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  2. I live in a typical Mediterranean climate so I know what you’re talking about. 10a here is not at all the same as 10a in Florida for instance. The good thing is that species like Rhopalostylis, Hedescepe, Howea, Ceroxylon, and others grow well here but most will die quickly in a tropical 10a.
  3. I didn't realize this was sent, without any editing, so, my apologies. Wheels can really make a difference. When she stage raced (several days of riding) we use to sag (drive the roads to help with repairs, etc). We were shocked that almost every kid had a $5000 wheelset. But, now we know how they have made such a difference. If you get heavy wheel, with fat, heavy tires, it creates a lot more drag, and, is more work, and, less fun, Unfortunately, times have changed nobody is letting you go test ride bikes, and certainly not wheels. Have somebody twirl the wheel and video them for you, and, see if they are 'true', and, don't wobble. Again, Craigslist has lots of great parts, and, bikes, but, you have to do your home work. Cecile
  4. Dave, I am a serious cyclist. I rode 10k miles in 1990, the year before my daughter was born. Wheels are so critical . My husband has just spent the last three months deciding on a wheelset for his Time Frame. Buy the lightest you can afford. We have had the same shop for 35 years, and, here it is recently,we were looking at a new wheels, and, our longtime builder said, you can get the same pair exactly with a different name. So, when I got my wheels, and now during Pandemic they are $1000 each wheel (they were prebuilt), I paid half of that two years before. But, I feel like I was flying, sort of like the dreams you use to have as a kid flying over peoples houses. Granted, our troads to ride are Hwy 1, down Muir Woods in Mt. Tamalpais, up to Reyes Station and return up Bolinas Ridge road, where we can see Stinson Beach on one side, and the Bay on the other. So, my advise, start calling shops and learn about wheels. Of course, I would advise getting his wheels, but, if you do your homework by getting to about wheels and why they are expensive, and, shop Craigslist. My daughter was a racer, and was 17/18 y/o Criterium champ Northern Ca./Nevada. I just sold my $3000 bike I bought in 1983 for $400, and, it was in perfect shape, It was a Davidson custom bike. It killed me, but, I got hooked by riding all these bikes, ad what sold the deal was I did surgery on a lady who owned the shop, and, we did a trade.
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  6. JubaeaMan138

    Big boy Dypsis

    Any pictures?
  7. A nice Delonix regia in a shady park not far from my house. These Acacias planted on the verge of a major 4 lane arterial road.....certainly brightens the view on my drive home.
  8. DoomsDave

    Moving houses

    Cycads move easily!
  9. Swolte

    Sabal sp. Tamaulipas Variability

    I believe 3 years old. I got this one from JFGardens last spring and it was definitely a lot smaller then. This is the site (formerly peckerwood, Yucca Do nursery) that did the original collection of this palm in Mexico. This is an odd form of Sabal minor (we don't know what exactly it is, though) as the trunk, when it matures, is not upright but creeping and the leaves are much larger than the S Minor. They reportedly also grow faster. They should be more than fine for zone 8a (PDN even lists them for zone 7b) but I usually protect them anyway the first few years in the ground. I may have to drop by JFGardens to pick up some trees mid-November so I can ask then to be sure. May even sneak into the garden to take some pics of more mature specimens, if I remember.
  10. ando.wsu

    Scottsdale Coconut

    Broke down to baby her one last winter. She gettin thicc
  11. Meangreen94z

    ID Help, Dasylirion?

    Appears to be Nolina Hibernica “La Siberica”?
  12. Coasta

    Moving houses

    @DoomsDave @Fusca thank you both! That Makes me feel more encouraged to plant sertain palms and cycads I would want to take with me.
  13. jimmyt

    Noooooo !!!

    Got my fingers crossed for ya! That is some bad luck.
  14. climate change virginia

    Sabal Palmetto In Zone 7b?

    oh i see it now
  15. WaianaeCrider

    Bottle Palm Tips

    I second that. It goes for any plant as well that likes sun but has been in the shade for a stretch.
  16. Fusca

    Bottle Palm Tips

    Mine that I bought in early spring last year got sun burned pretty badly due to it being shade-grown. You might want to acclimate it to the sun first unless it's been sitting around in full sun at the store.
  17. SEVA

    Virginia Palms

    Nice! How large are the Washingtonia sp. palms? I'm trialing a Washingtonia robusta and a few Syagrus romanzoffiana in Virginia Beach, which I planted over the summer.
  18. Fusca

    Moving houses

    It's pretty easy to put in the contract by telling my selling agent that I plan to take certain palms. I've done it 5 times in the past 8 years with no issues! It can come down to a negotiation in the sale. If the buyers like the palms and don't want you removing them they'd have to sweeten the deal. None of the buyers of my homes have cared one way or the other so they didn't mind. In fact several times they agreed to let me come back after the sale to get them at a more convenient time for me. Most times I had left a washy or a med. fan behind and the buyers ended up taking them out anyway. Dave's right, many people (especially around here) don't care for palms. The problems would occur if you dig out palms and leave big empty holes in the yard! @NickJames summed it up pretty well.
  19. beliz1985

    Chamaedorea tuerckheimii in Pots

    Found out what they are. Tepejilote seedlings.
  20. TomJ

    Bottle Palm Tips

    As much sun and water as possible
  21. TomJ

    Noooooo !!!

    This is what the spear looks like after I propped it up
  22. This morning I looked out the window and saw…. My “Ensete ventricosum” Red Abyssinian Banana had fallen from the strong Santa Ana winds! I knew it had crushed my Dypsis Robusta!! I quickly cut it up and pulled it away from my Robusta. The Robusta spear was lying on the ground!! I propped the spear up and… it stayed?? WTF?? I think it will make it……
  23. I got a Bottle Palm today at Walmart. I plan to keep it potted for its whole life. I understand these grow fairly slow so these would make for a good potted palm. I grabbed the largest one they had. Price was $16.98. During summer it will be outside, i have seen conflicting things about sunlight. Should i keep it in shade or in full sun? I hear these love moist but well draining soil, which will be taken care of. Anything else i should know?
  24. Nj Palms

    Hardy Alternative to bottle palm zone 8a

    Interesting. Might have to get my hands on one!
  25. John hovancsek

    Big boy Dypsis

    I think I might have the same as in the firs pic. I was talking to Jeff Marcus about it because he has a few planted at florabunda but still not sure what it is yet but it will get (dark mealybug) big, I think
  26. Turtlesteve

    Sabal Palmetto In Zone 7b?

    There was a big palmetto in the middle of the group of trachys when I posted it, but it died and they have since updated the streetview image. Here's the 08 version.
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