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  2. GottmitAlex

    What is your current yard temperature?

    In todays news article from the Mexican national meteorological service (SMN), they are forecasting 3-4C+ temps above average for this winter throughout western Mexico/California/Arizona due to the "La niña" phenomenon:low precipitation, higher temps, drought. Keeping an eye out.
  3. I think what stumps me is the well draining aspect vs. drying out too fast! Also for the very few that seemed successful, moving them to a bigger pot sealed the deal...
  4. WaianaeCrider

    Pygmy Date Palm Drying Out?

    I have about 10 in the ground. No suckers. Been in the ground over 10 years each.
  5. This is a good thread and something that would have brought me comfort last year after planting 3 triples and 2 singles. I was always worrying about overwatering and root rot when my friend kept saying that "kings love water". All of them survived our wet winter last year and are thriving with several new spears throughout the year. Now I can obsess on fertilizer instead
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  7. Jim in Los Altos

    Pygmy Date Palm Drying Out?

    Meg, most are sold here in CA with several trunks since growers plant them as multiples but there are cases of pure roebelenii clumping naturally too. Finding singles in one pot is rare here.
  8. Jim in Los Altos

    Pygmy Date Palm Drying Out?

    You’re Phoenix roebelenii look very healthy. Those new leaves are exactly how they should look. If you had a particularly hot heat wave in the recent past, a bit of leaf burn is possible. These palms like lots of water as you probably know. It normally takes these palms about two years to settle in California particularly if they come from Florida.
  9. Palmfarmer

    Kentia Palm - spots on leaves

    I am pretty certain its sunburn. I have one outside myself in mostly shade but one half of a frond gets direct sunlight at times and it has the exact same spotting. Just let it be and a more sunhardy leaf while grow in its place, just give it time.
  10. Nice to meet you! Treat king palms right and they’ll soar overhead like these Archontophoenix tuckeri in like ten or twelve years an eyeblink in geological time
  11. 96720

    Local Arizona Thread

    Is anyone growing Dypsis other than decari
  12. Are the newer fronds opening up all the way?
  13. Welcome to PalmTalk! Clairemont Mesa is home to some pretty fabulous palm gardens, so you are in a choice location. Just want to mention that although your King palms are water hogs, not all palms are the same. Some palms will indeed get root rot if sitting in water. But not these. Once a frond has gone completely brown, trim it off with clean loppers. These palms are fast growers, as palms go, and you'll get more new fronds opening from spears before too long. Also, about the 5 palms in a pot -- it's not unusual to lose one or two of the smaller palms from such a group, so don't take it too hard if one doesn't make it. Happy palm growing!
  14. They’re planted outside. There are actually several in my neighborhood. Not planted in water. If I remember on I’ll take some pictures of them Sunday and post them. With my work schedule and it getting dark so early, that’ll be my next chance.
  15. DoomsDave

    Any ole wind that blows

    Oh but the wind can get rather nasty here as the British would say You’re in something of a hostile environment But .... Lets us hear from the Texans!
  16. blue240z

    A. Grandiflora

    Cool! Where’d you get it?
  17. Do they stay outside year round? Planted in water? Anything I've ever read said they turn to mush under 50 degrees. Thanks
  18. Welcome to Palmtalk! King palms are solitary and don't produce pups so what you have are 5 individual palms. They're often sold as multiples and 3 of the seeds germinated much slower than the other two in your case. There will be competition for water among the 5 palms.
  19. colin Peters

    Fresh Dypsis carlsmithi and Areca marie seed

    Areca red "marie" SOLD now, aloha
  20. Frond-friend42

    Archie trouble

    Well, hopefully there will be better experts to help you but I think its salvageable. I would only repot if the roots are poking out the bottom. Cant really tell how small the pot is from the picture.. Might want to snap a few more from different angles.. Make sure the soil is mostly dry before you treat it with half water/half hydrogen peroxide. I brought back an archie that looked kind of like this. But that was mostly sunburn damage. Very rookie mistake I made there giving seedlings midday direct sunlight. Do not panic...yet.
  21. JosefS

    Fresh Dypsis carlsmithi and Areca marie seed

    @colin Peters sent you a PM thanks!
  22. OC2Texaspalmlvr

    xbutyagrus Mule palm

    Is there a minimum quantity to purchase with you ? The smaller the size the more you need to buy ?
  23. A few years back I was in the same boat. Only the really tough ones would survive - anything remotely tropical would perish within a year. But after joining here and reading up on others experiences - particularly with improved soil mixes - I'm killing a lot less now! My climate challenges here are more from intense sun and limited shade rather than cold but they are there nonetheless. Well-draining medium is key for success in containers and it comes with a cost, but it's worth it.
  24. ChrisA

    Any ole wind that blows

    You’ve got a right to. I think it was this big-ass storm that made the winds even worse earlier in the week. We went from a high on Sunday of 77F after having been in the 80’s for the last 2 months, to 25F just twenty four hours later. The temperature dropped all day on Monday. I’ve never seen a below freezing day here in October. We often don’t even get to 32 at night during the month of October. First frost is usually in November. But hey, it’s 2020 and all bets are off. I’m just glad that the Stay-Puffed guy hasn’t shown himself as was prognosticated!
  25. They do well here. My neighbor has some that are huge. Probably 4 or 5 feet of gray trunk. Planted in full sun.
  26. Bill Austin

    Fresh seed

    Yes they are.
  27. I have 2 T. Lindleyanum plants that I've grown from sprouts that I got about 4 years ago. I've never been able to find much info about them online so hoping someone may have insight. I'm in 9a (averages out to 9b over the last 10 years) just south of Houston so I move them inside when temps go under 50. This is getting harder every year since they weigh A TON due to the fact that they are emergent plants so their roots always need to be wet. I grow them pot-in-pot with a mix of about 50% peat and 50% coarse sand with the media pot completely submerged in water in the larger pot. This is my first year in TX (moved from NJ) and one completely outgrew the other so I'm trying to figure out exactly why so I don't lose another half season experimenting. I started with both on the patio, pot-in-pot, in full sun. I repotted the larger one in early summer but only bumped him up a few gallons with fresh media and they were both the exact same size at the time. He went back into the patio in a larger white plastic pot thinking it might keep the roots cooler. They both looked pretty rough all season, alot worse than they used to in Jersey. I got tired of looking at the sickly plants so I moved one off to the side and put the other in an in-ground mini pond thing in the middle of my "jungle" and kind of forgot about them. When I grabbed them to pull them inside for our cold snap this week the difference in growth was drastic. So I'm trying to figure out what the cause was and hoping that maybe someone else may have an idea. My hypotheses: -They grow better part sun. The jungle planted one was probably out of the sun by 2 when it was in direct sun all day on the patio. This was never an issue in NJ but the sun is obviously stronger here. -Burying the water container for the jungle plant kept the roots considerably cooler. -Repotting was key and it just took a while to get past the transplant shock. I've repotted these multiple times before, however, and they've usually kept right on going without missing a beat. -Lastly (the long shot), I didn't fertilize either plants this year other than maybe a shot of MG at one point. The jungle pot was full of tadpoles, maybe the waste/nitrogen they put into the water acted as a fertilizer? The larger one is very crooked because it tipped without me noticing and tried to straighten itself. Other than that the difference in size is substantial. Any input would be appreciated!
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