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  2. I've not been consistent with the fertilizer, but the watering is on a timed bubbler, as well as some timed sprinkler for the rest of the garden... We have been having some hot dry winds here in SO. CA. and I know the palms don't like that... I'll try and do better with the Palmgain... Butch
  3. PalmatierMeg

    Roystonea regia - 50 seedlings of FL Native Royal Palm

    At the moment the palm is not seeding but will at some point. How many seeds do you want?
  4. NBTX11

    Palmageddon Aftermath Photo Thread

    Pretty good actually. Lots of tall thin Robusta recoveries everywhere downtown. All the hybrids recovered. Once you leave downtown the recoveries start going down some. By the time you get to the northeast side out to New Braunfels, the Robusta recoveries are a lot more hit and miss. Still, even there, most of the hybrids recovered. And of course all of the Filifera and Filifera leaning hybrids recovered everywhere.
  5. OC2Texaspalmlvr

    Sabal umbraculifera 15 gallon specimens for sale

    This is a steal @ 60$
  6. Okay where do I start with this firstly i am from the uk I’ve lived here all my life I only post on this topic to correct some of the statements you make which are completely false i read through some of the forums about palms in the uk and have seen the pictures you have shared of large palms which are amazing I grow palms my self Im relatively new to it I am not trying to say London and southern England is cold and wet all the time that is of course not true overall the climate is fairly reasonable and mild hence why we can grow palms here but it annoys me that you keep lying and saying London is turning into a summer med climate when it’s not true I have posted loads of evidence to show that summers are not getting drier which you always seem to ignore the met office says summers will turn drier in the future but at the moment there is no trend towards it again I’ll show evidence but you will know doubt ignore it you said in an earlier reply that 2 of the wettest winters on record have occurred recently that is true the winter season has warmed the most and gotten wetter however we have also had some of the wettest summers on record over the past decade 2012/2015/2007/2008/2009/2011 as examples. And I do not only post when the weather is bad I made my account at the end of may just when the weather flipped from the wetness of may. As you can see from these charts summers got drier through the 90s before turning wetter again through till now the driest summers on record occurred before the year 2000 it also shows summer temperatures are very stable at the moment after the warming during the 80 and 90s they also show that summers are not getting any sunnier.
  7. I am not sure there's a clear answer for this one but my guess is that it doesn't really matter: 1) These mixes often they use pine bark or a bark that does not break down easily so the idea would be that they improve drainage. I can't see a reason why having large chunks of bark would improve drainage. Its the same myth as folks thinking that adding big rocks would improve drainage. Other than reducing soil, I don't see a large disadvantage either though. 2) As for those chunks reducing nitrogen and adversely affecting grows: these potting mixes have no shortage of nitrogen at all, in fact, they are supercharged on it to an unrealistic amount. I could be wrong but to test this, scientifically, we would need to grow 100+ palms with and 100+ without the woodchips in a potting medium and compare after 10 years. To my knowledge, no such studies exist. Research isn't cheap or easy and I can't recall experiments like which are ran (they should!).
  8. Xenon

    Palmageddon Aftermath Photo Thread

    From what I've seen, queen and pygmy date palms are flying off the shelves in Houston.
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  10. DreaminAboutPalms

    Palmageddon Aftermath Photo Thread

    Generally speaking, has anyone seen people replace their dead palms with new palms? Or have they just been ripping them out. I'm trying to get a sense of how scared people generally are about replanting with palms after this big freeze. It would sure make me sad to see yards that used to have 4 or 5 tall robusta now completely palmless.
  11. GregVirginia7

    My Patrick Schafer Hybrids

    How can I get in touch with Patrick?
  12. RuJPN

    Palms for Zone 9a Japan

    Hello Palmtalk! New member here living in Japan and I need some input on palm selection. I'm not too familiar with USDA zones, but from what I understand I'm technically in zone 9a. A little about the climate; Last time we had a record low under 20F was in 1985 when we had 19F. The coldest ever recorded temperature was in 1919 when we hit 11F, and 13F in 1954, so I think those days might be behind us. Hopefully. As I said it's zone 9a (if I understand correctly) but it's not a warm 9a, during last years winter which was fairly typical we had 11 nights with freezing temperatures in december, 19 in january and 8 in february. The freezes are typically in the low to mid 20s and by 9am any frost has usually melted. The daytime average isn't much better at around 45F during those months. From may we start seeing daytime temperatures in the mid 70s, that will turn into high 80s and low to mid 90s during june, july, august and september with high humidity. Yearly rainfall is a high 51 inches, with the highest rainfall in june and july, and the least during the colder months november to february. So now to the palm selection. What's available at the garden centers around here are Trachys, Butias (I'm not sure which one since we call all of them cocos palm), canary island date palm and sago palms. I currently have a small Trachy in a pot that I dug out of a ditch on my familys land, but I want some others as well. Butias are pretty expensive starting at $800 with a foot of trunk, CIDP is about the same. Since the local availability is pretty limited I'd like to grow some from seed. I'm aware that it'll take time, but I can always get some trachys to tide me over in the meantime. Given our climate do you think any of the following are a definite no-go, any additions or substitutions that you would recommend? Washingtonia Filibusta or Robusta Butyagrus mule palm Chamaedorea radicalis Livistona Nitida I would also like a Brahea armata but I understand they don't like the humidity. What I really would like is a Queen, but with our cold winters I'd had to protect it like crazy. Thank you for reading and please excuse and spelling misstakes.
  13. Reyes Vargas

