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  2. I usually just wipe it smoothly with a rag and with a soft toothbrush where the rag can't handle, like around the flower stalks, where it also occurs even after leafbase cleaning. I also use the soft toothbrush or other kind of long soft brush to smoothly clean deep inside the crownshat without damaging it. I only use a triple action fungicide/insect spray (insects, mites and major fungal diseases, aphids, lepidopteral larvae (plusia, bega, night)red spiders, peeling and rust) when the issue is unreachable using a rag or a brush. I also use it on Fall/early Winter on some fungal/bugs susceptible palms, as localized preventive treatment. It works, but must keep sharp and look periodically. Protect your huge P. canariensis as much as possible and keep an eye on fusarium issues...they are very susceptible. A 30’ trunk canariensis is now a treasure around here, take good care of it, please! I grew with them around here...there were hundreds, dominating the lanscape, including some huge centenary ones. All gone now, the Rhynchophorus ferrugineus plague took such proportions that only some heavily treated palms survived. Some cluster are now regrowing/"reborning" like the mythical "Phoenix". Got one nearby that is practically growing on salt water. P.S. I used to have German shepherds. Lovely dogs. My last one "ate" a lemon tree...!
  3. Palmə häl′ik

    Palm ID

  4. greysrigging

    Philodendrons and a stag

    The old fashioned thickly planted palm garden in Darwin ? Bromeliads are the ideal understorey type plant.... a bit of sun / filtered / dappled light and they thrive in out tropical climate. And the climbing Aroids gives you that 'jungle' look. Not that I am a real fan, but Devils Ivy and that weed of a thing starting with S ( cant remember its name but at least its green ) will climb bare trunks then hang down..... looks ok if you like the jungle theme.
  5. greysrigging

    Cordyline Burgundy Spire?

    Local dump cuttings doing ok.... And some bare wood waiting for the rains to start ( about 6 weeks away..... with a bit of luck somewhere between 60" and 80" in the next 6-8 months.....
  6. What are you using to moniter the temp? I have one that only does 1 outdoor and indoors. Oh it tracks rain and humidity outside as well.
  7. WaianaeCrider

    Removing coconuts

    Tree trimmers here in the islands somehow just climb up and harvest. Not being racist but Samoans and Tongans pretty good at that.
  8. There is a very old cashew tree in sub-tropical Childers in SE Qld . I tried to grow a seedling from it here in wet tropical Tully with no success . Lived for about 6 years and then rotted. Prefers dry tropics .
  9. greysrigging

    Cordyline Burgundy Spire?

    I have lots of Cordylines.... in the tropics ( Cairns, Darwin, Townsville, Broome ), you just visit the local land fill/waste dump.... they are there by the thousands, trimmed, pruned and disposed of, just waiting to be dipped in rooting powder and re homed.....lol !
  10. Palmfarmer

    Pindo Palm Shedding

    yes defintly a hybrid of sorts
  11. This is the ultimate 'drool-worthy' write up I have ever seen on cyclanthus. I will spend delicious time reading the site. I have been interested in Cyclanthaceae for many years, observing it in the wild and ultimately growing it here on the Big Island in a climate very similar to many. Very hard to find others interested in growing this wonderful palm like plant. On this site I have been corrected so many times about nomenclature, etc., that I felt I was one of a very few that really loved this family. I feel the same way about Pandanus. I can't wait to explore this site and perhaps contribute my limited knowledge to others. Sharing this site with me was a wonderful turn on. Thank you. Mahalo, Don Sanders
  12. Dypsisdean

    Removing coconuts

    Here's your solution:
  13. The Gerg

    What a difference a year makes

    Beautiful job. Very lush.
  14. It’s amazing how much temperatures can vary from one part of a yard to another. I nearly gave up on growing a healthy long term Wodyetia (Foxtail Palm) because I’d tried a number of them and cool wet winters would do them in a south facing spot by the front of my garage with stone facing and concrete and stone at its base and the palm is flourishing now for seven years. I put a Royal and Foxy Lady in the same area and Royal is slow but steady and the Foxy Lady is a rocket! Afternoon temperatures on a sunny winter afternoon can be 6-8° warmer than in other areas of my landscape and soil temps are way higher.
  15. Silas_Sancona

    What is your current yard temperature?

