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  2. NOT A TA

    Ganoderma hell

    If you don't mind @TikiRick I've got more questions. Do you know if any neighbors palms were infected before you noticed a problem in your yard? Did you buy any plants that came with soil from outside the local area? Does your yard seem to be the epicenter of affected palms in your immediate area? Do people or pets frequently move between the yards affected? I do realize that the raccoons, possum, etc. travel between yards and often dig, so they could easily be transporting spores. Did you take any pics of the very large conks? Do the more unusual palms seem to be affected more than the commonly planted S FL palms? Have you ever had testing done by the folks at the university? Have you tried planting any palms where some died? And if so, any of the same type of palm? Is your yard in an older neighborhood or was it new when you bought? How long were you there before you started noticing losses?
  3. Jeff985

    Pahokee Coconut.

    I wouldn’t stand under that one without a helmet.
  4. Moose


    Inquiring mind has to know it's latest status
  5. Matthew92

    Pahokee Coconut.

    Awesome. That's a "Hawaii" sized one.
  6. My experience with the Ae Ae is that the flesh is firmer than cavendish. Slightly less sweet but a very good eating banana
  7. RedRabbit

    Pahokee Coconut.

    Nice, thanks for sharing! It’s rare to see one that big in FL.
  8. Mr.SamuraiSword

    Pahokee Coconut.

    Saw this MASSIVE coconut. Think it was on here in a thread from 2010 or something. But its looking great. I'm 6ft 2 for scale.
  9. Moose

    Ganoderma hell

    Grateful this malady hasn't found Mooseland
  10. Today
  11. TikiRick

    Ganoderma hell

    I’d say to most unnoticeable. However, being a collector, as I said, I’ve lost numerous one of a kind species. Entire genus’ have been wiped out. Since it’s not advisable to plant another palm, there’s slowly room for heliconia, flowering trees, aroids, etc. I shouldn’t be complaining because I’m still blessed with a thick jungle zone 10 collection. However palms are my first love, so it’s frustrating.
  12. Fusca

    Giant Washingtonia Filifera i came a cross

    I'd say genetics - that trunk size looks pretty typical for filiferas around here in San Antonio. There are a ton of hybrid filibustas being sold as pure robusta or pure filifera in almost every big box or nursery around and their trunks may not be as thick. In fact it is very difficult to find a pure filifera or robusta for sale due to their popularity and how easily they hybridize.
  13. Yeah that was on the west side of Phoenix we did not get any hail near me. I saw some kids sledding which was a funny sight with Palm trees in the background.
  14. I'm looking forward to walking on marbles in several years, but I'll plant mine away from walkways. Thanks for the warning - I'd hate to have someone fall. I hope to live long enough to get to the "dreading the fruiting" stage!
  15. Phoenikakias

    Iron before Winter

    Won't low soil temperature during winter prevent nutrients absorption?
  16. Phoenikakias

    Iron before Winter

    I was thinking that iron can become toxic in overdose. How do you make sure that you do not exceed safe dosage per plant?
  17. Yunder Wækraus

    Wild foxtail palms

    I don’t remember seeing anything disperse them in Florida either. Is there a y new habitat where this popular palm now grows where a local animal is spreading it? Are the fruits poisonous? I mean, what DO we know about a palm discovered in my lifetime that is now second only to the royal palm in popularity?
  18. I just saw your area on the weather channel. That’s a crazy amount of hail. It looked like snow.
  19. I want to echo the other requests for an update on the Andringitra Ravenea glauca. I have an Isalo variety which was a similar size to yours in the photo in 2017 which started producing male flowers this summer, so I would expect that yours have grown quite a bit since the photos were posted too. I didn't search through the post to see if you just have the one so will be lacking the opposite sex for reproducing or if you have more than one. Looking forward to your update Len!
  20. Silas_Sancona

    Hellstrip Tree Selection

    Generally, yes.. would avoid using Eucs in narrow areas. That said, some present less agressive root systems than others. The other thing you have to be aware of with Eucalyptus is some are very damage prone.. making them a potential hazard in storms, especially where anyone walking by could be impacted. Loquat are great trees, with the added bonus of fruit. Don't usually get too tall either. Curious about that Pinus sp. myself. If you can find it ( a nursery up your way supposedly had some for sale recently ) super rare Pinus maximartinizii ( Big Cone Pinyon, from Mexico as well ) might be worth finding a spot for, even if not a perfect fit for your hell strip. If you can't find sources for TX mtn. Laurel ( even if you decide to plant it somewhere else ) or anything else I'd listed, but might be interested in trialing, let me know.. have plenty of.. ( and access to more ) seed of Anacacho Orchid / TX Mtn Laurel, etc.
  21. Hey Max, You are so right about the temp differences across the valley. When I was just dating my girl friend I would leave her house early morning in Old Town (Scottsdale for those who don’t know) and the temps in Jan would be like 48 degrees. By the time I got to my house in North Scottsdale It would be in the low 40’s and I was only 6 miles north of her but right on the edge of the heat island. Old Town was the heat island
  22. Exactly. The hardiness map is just one thing to look at. In Houston the lowest temperature on record was 1989. Since then it’s been a warm 9b. Where I live, a couple blocks from Galveston Bay it could be 10a when the next hardiness map is released. Maybe. But all that means is the average is 30+. One year may have a low of 34 and the next year 26. The average would be 30 which is 10a, but a coconut won’t survive the 26, so I still can’t grow them even though they’re classified as a 10a palm.
  23. Agree about the 70’s and 80’s being cold but how much does that have to do lower populations and less heat island effect? Orlando comes to mind. Orlando today is a different world compared to back in the 70’s and 80’s. They are successfully growing tropicals there now they could only dream of back then.
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