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  2. Stevetoad

    A Few Good Red Leaves

    Great stuff!!!
  3. That is 3 years growth? What! Where are you buying fertilizer from? Chernobyl???? You have the touch Tony.
  4. cisco

    Dypsis lutescens goes nuts

    This palm has grown quite rapidly. In February 2018, I bought a small pot with 10 seedlings on it. Only 5€. I separated them and left the strongest to me. Early summer it was on my deck P. canariensis leaves sheltered from out of the direct sun. Late summer I can put he to the direct sun without any problems. It just smiled and grew. I feed it with chicken manure, seaweed and palm fertilizer from Mypalmshop. You won't find any palm fertilizer here in Finland. I like this stuff. I started using it 6 months ago. I understand that 6 months is still a short time from palm life but so far so good. My another palms like this fertilizer too. Time will tell. https://www.mypalmshop.com/product/Soluble-Palm-fertilizer
  5. Some of the live oaks in VA Beach are clearly, unquestionably virginiana. Argue all you want whether they are introduced or not, but it seems unlikely. Certainly geminata is likely to be present as well, thus some inevitable confusion thrown in. Old records of live oaks in Matthews County and the Eastern Shore hold some credence. Anyway, I I think I might have accidentally dropped numerous Virginiana based live oak acorns on the Eastern shore at some point in the last 20 years.
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  7. Darold Petty

    Iron before Winter

    Gee Matt. from the title I thought you meant something like this !
  8. TexasColdHardyPalms

    5G Nolina Nelsonii & Blue Dasylirion Wheeler

    Yes we do.
  9. Jeff985

    Iron before Winter

    I’ve never heard of that. Might be worth a try.
  10. I was roaming through the Palms at Searle Brothers Nursery today as we were preparing for a couple plant sales when I noticed the entire area was erupting in red new leaves. I do not know if it was just good timing or the cool, dry weather, but it was fascinating. I didn't have the time to go around and photograph all of them, but I did notice a few standouts... - Verschaffeltia splendida - Specimens do not always show color on their newly emergent leaves, but when they do, the hue seems to vary. I have seen examples that were more red than this and others that were less orange and more pink. - Showy. Notice the point of the rein still attached at the upper-left tip. Seems the leaf 'zipper' was stuck in the up position. - Dypsis utilis - I noticed this new red leaf from across the shadehouse. It's that kind of red that reaches through the leafy green haze and grabs you by the eye balls. This palm is a new red leaf factory, as it branches and forms multiple heads, each producing leaves at a high pace. Notice the second to last new leaf, still showing color. It may be part of a separate head that is working its way to separation. - This palm wasn't on the list to be pulled for the sale, but it is now. Amazing how things can effect that decision. Ryan
  11. - Dypsis utilis - 7 gallon - $100.00 - I just had to photograph that new red leaf. I was amazed at the color. I should post it in the main subforum. The entire shadehouse seemed to be erupting in new red emergent leaves. - That leaf (and the second newest one behind it) is the reason the palm was pulled today and why it will be on its way to Ft. Myers. Ryan
  12. - It was good 'people' weather today, 76ºF (24ºC) and a low 40% humidity. Not the best 'palm' weather, though. Water was vanishing as soon as it hit the potting soil. (B) A group of pre-ordered Fishtail Palms, Caryota mitis, get transported out of the shadehouse on their way south to Margaritaville. Ryan
  13. Or could they be coicoides? They have much deeper green, less upright fronds and no sign of silver under the leaves. What do you think folks?
  14. We’re getting our first rain in many many months and I threw down 50 lbs of Iron to help really green things up in preparation for Winter. Palms tend to yellow here in Winter and I’ve found that if I apply iron while it’s still warm enough to be absorbed then the palms tend to yellow a lot less. Anyone else have this strategy?
  15. CTho

    Sabal palmetto?

    I’ve read that S. palmetto is still more common here than mexicana, and based on size of the fruit/seed I have yet to find a (fruiting) mexicana.
  16. kinzyjr

    Palm sale in Tampa Saturday

    @RedRabbit At the prices listed, it would be worth making a list and renting a truck from a home improvement center for an hour or two. Sadly, I'll be out of the area for a bit or I would be there bright and early loading up, likely with 15g Wodyetia bifurcata, Ptychosperma elegans, Hyphorbe verschafeltii, Archontophoenix alexandrae, and Dypsis decaryi. Then my "it might survive another 2010" list would be just about complete.
  17. Yunder Wækraus

    Wild foxtail palms

    Cassowaries will also live in more open woodland of there is sufficient fruit. Their absence from such border zones is likely due to aboriginal hunting pressure in the last. Perhaps they became locally extinct in foxtail areas 50,000 years ago. Or, like you suggest, perhaps some of the other megafauna made extinct by aborigines 50,000 years ago was a transporter of the foxtail fruit. I was hoping someone on here might know more.
  18. NOT A TA

    Dypsis lutescens goes nuts

    I've seen them do that where they branch also.
  19. Came across these these parajubea t.v.ts in a back yard near the botanic gardens (there are two but the other is out of sight). I tried getting hold of the owner to get some good photos of the trunks but couldn't. I think these are a perfect palm for this climate as they grow solidly for 3/4 of the year. Also very coconutty too...
  20. sipalms

    Queen after first winter in Virginia

    How is this Queen Palm going, did it out on some decent recovery growth over winter?
  21. - More Palms, both large and small destined for Ft. Myers. Every time we thought of a cool plant to bring, we would pull them and then leave them as a group. Then run off and do it again. - A lot of gallon Palms were pulled to cover many species and genera. I hope they all fit in the trailer. Ryan
  22. Isn't it the tallest minor ?
  23. gtsteve

    Dypsis lutescens goes nuts

    Yep, nuts! It looks like it was trying to grow up from under a brick. I had an Areca do that on its first sucker, the next was fine. My guess is that it will grow out of that alarming but interesting condition.
  24. Sure enough, they cleared the whole site except the Howea, ( probably because the council required them to keep it.) they fenced it off, stripped the mulch and topsoil away, failed to water it, and it died in one summer.. In terms of $$$$ tree value, that palm would probably have been worth $5000, if you wanted to buy one. People just do not see it that way though.
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