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  2. Not sure to be honest. I got it from a member here who lives in SE NC. Does not have a trunk yet so it's more than hardy for the time being.
  3. Max974

    Fresh Dypsis lanceolata seeds wanted

    I'll have them available in about 2 months. Max 974
  4. jwitt

    Phoenix Roebelenii x Dactylifera hardiness

    Couple points about that event at this locale at nearly 4000' elevation: You are correct this Palm missed the "North" winds. You see, the "real" cold here comes from the east as it did in this event. So this Palm was fully exposed to the wind . That wind was a constant 20-30 mph during that -5f as evidenced by the weather station a couple blocks away(NMSU). The records indicate the relative humidity during that -5f was between 80-90% . This was preceded by rain, then snow, followed by the Arctic event without the crown drying. That being said, -5F degree air is extremely dry anywhere in the world regardless of humidity. That is the property of air. Winter Solar isolation in this region is the highest anywhere in the US. That is why a P. Dac is shown to survive in a 8a climate. No P. Rob in this region. Here are some robusta that survived that same event a couple blocks away. Some did die, probably less than 10% at this location.
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  6. WaianaeCrider

    Head Count

    Yea my palms are all planted about 6-10 feet apart. No need to cram till I fill the wide open spaces. LOL Hope I live long enough to "fill" my two acres. To bad I goofed off for about 10 years or I'd be alot farther along in collecting. With 320 on 1/4 acre you must have a nice jungle.
  7. Jim in Los Altos

    Head Count

    You’ve got a LOT of room for more species. I’m on a measly 1/4 acre and house, pond, and hardscaping have to share space with 135 palm species and about 320 palms total. It’s crowded in places indeed but I love the rain forest/jungle feel. That said, when species like Caryota die out, they don’t need to be replaced.
  8. Jim in Los Altos

    Fan palm Id help

    Yeah, I missed that in the photos. B. nitida has very smooth petioles for sure.
  9. WaianaeCrider

    Head Count

    Did a mental hike around the garden (2 acres) and came up with this list of what's in the ground. 11 are newly planted during June and early July. That's a total of 75 different palms. There are a number of more that one planting of the same palm. Still lots of room for more. Just need to clear some more areas and check amount of shade for new plantings. Then there is the problem of enough money to buy more and more and more. LOL There are still about 8 more in the shade house waiting for enough energy to dig holes. LOL Adonidia merrillii Areca catechu Arenga engleri Arenga micrantha Arenga microcarpa Arenga pinnata Attalea cohune Butia yatay Calyptrocalyx hollrungii Caryota mitis Chamaedorea elegans Chamaedorea ernesti-augusti Chamaedorea geonomiformis Chamaedorea metallica Chamaedorea seifrizii Coccothrinax barbadensis Coccothrinax crinita Coccothrinax miraguama Copernicia alba Copernicia baileyana Cyrtostachys renda Dictyosperma album Dypsis cabadae Dypsis lanceolata Dypsis leptocheilos Dypsis lutescens Dypsis pembana Euterpe sp "Orange Crownshaft" Gaussia maya Howea forsteriana Hyophorbe indica Hyophorbe lagenicaulis Hyophorbe verschaffeltii Hyphaene coriacea Jubaeopsis caffra Licuala grandis Licuala spinosa Livistona chinensis Livistona mariae Lytocaryum weddellianum Phoenix dactylifera Phoenix roebelenii Phytelephas macrocarpa Pinanga coronata Pinanga maculata Pritchardia arecina Pritchardia beccariana Pritchardia martii Pritchardia minor Pritchardia munroi Pritchardia remota Pritchardia schattaueri Pseudophoenix ekmanii Pseudophoenix sargentii Pseudophoenix vinifera Ptychosperma cuneatum Ptychosperma macarthurii Ravenea hildebrandtii Roystonea oleracea Roystonea regia Sabal mexicana Sabal minor Sabal palmetto Sabal rosei Sabal uresana ? Syagrus amara Syagrus botryophora Syagrus coronata Syagrus romanzoffiana Syagrus sancona Thrinax radiata Veitchia arecina Veitchia joannis Welfia Regia Wodyetia bifurcata
  10. James760

    Canary Leaf Opening

    Seems like your soils similar to mine. I bet it'll start thriving soon! I planted my canary last year. It was in a 24" box, pretty big & heavy. Anyways I disturbed the roots quite a bit. I struggled alot since I did it by myself & it hasn't grown in a year! Its still green though. I got back from work yesterday & I think it has actually started to grow! I'm going to mark it make sure. If I know anything about canary's is that they sure know how to throw a tantrum when their roots are disturbed
  11. RedRabbit

    Calling all Florida Residents

    Have you tried getting an elevation certificate? I believe that trumps a flood map so if you're really high enough you can avoid paying for flood insurance.
  12. RedRabbit

    Calling all Florida Residents

    @Dartolution Regarding Pine Island, I'm not familiar with it enough to give a good answer. I'll defer to @PalmatierMeg or @Palmaceae who live/lived nearby. Realistically if you want acreage in South Florida then Pine Island is one of the only options that's affordable. The Lake Okeechobee area is the other spot but its not safe.
  13. Chester B

