next to JxS. It was completely rootbound in a 20g which had to take several years, and is about 32” (camera angle looks like 34”) each new frond is only a few inches higher than the last. It’s under a window and has 2ft until it’s too tall. So a little risk of a transplant later if it turns tall but not looking like it so far also was told it’s at least 12yrs old already. A different look to it for sure any guesses welcome _____x Nanus? Nanus x_____? Different green and Undersides are bluish camera doesn’t capture it well maybe nanus x princeps?
  9. Today
  10. Upgraded to a 30 gallon today. It was in a 14 gallon container. Zone 9b central Florida
  11. TheMadScientist

    Allagoptera Arenaria Coming Full Circle

    6 Month UPDATE for growth....these are now starting their 2nd strap leaf. As Tim @realarch mentioned, a great RESILIENT palm. It didn't get sunburn back in December putting them out in direct sun after staying indoors during the night/low temp.'s.. The 2nd photo was taken on CINCO DE MAYO 5-5-2022. @DoomsDave, I found a flower cob that I might have confused last year with a seed cob, but within 3 weeks, it has kind of dried up. I did not see any bees on this.
  12. stingray

    Saw damage to large palm tree

    I don't have a photo of it but in my town there is a main thoroughfare that is lined with very big W. filiferas, these are several feet in diameter and very tall, anyways one of them had been hit by a car and a huge chunk taken out of it about front bumper height lol. I'm not sure who made the repair but the missing part of the trunk was filled in with cement mortar and painted brown. It looks as though the repair was old and hadn't affected the tree at all. I might be inclined to fill in the kerf with some tan caulking to keep it free of the elements. They make 30 year silicone free caulking that would work good.
  13. palmsOrl

    West & SW FL Zone Map

    Looks good to me! Now that I live in Port Charlotte, I can say from observations that the map depicts our local zones pretty accurately. I think we are a low 10a here, 3 miles from the water. -Michael
  14. Silas_Sancona

    ID on these plants?

    For all of it's faults, Black Locust is actually a decent tree.. Flowers are definitely attractive. It's how well it can seed that makes it an aggressive or invasive spreader under the right conditions.. Would find specimens growing next to certain creeks in my old neighborhood back in San Jose ( CA. ) Folks who moved west brought the species to parts of the Sierra Nevada foothills during the gold rush days. "Purple Robe " is supposedly a less aggressive form of pseudoacacia. Dark Magenta flowers are spectacular ..for a temperate- climate tree.
  15. stingray

    How is this not falling over?

    Id bet it's already rooted into the ground via a drain hole in the pot.
  16. Dusty CBAD

    Dypsis Decipiens

    Hey I’m looking for a large 5g up to 20g dypsis decipiens in San Diego/Orange County area. I’ve reached out to the usual suspects for North San Diego County and came up dry. Bluebell is out also. Im hoping someone has one hanging out in their container ranch that they’d be willing to part with. Thanks! Dustin
  17. Thanks, I think the first one is crinum asiaticum specifically The third one is actually native to states like Pennsylvania, definitely not subtropical like I thought, I figured it was native South Asia.
  18. DreaminAboutPalms

    What’s going on with my Washingtonia?

    I’m also just realizing that it spent the first 8 months of its life on a covered balcony, never having water in the crown and now the past few months it’s been on deck, and it’s gotten soaked a few times from the rain. I’m going to repot it and make sure it doesn’t get rained on anymore and see if that helps at all
  19. Here’s mine, been in the ground for about 14-15 years. Just started to skin it recently but didn’t want to go too high with it due to sunburn here in Phoenix. I am planning on moving it to our new property in a few years (yes I know). Also some seedlings I’ve been growing for 2 years now that will be a part of the new landscape at our new property.
  20. RedRabbit

    West & SW FL Zone Map

    Looks pretty good! Your base map is definitely better, mine is missing some stuff like Roberts Bay.
  21. RedRabbit

    Remarkable palms of Tampa Bay

    A cunninghamiana, d leptochellos, b alfredii, maybe sabal mauritiformus… Heck, I’d even go for a spindle as the big box stores don’t seem to have them anymore.
  22. Las Palmas Norte

    PNW Cold Spring

    That's a common theme around the region. Because of it's infrequency, I think that's why folks take pics/video when it happens, and they get posted on social media and the TV news. I haven't grown Chitalpa before, but Albizia was well worth the wait once it got going.
  23. Dusty CBAD

    Dypsis carlsmithii So Cal

    Awesome thanks. Think I’m going to plant it fairly soon. Kinda hammered looking right now but roots busting out like crazy. And I think you have one? Would love to see a pic if possible
  24. Thanks guys for the info. On the fruit, there are a few fruits that have a solid seed inside. I’ll give those a shot at germinating first - with the green ones, the seeds are soft and white…do they sit and mature or should this of happened on the tree? These were all collected from the ground.
  25. Jim in Los Altos

    Happy Bismarckia Nobilis’ — Post Yours

    That’s Iresine herbstii . I have a lot of it in my garden as well. It’s a robust grower.
  26. Silas_Sancona

    What is your current yard temperature?

    Yeeaah buddy, lol.. Yea, yea ...just your daily " Fantasy - Cast " Right? ...Though we are rapidly closing in on that " wonderful " time of year.... Gotta pay our dues before some relief ( ..hopefully ) sooner or later.. Hooah boy! For now, 85F atm, on the way to the mid 90s later.. Some subtropical clouds passing through as well. Bulk of that upper level moisture decided to detour through Sonora ( Mexico ) though. 90s through Tuesday, 100 - 106F beyond that, thru the end of the month.
  27. Jim in Los Altos

    Robusta growth native vs LA

    They can live well over 100 years so seeing an old dead one is very rare. The one in this photo below was planted by missionaries in the 1870s here in Los Altos. For reference, those oak trees beneath it are over 70 feet tall.
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