    Free canna seeds

    Worms have discovered that they like the salad buffet. My cannas are being devastated by some worm. Any ideas how to get rid of them.
  14. chad2468emr

    Germinated my first seed ever!!

    Another update: We’ve got three little leaves! A fourth is popping out now as well.
  15. D. Morrowii

    New to the forum

    Thank you Lars!
  16. palmfriend

    New to the forum

    @D. Morrowii & @EJ;), welcome to the forum! best regards from Okinawa - Lars
  17. Feb 17, 2021: June 16, 2021: The fact that they need to be cut down after a few frosts each winter and then EXPLODE at the first sign of warmth will always get me excited for summer!
  18. @Samuel You are not from the UK, hence why your ONLY posts on this site have been on this topic. You’re yet to make a single palm related post and have set this account up just to counter anything I say. I have an idea of who you are. It’s obvious you are trying to perpetuate the myth that London and southeast England is always wet and cold. You have also waited for the one day, or two day period this month where the UK is cooler than anywhere else and then said that “sums up the UK” when it really doesn’t. Southern England was hotter than most Med regions earlier this week. On Wednesday London was 5C warmer than Athens and 3C warmer than Alicante. Of course you didn’t post anything about that then though, did you. The fact you deny that summers are getting drier is also a bit suspicious, given that you claim to live in London. We were obviously going to have a brief cooler, wetter spell at some point, which does not reflect the entire summer, as much as you want it to. We’ll be back to warmer, drier conditions later next week. Heat and warmth may be returning quicker than originally scheduled now. I bet you’ll stop posting for a while when the heat and drought really kicks in here come July…
  19. This pretty much sums up summer in the uk
  20. Well @Looking Glass I hope I dont murder mine with attention :-) I’ll bet youre right its probably some type of critter that is transporting the seed - birds, raccoons or squirrels. When Im hunting for seeds I like to use the presence of volunteers to help verify that a tree might be putting out viable seed and usually pass on the ones without them.
  21. I’m surprised you’ve still had no rain up there in Manchester this month. We were totally dry for June up until Wednesday night, when the low pressure front hit, coming up from the Med. Then again we are closer to the continent down here and this rainfall has come up from the Med regions of Spain and France, so it would hit us first and likely effect us worse. It looks like you guys may get some in the coming hours/days though. It has been coming down pretty heavy here over the past hour or two today. My rainfall totals have probably doubled since my last post on here. I need to check, but I am probably up to 25-30mm now this month. I was only on 1mm for the month on Wednesday afternoon, so it has been quite a wet 48 hours here. Summer rainfalls seem to be getting heavier though, even if rainfall in general is lower during summer, due to more extended dry periods. IMG_6422.MOV
  22. Nico94

    Sabal seeds

    Hi. I'm looking for all Sabal seeds. Nicolas
  23. Great pictures SIPalms. Superb to see what can be done in a well sited and carefully arranged backyard this far from the equator. Im down in Dunedin and after doing a bit of research have discovered that we have a reasonably good growing climate. Will be those mild winter lows that dont really get below freezing. Im in Andersons Bay (base of the peninsula) on a north facing hillside so we rarely see any ground frost. Some gullies in Dunedin are frigid on calm winter mornings, but it all seems so variable based on location and orientation. Still harvesting cherry tomatoes off alive plants in the open in mid june and the tamarillo are flowering through winter. I was in mitre10 the other day in Dunedin and picked up an Archontophoenix purpurea ~1m high for $35. Felt like i was walking out with stolen goods! Going to be interesting getting that one established and growing here in the back yard in a few years, have just the spot in mind.
  24. Here in the Costa del Manchester it's been all sun and warm weather - no rain yet in the month of June I expect July or August will be miserable as usual though, no climate transitioning going on here that I can see, apart from getting milder (especially at night). Need to enjoy the good weather while it lasts in a place like this!
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