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  2. FMG

    Freezing rain Texas

    We don’t have to turn this thread into a debate on global warming. The point is existing “science” on climate change and projections relating thereto have been laughably wrong for 50 years. Moving the goalposts and talking about “change” instead of warming and ambiguous and unprovable metrics like “more extreme weather” does not change that fact. Quote
  3. Hortulanus


    This always depends on the overall weather patterns. I don't think that you're going to get -8°C just because there is some -1°C in 2 weeks. Here frost is not even on the chart in the overall trend doesn't suggest it, so I would stay calm. You just have to always be aware that anything still can happen in February in general.
  4. FMG

    Freezing rain Texas

    We don’t have to turn this thread into a debate on global warming. The point is existing “science” on climate change and projections relating thereto have been laughably wrong for 50 years. Moving the goalposts and talking about “change” instead of warming and ambiguous and unprovable metrics like “more extreme weather” does not change that fact.
  5. SubTropicRay

    Florida Winter 2022-2023

    The Arctic Oscillation looks to be neutral to positive so above normal temps are more likely. See what the dip in mid December did to us? Negative AO is a bad, bad thing.
  6. MarcusH

    Mulch or Rocks at the trunk/base of your palm tree

    I like both as well however I choose mulch for a few reasons in my area. We do get freezes in winter (high 8b) down to 15F sometimes and rocks would hold cold temperatures a lot longer , the same with hot temperatures. It isn't perfectly balanced it goes from one extreme to the other. Mulch is just in between it also gives the soil ( none colored) the right nutrients. There's nothing wrong with rocks at all just have different benefits to it.
  7. UK_Palms

    Freezing rain Texas

    Careful. You are opening up a can of worms here. I also didn't realise you could fit so much stupidity into just two sentences. Like you cannot definitively say that there is no climate change or global warming taking place. There is plenty of evidence to show that things are warming up, especially during summer, while I agree that there is also conflicting evidence to suggest cold outbreaks are becoming more severe. I understand the argument from both sides. However the overall picture is that things are gradually warming still, if you look at everything evenly and don't just cherry pick the odd freeze here and there, or a particular station/location that just happens to be cooler than most others. At the very least, you should keep an open mind about it. Deciding that something just doesn't exist the way you have is moronic. 8 of the top 10 hottest days on record in the UK have occurred since 2003 in records going back to the 1600's. Before the year 2003, it had never even reached 100F in the UK. Since then, 4 separate summers have reached 100F, with some even seeing consecutive days above 100F. Last summer reached 105F. So there is clearly evidence of things warming up, at least over here. Winters aren't anywhere near as severe either. You have probably had a decade or two of very mild winters where you are and now that 1-2 abnormally cold ones have finally come along, you are reading into it too much and saying climate change isn't real. Whereas you need to look at the bigger picture. There weren't 30+ footer CIDP's and Washingtonia in London during the 1970's. Just saying...
  8. MarcusH

    Freezing rain Texas

    I also assume that us palm tree lovers get too comfortable with a few decades of mild winters thinking this will continue but this decade 2020s reminds us that it still can get cold just enough to take out a lot of palms that shouldn't be planted in our regions. For long term survival plant something that can handle a cold hardiness zone lower because you never know . There's nothing wrong with zone pushing in your yard but it hurts me when I see our city or businesses planting the same palms that mostly died in February 2021 again. Don't push a zone if no one is going to protect it. Washingtonia robusta is not a great choice for SoCen Texas. I'm pushing an entire zone with my Queen palm but at least they aren't hard to protect no thorns to deal with unlike Washies that wants to cut open my arms each time I have my hands between the fronds.
  9. realarch

    Why not grow orchids?

    In bloom again. Tim
  10. Today
  11. FMG

    Freezing rain Texas

    Correct, there is currently no global warming. Anyone who says they can predict long term climate either way when we cannot even forecast 24 hours into the future should be dismissed out of hand.
  12. franco toms

    Ravenea rivularis

    Io ne ho comperata una oggi e domani la pianto. E un po freddo a roma questi giorni
  13. SubTropicRay

    Bromeliad questions

    In Florida, native Cricket Frogs, Cuban Tree frogs and other native frogs frequently live inside the bromeliad tanks. This significantly reduces the mosquito larvae but the hysteria is overblown anyway. Remember the Zika virus? 🙄 Municipalities began wiping out bromeliad landscaping throughout south Florida because of the fear Zika spreading mosquitos were breeding in bromeliads. I suspect the PR Coqui now well established in Hawaii love living in bromeliad tanks. I tell people if you don't have your own mosquitos, your neighbors' mosquitoes will invade. There's nothing worse than your neighbors' mosquitoes 🤣
  14. MarcusH