    Sabal minor ID

    Glad to help
  14. NOT A TA

    Calling all Florida Residents

    Couple things I'll comment on you mentioned. Crime is everywhere in E S FL. Certainly worse in certain sections. The biggest problem is that the people who have, live too close to the have not's. That's why gated HOA's with 10' walls have become so popular. The crime rate inside gated communities is much lower. I didn't want to live in a HOA and lost my life savings moving here because of crime (long sad story). If I'd known then what I know now I'd have done things differently. The palms you mentioned are extremely easy to grow here in S FL and in everyone's yard so you probably wouldn't be as inclined to grow them since you can just look at everyone else's. Sabal palmetto are weeds and grow everywhere. Hurricanes can really wreck havoc. I just settled with insurance from Irma tearing up the roof on my home. Took almost 3 years. Wilma in '05 tore up the area pretty badly and I lost some nice palms. I'm near a substation on a main line and we have underground utilities for each home so I was only without power 3 days for Wilma and not at all for Irma but just a block or two away they didn't have power for over a month. When I bought my home I was required to buy flood insurance. I looked at the topography maps for the area and said it shouldn't be a requirement for my elevation with the canal system (I'm on a big canal). Since then they have redone the flood maps and I'm no longer required..... AFTER spending over $10,000.00 on insurance required by the mortgage holder over the years. On the East coast the weather is distinctly different below Palm beach. We can grow things here that die a short distance North of here.
  15. Patrick

    Fan palm Id help

    elegans doesn't have tomentum like that...
  16. gtsteve

    Potted Lytocaryum pest identification

    Mate, just a suggestion that may help you to identify those buggers, Shiver may be right but you may need to kill one, spray it with something, then use whatever magnification you have, Loupe? just to make sure. Some beneficial bugs resemble destructive ones, as I am sure that you know, so you/we really need a pic of your specific one but not one that looks like it. Not that I can help you even then. What I think that you need is a close up pic of the bug, that is the first step, then you could probably identify it on line as quickly as anyone else on here. I hope that this helps you.
  17. tim_brissy_13

    Fan palm Id help

    B nitida /calcarea is unarmed Jim but I agree the colour action looks similar.
  18. NickJames

    Calling all Florida Residents

    With what you’re saying, you may be able to consider North Florida. The chance of a Landfalling hurricane is virtual Zero. In fact, there are no records of a landfalling hurricane in Duval County. I see my dear friend @shminbabe has joined us. Perhaps she could post some photos of her native landscape in the Atlantic Beach area. You should see the native sabals she has. They must be at least 100 years old. If you could find a lot like hers, you would be all set. There are lots in her area that you could get for a fairly low price. North Florida is not expensive compared to further south. edited to say: she has a VERY protected microclimate in north Florida. She has not had a freeze since 2010.
  19. John hovancsek

    Palm ID ? Everyone loves this type of post!!!!

    I ran out in the rain for a quick pic
  20. Im not exactly sure where it will be planted if it gets planted because it will be a gift to a family member. She freaked when she saw her first "palm", it was a sago. Sabal palmetto would be a big treat for her! If i had a general area that she would plant it, it would likely go on the northern side as her house faces north. Plenty of canopy, and with the house being so old, it would release a decent amount of heat. Pine needle will be a recomendation aswell as the pot for extreme cold or big snow events.
  21. kinzyjr

    Calling all Florida Residents

    Question: This mentioning of freezes repeatedly is concerning. I would not expect zones 10a/10b to experience freezes that often. Do they? Answer: The only area that is entirely free of freezes is the Keys. All-time lows for Key Largo (35) and Key West (41) are the only ones I have found above 32. Some weather records for Marathon show an all-time low of 28F. How often does it freeze in 10a? Well, the weather records for Orlando over the last 30 and 50 years put it in zone 10a. Downtown Orlando has also gone to or below freezing 9 times from 2000-current. For a more protected "official" 10a climate, look at Titusville in the NOW data. They've gone to or below freezing 11 times. 10b is a little different. Miami Beach did hit 32F in 1989, but the average low actually puts it in zone 11a at this point. This issue with going purely by zone assignments is they are averages. You could get 30F + frost every year and still get a zone 10 rating. Best thing to do is look at weather data. You can look at the NOW data from NWS/NOAA here: https://w2.weather.gov/climate/xmacis.php?wfo=mfl Question: Why would I be concerned about flooding? This would depend entirely on the property chosen, and the house built, and I am far from that point as of right now. Answer: Homes are expensive and you want to protect your investment. When choosing a property, just be careful. People get "taken" here all the time by a bunch of hucksters selling property they know will go underwater. There was a home in Bartow that was recently bulldozed because the lot was not properly built up from the street and surrounding properties. Each time it would rain hard, the home owners ended up with water damaging their home. Imagine being in a house like this in 2017 with Hurricane Irma roaring through. Your house has several inches of water in it and the telephone poles outside are literally cracking in three from 120MPH winds ripping hundred year old oaks out of the ground. This was their reality. Well, after the home was built it was too late to do anymore than put band-aids on a bullet wound. None of them worked and the homeowners had to relocate. Back in 2004, we had 3 hurricanes come through Polk and submerge several properties along US-27. The home owners were angry because "that will never happen" was a great sales pitch until it wasn't. From my view, I'd rather share those experiences with you than see another person repeat those mistakes. All of that said, good luck in your search.
  22. John hovancsek

    Palm ID ? Everyone loves this type of post!!!!

    Dypsis ovobonsiara for sure
  23. Matt in OC

    My Myolensis

    Not sure I’d call this a stepped trunk. A leaf fell off last night. They’re so heavy!
  24. PatientPalms

    Marcus' Huge Lemurophoenix Flowering

    This palm is a beauty!
  25. PatientPalms

    The Stunning Marcus Lemurophoenix

    Wow. Just.... Wow.
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