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  2. Honez

    Windmill Palm(Trachycarpus fortunei) help

    Thank you for the help. Only thing I can't figure out is if they want full sun or part half day's worth of sun. I have seen several youtube videos of a butia and a windmill crown's rotting and getting fixed. They just cut out the the rot and cleaned it out, then put hydrogen peroxide down there. I did the same thing so hopefully once we get really good weather it will start growing. I even saw a guy saw off the top half of his windmill that he thought was dead and it started growing more fronds out of the top where he saw it. Hopefully it survives. I will post more if it goes down hill or if it starts recovering.
  3. Honez

    Windmill Palm(Trachycarpus fortunei) help

    Not sure how cold they got in the pots. They were in a fully built greenhouse type structure. Really just a shed with framing, no walls or roof, with 2 layers of 6 or 8 mill plastic and some insulation on the bottom floor and lower side walls. It had a small vent. It mostly just protected from the cold winds, rain, and frost of winter. The other palms look fine besides this one.
  4. Meangreen94z

    Yucca love

    Yeah, I’ll count the heads on the larger one when I get a chance, and definitely keep an eye on it for seeds. Yucca Thompsoniana seed seems to be in short supply. Thanks
  5. Stevetoad

    Growing shorter

    Yup. Shade leaves. look mo bettah now
  6. Have you gotten any results on the seeds? I was thinking of trying this palm too, and can't find anyone that has R. Humilis or Multifida for sale.
  7. Palmensammler

    Yucca love

    What a monster. How many heads is it growing? I count 11 flower stalks. You certainley need to collect seeds, this beauty must be spread. Eckhard
  8. Dartolution

    Sabal blackburniana Inquiry

    Here are some better images of it today in the sunlight, and a closeup of the frond. Growth has picked up quite a bit in the last 2 weeks.
  9. MSX

    CIDP overpotted or not?

    Hello Palmtalkers! This CIDP is my first palm grown in a container that will be a nice addition to a patio, with the option of moving it inside in the winter (7B/8A zone). I need your expertise in the following question - I got this CIDP a month ago in a 3 gallon (12 litres) nursery pot. The top diameter of the nursery pot was 28cm x 26cm height so the root ball is. The roots were growing out of the bottom of the pot and lifting the entire palm right out of the pot, so I repotted it in a new 17 gallon (65 litres) plastic pot. The new pot is 50cm wide and about 22cm (8.6 inches) larger across than the nursery pot and approximately 13cm (5 inches) deeper than the root ball of the palm. I drilled 9 draining holes at the bottom of the new big pot 1 inch wide each. Soil mixture - 3 parts of soil, 1 part organic matter (aged manure) and 1 part of river sand. I followed the palm planting instruction from here (Wilson Bros Gardens. How To Plant A Palm In Container): "Choose a container that is large enough to allow for 2 to 3 years of growth before shifting up to a larger size container. This might mean your planting pot would be 6-8 inches or more in width than the root ball of your plant. ". That's what I did - my current pot is now 8-8.6 inches more in width than the root ball of my CIDP, however now I found out some other sites suggest the new pot should be 2-5 inches wider than the root ball to prevent root rot, etc. I'm confused now by this contradictory information and I don't know what to do now - should I leave it like this or should I repot it again in a smaller sized pot now? Thanks
  10. JLM

    Growing shorter

    Older fronds likely opened up when the palm was being grown under shade, the new shorter fronds that you are seeing is what they are supposed to look like.
  11. PsyPalm

    Dypsis lutescens seedlings.

    Here is one of my larger clusters that I've thinned out as it's grown to showcase the individual trunks starting to form
  12. PsyPalm

    Dypsis lutescens seedlings.

    I've been strategically separating and repotting my young crop of d. lutescens as they get larger. Their appearance as a solitary or double palm is quite striking compared to the tangled clusters they're usually sold as. I've been potting them into various fluted ceramic bonsai planters for a clean consistent look video-1619015342.mp4
  13. Meangreen94z

    Yucca love

    Yucca Thompsoniana in flower by my job. I’ll have to come back and collect seed.
  14. Today
  15. Went to the Blue big box store lastnight and picked up a little washingtonia, going to plant it. A few questions that i have about planting location. My yard has ver few spots that dont flood during heavy rain events, would it mind the standing water? I know they would not like wet feet, but im sure they would love some water. ID seems to be more of a robusta, has teeth but the teeth are green and not purple and frond bases have some purple but there is also lots of green. Leads me to believe that it might just be a filibusta with heavy robusta characteristics.
  16. So I bought a/some palm(s) I believe that 3 were planted in a cluster, I forget what they were labelled. It/they've been getting shorter with the new growth, the new leaves look healthy and green but they are not as large as the previous leaves and overall each one is as much as 2' shorter than it used to be. Have I planted in some type of space/time portal or is this a known issue caused by???
  17. floridaPalmMan

    Windmill Palm(Trachycarpus fortunei) help

    I'm no expert but it sounds like you've done everything right. This happened to a couple of my queens this spring but I just did what you did and they recently began to recover. Fertilized, peroxided the hole from the spear pull, let the outside sunlight hit them and a couple weeks later new green growth appeared. I can't remember where I read it but apparently the Windmill (fortunei) is regarded as one of the, if not the toughest palm in the world so that's something to help ease your mind. Good luck! Update us if you see new growth appear
  18. Will Simpson

    Found a surprise 8 years after transplanting my Butia

    It hasn't been protected and has seen 4F and 5F in 2 successive winters . I have seen damage on the fronds that are most outward , but evidently the fronds closer to the house must only get closer to 10F+ . There is an eave over the palm that keeps it dry too , and it gets full in its southern exposure , and no wind in the winter . I could hardy think of a better microclimate .
  19. Turtlesteve

    Sabal Uresana Growth Rate

    Much faster than S. minor. I agree they hate pots - will grow 2-3x faster in the ground
  20. Silas_Sancona

    Coffee blooms

    Would be interested to see whether or not it has been considered for trialing / crossing out there as well.. Esp. if that species does have better drought resistance, and produces a quality product..
  21. PalmMom007

    chamaedorea adscendens

    I have a couple 3g Seedlings I could part with maybe one or two. And I am certified to ship to CA premier growers, inc 239 318-0459 Corey 239 318-0460 Shelby
  22. PalmMom007

    Calusa Palms Nursery has Fiji Dwarf Cocos

    Our nursery has some! premier growers, Inc Contact Corey or Shelby (239) 318-0459 (239) 318-0460 We have 3g, 7g, and seedlings just coming up! green and orange Fiji dwarf
  23. tropicalb

    chamaedorea adscendens

    yeah i should have mentioned i am in California...thanks!
  24. Teegurr

    Jubaea X Syagrus 18 mos. Update

    You got an update? Hope it's doing well.
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