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  2. Some good stuff right there thanks for sharing
  3. I'm looking for a suggestion on which variety palm to plant on a small commercial scale. I'll be planting a grove of fruit trees which require significant spacing for the first 5-7 years or so and am looking for a species to place between them during that time to hopefully make some money. Palms would be field grown for transplanting. Location is Bokeelia, 33922 on Pine Island Lee County SW Florida which is a major palm growing area. The space available is about 800 feet of row I have reasonably good soil, equipment, fertilizer, irrigation, full sun, shade/greenhouse and some experience growing things. Most here grow Foxtails and other common palms so I am looking for a variety which might appeal to collectors or something different, new or perhaps rare but which is not overly expensive to obtain seed or small plants. I know that some of my requirements are mutually exclusive, Cheap and Easy doesn't always match with profitable and collectible but need some sage advice from those more experienced. What would a Palmtalk member do?
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  5. Gonzer

    Bromeliad Trunking

    Scott, no way of predicting that. Best case scenario is to separate the pups, pot individually, and wait.
  6. RevT


    Pm sent
  7. Phoenikakias

    Which Phoenix species or hybrid?

    And finally a comparison of the thought to be reclinata x canariensis hybrid with a genuine canariensis
  8. Phoenikakias

    Which Phoenix species or hybrid?

    And the comparison from a reverse perspective.
  9. Phoenikakias

    Which Phoenix species or hybrid?

    Maybe picture deceives, but at first glance I do not see any girth. In foreground a stem of what I believe to be genuine reclinata and in background a stem of what I believe to be a reclinata x canariensis cross. Latter is being kept through back trim single-stemmed.
  10. Jim in Los Altos

    Which Phoenix species or hybrid?

    That looks a whole lot like my P. reclinata x roebelenii with those skinny trunks.
  11. Bill Austin


    Bassilina panchetti $1 ,dypsis lanceolata $20 for 100,dypsis pembana $20 for 100 ,burrentiokentia viellardii .50 ,cyphosperma tricospadix $2, limited , pining philippinensis .25 PM me Iguana multifida $1 PM me
  12. Joe NC

    How far north...Mule palm

    Glad you bumbled across my mule palm in real life, and that it caused someone to slam on their breaks. That mule has grown fast since it was put in the ground, but it was protected during extreme cold. I grew it from strap leaf to 3 gallon size, which took a while, before planting out. The downside of fast growth is that it seems vulnerable to high winds, and my days of protecting it are over.... I use to have many more palms but the awful 2017-18 winter and I00 inches of rain plus hurricane last summer took a toll on many (kind of discouraging actually). The big pindo in front of the mule (looks terrible with 6 fronds) nearly died in the big freeze, another 2 that size didn't make it. Had a couple of jubaea hybrids of varying degree and size, one died from the cold, one from wet, one still lives. It's a (jxb)xs and it was the small mule look alike that is the bookend to the big mule on the other side. Lost a fat washingtona hybrid to the freeze. Slowly replacing everything that proves weak with trachycarpus (there are at least a dozen around the house now) which thrive in my clay soil. Well except for principes which finally rotted with all the rain last year. The sad trachy out front was one of two uprooted by a falling tree in the hurricane, so I stuck it's mangled corpse where the principes was and it seems like it took, the other which had over 10 ft of trunk did not make it. The shorter Sabal out front was purchased potted as an X texensis, which I assumed meant Brazoria. It since grew like a rocket and now has 6 ft of thick trunk with pretty big seeds, so I'm guessing it's a mexicana, or just a regular palmetto. I also have a proper Brazoria, which has not grown like a rocket. I have some silver chamerops, silver saw, and most surprisingly a Brahea super silver, which doesn't care about any wet or cold that has been thrown it's way. Same can't be said for B. clara which I have killed 2 of. There are a large amount of Sabal minor and needle palms scattered around the yard, which seed freely. Next palmy experiment is a L nitida, wich I will protect until it's too big and spikey to deal with. I lost many large trees in the hurricane, so I'm also experimenting with rediculous replacements, I have a coast redwood and Brazilian monkey puzzle in the ground now. Also planted a bunch of native saplings in the wooded part of the yard out back, but that's way less exciting.
  13. chuckg

    Larger Cycads for sale, Florida only

    My E-mail is 69chuckfg69@gmail.com. I will be around this weekend. Chuck G>
  14. Neil C

    What's eating?

    That definately look some kind of rodent damage. What do you have in your area, rats, squirrels, gophers? Regards Neil
  15. Thank you for sharing those pictures of other probable CIDP x P. reclinata hybrids! The girth on the ones you have shared does more closely match the clump I posted from the SD Safari Park.
  16. iwan

    Phoenix pollen wanted

    Bump, still looking.... Thanks,
  17. Thanks, I appreciate you sharing that. Good information.
  18. JohnLight

    Copernicia fallaensis - 25 gallon

    Copernicia fallaensis - 25 gallon, asking $800 Pickup in Ft. Lauderdale preferred although local delivery can be arranged. John Light 954-903-8061
  19. Both were dead by the time the daytime temps started hitting the 80's. Definitely did not inherit any hardiness from the S. rom mother.
  20. Push-n-Roots

    Larger Cycads for sale, Florida only

    Hi Chuck im interested in some of your cycads. I live in Ocala but and driving south this weekend. Where are you located. Id like to see what you have available. best John G
  21. pj_orlando_z9b

    Young coconuts deficiency ID

    Def do not water frequently when soils cool. Our dry season in Florida runs Nov-May. I rarely water my coconut in the ground and potted plants only when soil is dry. I have heard soil temps of 62F and higher are needed to keep cocos from stressing. My soil temps in winter fluctuate between 63F and 67F with spikes lower and higher. Once they hit 80+ is when the growth really picks up. Spear growth then is about an inch or so per day. Good luck and keep us posted!
  22. Sabal_Louisiana

    Chill in the Southeast

    First day of Spring and I had 39F with a touch of ice on the roof of my car! Cant complain though. Gorgeous days and everything is so lush and green. It wont be long before the brutal heat kicks in.
  23. Is anyone EVER happy with the weather in California? If it rains, it's horrible. if it doesn't, it's horrible. If it's hot, it's horrible. If it's cold, it's horrible.
  24. RaychHasDatePalms

    Dramatic Cocos Is Dramatic

    I would love a pygmy date, too! And I liked the idea of a foxtail, but from what I read, it seemed like it wouldn't like trying to overwinter. Maybe that was incorrect!
  25. Palmaceae

    Young coconuts deficiency ID

    I agree, cold damage.
  26. Here’s my Jube X Butea about 10 feet overall
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