    Currently a dusty, humid, " Wafts of distant rain in the desert " kind of evening.. 89F at 11:36PM MST.. Hot and staying that way.. but, some hints things might shift around a little.. Had some surprise pop up storms around the central/southern section of the state earlier, though only some debris clouds and a minor dusty outflow reached this side of the valley shortly after sunset.. Extra moisture in the air atm is nice, even if it will keep overnights elevated ( another run of 89-92F lows possible tomorrow- next Monday/ Tuesday morning ) More widely scattered storms forecast around the state tomorrow as some upper level moisture/ clouds from Hurricane Elida hea spreads north east across the state.. No rain currently forecast -at least here in/around Phoenix- but a signal of what could be an active 2-3 week period for the E. Pac. as a rather strong wet phase of the MJO approaches from the central pacific, and sets up across Mexico. Models ( particularly the GFS ) have been quite consistent in suggesting the potential for several tropical systems forming off Mexico between now and the 25th-27th ( Influence of the same MJO phase starts spreading into the Gulf of Mexico/ Caribbean toward the end of that time period also ** Be Ready!! ** ) While most GFS model runs have taken all/ most potential systems that may form well out into the Pacific, there has been a lot of run to run variance, and some interesting scenarios.. Case in point: A few days ago, one GFS run had a rather strong Hurricane move north along the west coast of Baja, and come ashore as a minimal Tropical storm/ tropical soaker somewhere between Los Angeles and Santa Barbra - Total wish cast run because none have shown a similar scenario since.. That said, this is the time of year to start watching for " north/northeast recurving" or Baja hugging" Tropical storms.. With the persistent trough-y pattern hanging out off CA/ Pac. N.W. all summer, -and some good timing- not out of the question one system ( or the bulk of it's moisture ) could get nudged toward AZ/ S.E. CA Deserts/ coastal S. Cal. Starting tomorrow, remnants from Elida will bring a decent potential for sprinkles -at least- and perhaps actual , scattered showers/ small T-storms to Southern CA.. maybe further north/up into the southern Sierra. Current GFS runs suggest more potential moisture influxes into CA. in the days ahead.. While we'll likely see "spit" sprinkles / Virga -if we see anything from Elida's moisture- and perhaps just enough cloud cooler at times to knock back temps a few degrees the next 2 or 3 days, CPC has backed off it's suggestion of abnormally drier than normal forecast for most of AZ in both the 6-10 and 8-14 day outlooks.. so maybe a sign of change.. and hopefully some rain.. How much?.. Not worried about that at this point.. Will take anything we can get.. Models are all over the place anyway.. and while all potential tropical storms are forecast to stay well away from AZ, as mentioned above, won't take all that much for one to sneak up the Gulf of CA and soak us ( Please! lol ) under this kind of developing weather pattern.. -If- all goes as suggested.. BTW, per our local NWS, Summer 2020 is the hottest summer to data for Phoenix.. We'll see how the rest of the season finishes..
  16. SailorBold

    Got Tomatoes??

    Man... what is that Crimson Blush? How would you rate that one? From the picture it looks like a 4 pound tomato.. !! Looks amazing.. id be just eating tomato salads all day.. tomato sandwiches.... tomato bbq...ha ha. They look delicious. Thank you for referencing and sharing. I would be interested in hearing more about your favorites taste-wise etc.. I harvested a plain big boy and thought it was amazing.. very sweet I will add. It also had a ton of meat and small seeds.. If I had more of them like that I would be making pasta sauce with those instead of my San Marzanos. Ultimately I may add 4 more plants next year but depending if I try to grow the San Marzanos again I may stay at 6. The San Marzanos so far fail every year for me.. Im still trying to figure them out. And they are the main reason I tried to start growing tomatoes to begin with. Always a degree of end rot.. and the plants dont look good by the end of the year as well. They can be in the same pot as a different variety and they get the end rot while the other does not.. I dunno..Perhaps I should try growing them in pumice... The Better Boy is doing the best for me thus far...although the Big Boy has produced my largest tomato which was tasty and is doing good but not producing as much yet.. They are both going through another growth bump currently so i am hoping they will produce tons of fruit as we go into fall. As for fruit quality.. They are ok.. but I hope the vine yields more so i can juxtapose between them. I harvested these today.. I havent tasted any yet but I think I am going to make some pasta sauce.. Not a bad yield I suppose.. as I know it can be worse. !! I have enough for even different uses... like hamburgers and sandwiches.. and the best part is I didnt have to buy them from the store!! Wanted to ask.. why the gloves? Is it for the blight etc..
  17. Jim in Los Altos

