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  2. kinzyjr

    Dwarf Fiji Coconut

    On my "to get" list. Maybe this fall...
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  4. OC2Texaspalmlvr

    Why Knot

    Wow this is absolutely amazing determination by the palm. Can anyone make an educated guess on how old this bad boy is ?
  5. OC2Texaspalmlvr

    Attalea butyracea in Cape Coral, FL

    Beautiful palm Meg, do you have any other Attaleas on your property ?
  6. Palmaceae

    Rainy season

    The rainy season started great here in St Pete but fizzed out the last several days. Not a good pattern to be in here on the west coast but that will change as it always has. But I did get .07" of rain today, just enough to make it brutally humid afterwards!
  7. I havent had any luck finding these palms!! Man i want one so bad.
  8. Chatta

    My mom and I's Garden

    Wasn't expecting this from the Hetereospathe Phillipensis, this is likely going to be a showpiece palm, I hope it can survive my winters. I left it out this past winter and it did not show any damage at 34F
  9. Mr. Coconut Palm

    Dwarf Fiji Coconut

    They are a beautiful variety.
  10. Eric 69

    Majesty Palm east facing window

    Ok that's great ty. I saw somewhere that fronds could burn in front of windows but didn't know if east facing counted. Trying to get in the habit of asking questions before learning the hard way for a change. Thanks for the help all, I am at peace with it lol
  11. ruskinPalms

    Rainy season

    And so often the sea breeze keeps the storms pushed inland...
  12. And a really beautiful species in their natural habitat.
  13. There have been dramatic developments here in the past few hours since my last post. Thursley common, exactly 3 miles southwest of me, has caught alight this evening and is currently being burned to the ground. The fire has spread quickly and there are reports it has already destroyed 60 acres. The photos coming out of Thursley are truly devastating, as a local myself who has visited this piece of land on many occasions to walk my dog, I am absolutely devastated. It has a fantastic bird habitat and famous ancient woodlands where many movies have been filmed, including James Bond and Wonder Woman. If what I am hearing is correct, these areas have been completely incinerated. Including the bird habitat. Just a few hours ago in my previous post, I said that Surrey hasn't really been affected by the wildfires yet. Then within the space of 2 hours it has suddenly arrived on my doorstep. Thursley is about 5 minutes from my house by car. Most haunting of all is that there has been a thick smell of smoke in the air here since about 6pm. I have only seen a few bellows of smoke on the horizon, but I can certainly smell it. It's like a thick wood smoke smell. Helicopters have been going back and forth dropping water this evening. There are also two other new fires in Surrey tonight at Reigate Heath and Horsell common. Fire season is well and truly a thing around here now. Unfortunately a snake didn't make it... Helicopters going back and forth overhead... This is literally 5 minutes down the road from me. There are already signs around Thursley indicating 'high' fire risk. No doubt someone out there still lit a BBQ, or flicked a lit cigarette. The signs will almost certainly be upgraded to 'extreme' risk now, across Surrey. I am surrounded by woodland and moors. It almost feels like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off now... I am also extremely grateful to all those firefighters helping to battle the fires to save our communities, heath lands and forests. Fire crews from the neighbouring counties of Hampshire and West Sussex have both come to help the Surrey firefighters. It has been going for about 8 hours now but it is supposedly 'under control' now. I am also hearing that about 100 people have been evacuated from their houses by police. Hopefully those people and their houses are okay. UPDATE - the fire is NOT under control and another 400 people are being evacuated due to it spreading. Videos taken around midnight tonight show the fire still raging out of control. Not sure what to expect come morning. It has been burning for 8+ hours now. There's more helicopters going over now than there was 2-3 hours ago. I just can't believe how strong the smell of smoke is here even and I am about 3-4 miles away. @sipalms If you do have family in Farnham or Guildford or wherever, they will know about this. Hopefully this doesn't spread in the direction of Guildford. Either way a lot of damage is already done to Thursley.
  14. A pic of the Millstream Alfredii's in 2012
  15. Tracy

    Cycad cones and flushes

    And a sideways belch on the Encephalartos arenarius x woodii. This side sprout emerged last year from where it coned the prior year. 3 male cones that year but only one of the spots did this last year, although at least one of the other two looks like it may create another side growth this year. Another big pup on the backside, adjacent to where I removed a large 10"-12" pup a couple of years ago.
  16. Tracy

    Cycad cones and flushes

    Hoping for a double burp on my E lehmanii, but only a "little" belch thus far. The main caudex got set back with the late April rains which caused it to ooze a bunch of starch. It's cleaned up now, but probably reloading a bit before bursting out.
  17. I couldn't believe that Sydney and Wollongong botanical gardens didn't have them in their collection,so I donated a few of them. Livistona alfredii
  18. ruskinPalms

    Dwarf Fiji Coconut

    Wow! I never knew any varieties made coconuts that low to the ground. Pretty cool
  19. Rasta Rob

    Majesty Palm east facing window

    Lol they will burn outside in direct light but you are fine if you want to see a lot of burned palms come visit me. That aside your all good. If you put it outside it needs to be acclimated slowly into full sun. If you want to learn about indoor palm care In Ontario. Check out my YouTube channel southern Ontario palms and tropicals
  20. Rasta Rob

    Mushrooms growing with Foxtail Palm

    Congrats on the awesome palm! No need to touch it
  21. Rasta Rob

    Foxtail Palm concern

    I wouldn’t paint on it. Maybe spray it with some hydrogen. Peroxide and keep that area dry afterwards
  22. RPS has just listed a new (hopefully fresh) batch of seeds for these Australian palms this month, which is a beautiful species and very rare to find either in private collections or botanical gardens, but not in the wild: https://www.rarepalmseeds.com/hydriastele-ramsayi
  23. I believe the Seychelles have clamped down on removal of double coconut material from their islands for a number of years. It is virtually impossible to obtain a viable seed by casual palm lovers like us. I distinctly remember RPS sold them when I joined IPS in 2008 but that stopped soon after. Later, RPS sold empty husks of double coconut seeds for $$$. That practice ended some years back. I don't expect to see seeds for sale anytime in my lifetime. If you are young and save up a fortune, maybe you will get lucky before you die. I've wanted to obtain Livistona humilis and inermis for years but my quest has been fruitless. My research tells me inermis likely will hate my FL climate, go into a swivet and croak. Maybe I should take heed.
  24. This is my current favorite tree. I mean Cycas. It looks like something in the Thouarsii/Rumphii/Circinalis group, but I am not sure what type. I was just out on a bike ride and spotted it at a random house down near Maitland, FL. They had a couple of other big cycads in the front yard too, but this one is easily 10' crown height.
  25. Mike Evans

    Why Knot

    I have been watching this Sabal grow, after it fell over, the last few decades along the Silver River in FL (Silver Springs). It has finally made a complete Knot. That is our local FL Cormorant sitting on the trunk waiting for some fish. Just some Covid house arrest humor.
  26. SouthernPalmLover

    Please help id these palms.

    Thanks here’s my collection start! I have a pindo and 4 banana tree so far.
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