    Freezing rain Texas

    There's no accurate model that can predict future climates for our regions or globally and how it has an impact. There's no thermostat where we can change the temperature not even NWS can't predict an accurate hurricane season in fact their predictions were off big time last hurricane season with only a couple of major hurricanes and a few other storms in the Gulf and Atlantic regions . What we know is that we're still coming out of the ice age and growing cities definitely increases local temperatures. I'm not concerned about sea level rising or so called point of no return to fight climate change. So far mother earth knows how to heal itself and what we see on the news is just a mismanagement of humans building homes in regions that should be left alone. Also I want to mention that cold hardiness zones are average temperatures within 30 years which means you can still experience one or two zones lower in winter. There's no guarantee.
  15. PalmatierMeg

    Yike what happened in Lake Forest CA?

    Wow! That’s a lot of damage for 60-mph gusts. Definitely not a a tree suited to FL. Is the ground saturated from all the rain earlier in Jan.?
  16. PalmatierMeg

    Backyard Microclimates

    All of the above. Get a house with major planting area facing south so you get maximum sun benefit in winter. Position canopy on the north side of the property to block north winds. Know what you can probably grow in the ground: Sabal minor, which comes in dizzying variations, and needle palms. I can’t grow Trachycarpus but maybe someone else can advise you on possibilities for them. You may still be required to protect even those in zone 6b so start researching protection options.
  17. After growing bromeliads for years, I did not know the central cup was called the ‘tank.’ Learn something new everyday. I’ve never cleaned out the tanks as abundant rainfall to does that for us. Also, I agree with Darolds comment about the collection of organic nutrient material in the litter catching design. Trying to control mosquitos is pointless. Tim
  18. PalmatierMeg

    S.Romanzoffiana can’t wait to be outside zone 2

    Will it ever get a chance to go out in zone 2? Looks happy where it’s at.
  19. PalmatierMeg

    Rhapis and Livistona

    They look great.
  20. PalmatierMeg

    Sabal Brazoria

    So, where are you? If you can provide a Sabal with lots of sun, high heat and regular water most of the year you have a reasonable chance of growing one if you invest the time and effort and study. Growing palms is no joke, however.
  21. MarcusH

    Freezing rain Texas

    The Appalachian ,state's narrow landmass ,the Gulf and Atlantic definitely helps to keep severe freezes away from Florida except NW FL doesn't get that much of those benefits. Here in Texas we only have the Gulf that kind of helps sometimes but isn't strong enough to keep us away from severe freezes in winter. Take a look at South Padre Island and Tampa. Almost same latitude just by less than 2 degrees off sharing the same hardiness zone 9b/10a but SPI experiences more severe cold fronts than Tampa. The geographical location surrounded by water ,narrow landmass and the Appalachian mountain range definitely benefits Florida a lot more than us in Texas .
  22. Palms and Pines

    Deodar Cedar in Florida

    Also does anyone know what happened to the deodars at hogwarts castle at universal island of adventure in Orlando? I’ve never been there but I used to admire them on the videos I’ve seen. On google earth it looks like they have mostly been replaced with Arizona cypress, but in some other areas of the park they are still present. These were the ‘patti faye‘ cultivar from my understanding. Good chance they outright died but I also think they may have just Replaced them due to them being scraggly.
  23. This is my deodar cedar, I’ve had it in the ground since august 2021, it’s a little scraggly but over all it has been doing OK so far for a plant that’s not adapted to this climate. Has anyone else tried one of these in Florida? I don’t recall seeing one at Leu.
  24. bradontessy

    Oklahoma Mexican Fan palm

  25. bradontessy

    Oklahoma Mexican Fan palm

    i want to get to know so that you introduce me to palm very well
  26. WattsZ

    Cincinnati hardy palms post arctic blast

    getting some high teens and mid 20s here in okla right now... suppose to be back up to 32-33* tomorrow and the next 8 days looks pretty good 30-40s for lows and upper 50-60s during the day. Ready for spring myself.
  27. Foxpalms

    What is your current yard temperature?

    The high today was 55f/12.7c in London with 55% humidity. Calm winds with sun and clouds all day.
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