    Removing coconuts

    I’ll bet you can find a climber locally. I’ve seen guys climb Coconut palms taller than that without that much effort that do the task regularly. Your pool area would be losing a couple of great looking accents if you had them cut down.
  18. Jim in Los Altos

    Pinanga javana flowers

    Love that palm! I love the species so much that I even tried to get three to grow up here in the Bay Area. Frost free but just not enough winter warmth. They’d look healthy and suddenly keel over in about late February. Oh well, Pinanga philipiensis has been through two winters so far and keeps chugging along. I like the look of P. Javana more though!
  19. Jim in Los Altos

    What a difference a year makes

    Dave, It’s wood chips. From afar it does look a lot like red lace though.
  20. Kim

    Pinanga javana flowers

    Bret, that's pretty darn good for California. Beautiful palm, dreaming of its full potential...
  21. miamicuse

    Removing coconuts

    I hate to lose them, they provide some shade to the pool, and the left one has a swing rope tied to it about twenty feet high so my kids can swing into the pool. I think these are too tall to climb most likely need a bucket truck to reach up there?
  22. WaianaeCrider


    Here's an update from that 2008 picture above. Sorry no tripod so I'm not in it. LOL
  23. A couple unusual smaller trees to research: Magnolia tamaulipana, particularly a form called " Bronze Sentinal " which is supposedly a touch hardier than the species. Another is Clethra pringlei, which, besides tropical-looking foliage, will produce sprays of white flowers that have a Cinnamon or Vanilla-like scent. 7b is supposedly the currently known limit of this species hardiness but it's becoming more available in the Southeast and might tolerate 7a if planted in a protected spot. There's also another Mexican Clethra sp. ( C. mexicana ) being trialed in some botanical gardens there and has supposedly tolerated sub zone 9a cold well thus far also. Both Clethra pringlei and the Magnolia originate in Northeastern Mexico where numerous tropical looking plants with surprising cold hardiness have been discovered and brought into cultivation. Thinking Clethra mexicana is from either the mountains in Central or South Central Mexico.. Another region that contains numerous -surprisingly hardy- plants. All 3 sp. are evergreen.
  24. greysrigging

    Wastelands Latania verschaffeltii

    So. once you start looking for the bush escapees, they seem to be a bit more common than I thought previously.... Some more Yellow Latan Palms on wastelands close to the suburbs. And not officially escapee's, these African Oil Palms were part of a failed experimental plantation on Darwin Prison land dating back 30 to 35 years ago.
  25. DCA_Palm_Fan

    Removing coconuts

    Gorgeous trees. Id hate to see them go, but i guess if you arent willing to pay someone to cut them down there is not much of a choice. Although maybe someone would do it on the cheap if you allowed them to keep the fruit.
  26. "Unfortunately there are no 'official' Met Office stations in Surrey to verify this, a county of 1.3 million people and 650 square miles. They should at least put an 'official' station in Guildford." We may have 'discussed' this previously.....I think you have mentioned there are official sites in Wisely and Farnborough....so 10 and 15klm away ? There will be negligible differences in official readings on extreme heat days....to use Met Office speak, extreme heat days are generally 'spatially coherent', ie, not a huge difference in such a small geographical range, and most certainly not unless we are talking of a site on the coast compared to say 10 or 15klm inland, or differences in altitude. Home weather stations are certainly interesting, and are indicative of the conditions on a given day ( or night ) And official sites of course have strict siting requirements so accurate comparisons can be made..... In Australia, back yard and amateur recordings perpetuate the 'myth' of 50c temps every summer, and I suspect they do the same in the UK regarding 38c ( the old 100f ) temps every summer. Now, as a bit of a weather freak and stats nerd ( I like cricket stats too ), I like accuracy and comparable data. I also like to see the records broken, and the close to 100f of the past week is meteorologically very interesting, as was the actual 100f back on the 31/7 at Heathrow. No doubt a damn fine spell of heat for mid August.
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