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  2. LivistonaFan

    New Needle Palms!

    November 28, 2021 After this year's cool summer, growth is less noticeable (although it still produced 4 leaves).
  3. Was wondering if a carpenteria palm would survive in Myakka City Florida? It looks like they are hardy in zone 10b but myakka is technically zone 9b. It is possible to push an entire zone for this palm? I don't want to have to do any kind of work to winterize the plant, such as add heaters or blankets or Christmas lights. I want to be able to plant and forget basically. I know the picabeen / Bangalow palm is more hardy and looks similar, but the carpenteria looks slightly more tropical to me. Ideally I would have a red lipstick palm or a acai palm but both of these would only grow in a actual tropical place and not Sarasota. Cheers
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  5. tim_brissy_13

    Decumbens or calcarea ?

    Are the petioles armed? I can’t see any teeth even when zooming in although it might just be the photo resolution which makes it difficult to see. If they’re not armed, it probably has to be B. ‘super silver’.
  6. howfam

    C. Macrocarpa in Atlantic Beach

    I admire your determination and perseverance in growing zone pushed palms. There are people here in Jacksonville with mature Royal palms 20 -plus years in the ground. Dr. Rossi in Hastings has done an amazing job of growing tender palms in Hastings - North Florida. The palm society meeting at his place next Saturday should be interesting to anyone wanting to grow tender palms. Keep up the good work and keep us updated on the Chambey's progress.
  7. keep it wet, especially with all these dry winds !!
  8. Collectorpalms

    DeFuniak Palm

    Here is another oddball in Hempstead,Tx. This one looks closer to Bermudana. It’s leaves are not recurved like the On this thread. I was told by Peckerwood Garden that they were planted in several location across the Deep South like along the train route or something. I am not sure why this one is leaning. My guess is that there was a tree that is no longer there.
  9. shminbabe

    C. Macrocarpa in Atlantic Beach

    Hi guys, I'm the one with the Chambeyronia Macrocarpa aka Flamethrower palm in Atlantic Beach, Fl. I planted it last April and it was grown from seed on Pine Island, FL. It is planted under a tall canopy of Magnolia and Live Oak in a maritime forest microclimate about three blocks from the coast. It is supposed to be cold-hardy to the upper 20s. I really do have a microclimate going here and yes, it IS cold early this season. We've have some nights in the 40s already. I was surprised when this gorgeous frond opened; I thought it might go dormant until Spring. But it unfurled and was gorgeous red, and that night it was cold, and the next day it was just...limp. As described. I am perplexed and concerned! So I'll try a top dressing of peat moss...and a little prayer! I also have two Spindle palms, a picabeen, and a king alexander growing here so it should be interesting. And a coconut palm b/c it was left behind all alone at Home Depot last spring. I know that one is doomed, but it's a fun experiment nonetheless.
  10. How about an update?
  11. coco305

    Most tropical looking palms for 9B?

    I would say the Bangalow palm, it is relatively cold hardy and looks pretty tropical. Also the canary island date, I guess it's not tropical and more Mediterranean but still looks exotic.
  12. I was wondering what other plants you have in your garden to accent your palms. I am thinking of having bird of paradise and white bird of paradise. as well as gardenia, and some orange trees. what are the best plants to grow underneath palms?
  13. General Sylvester D. Palm

    Make your own zone map!

    Thank you!
  14. Johnny Palmseed

    C. Macrocarpa in Atlantic Beach

    No problem but I doubt this has any long term likelihood of survival. Atlantic Beach is surrounded by water but it’s still Jacksonville. I lived there before moving to Merritt Island and did the zone pushing thing for a while. Until we got a week of temps in the teens. I lost pretty much everything and did not have anything as exotic as this. The USDA zones have been pushed northward based on average minimum temperatures but it doesn’t change the actual minimum temperature that is likely to occur on any given day. Look at what happened in Texas. It has been colder than normal for November and while I haven’t been paying attention to Jacksonville temps, we are around 50 degrees at night. 150 miles south of Atlantic Beach and it’s only November. I never saw a Chambeyronia in Jacksonville and never saw a mature one until we moved here. Of course, there are likely examples between here and Jacksonville but I think this is pushing the zone beyond what is sustainable.
  15. kinzyjr

    Make your own zone map!

    Here is the link to the search tool: https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/cdo-web/search This link will take you to the state of South Carolina stations: https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/cdo-web/datasets/GHCND/locations/FIPS:45/detail If you go to the second link, the stations have decimal numbers in them (Example in red) then they typically just collect rainfall and non-temperature data. If they don't have decimal numbers in them (Example in green), then that station potentially has temperature data. I believe there are scripts out on the internet in various languages to automate the downloads if you create a stations list, but if you only want a few, that might be overkill.
  16. JLM

    Florida Winter 2021-2022

    Forgot to check in this morning. Hit 34F for a low, coldest of the season so far, no freeze yet though. There was frost, but it wasnt much mainly due to the fact that there was a light breeze from time to time overnight.
  17. Bigfish

    DeFuniak Palm

    I don’t think it’s quite right for Brazoria. Besides, a Brazoria with that much trunk in 1994 would have probably been a good 30-50 years old or more, and I don’t think that population has been known about for that long. I suppose someone could have dug one or started seeds decades ago, but that seems a bit far-fetched. I know the seeds and inflorescences aren’t quite right for typical bermudana, but that’s not always uniform for every palm. I have seen minor inflorescences contained entirely within the leaves, as well as palmetto. There’s lots of variation within the species.
  18. MattyB

    Decumbens or calcarea ?

    Not decumbens. I doubt calcarea. Looks like armata.
  19. Elvis Cruz

    Public Park Palmetum in Peril!

    No, we don't know who is pushing for this. The various City people I've spoken say they don't know. No one wants their fingerprints on it. I'll let everyone know after the meeting on Monday evening.
  20. Hi All- I recently transplanted a large (10”+ caudex and starting to trunk) Dioon Holmgrenii and leaves have gone from upright to almost horizontal and flattening out. The plant was transplanted 6 days ago along with a few other large dioons that are looking great. Soil has plenty of pumice mixed in and I have 50+ Cycads in the yard all looking fine so I don’t believe moisture/soil is an issue. Plant is female and I know they start to flatten out when coning but I am concerned about how quickly the leaves moved from upright to flat and floppy after transplanting. Also concerned about the floppy leaves putting pressure on the caudex. Any tips are appreciated. Should I cut the bottom row of leaves off and tie up the center? They were only moved a few miles from Lakeside, CA to Santee, CA and I really want to keep this one happy.
  21. Bruce48

    Are my king palms dying? HELP!

    Flooded them through the entire summer and now they are thriving! Thanks everyone!
  22. NOT A TA

    Ravenala madagascariensis Travelers palm seed for sale

    Excellent results! Can they survive in ground where you are?
  23. General Sylvester D. Palm

    Make your own zone map!

    I forgot to ask you, how did you get that info? I have a bunch of different places in mind that I would like to see what the EXACT average lowest temp is. I know you were talking about the NOAA but I just can't seem to find anything about the NOAA and Myrtle.
  24. Yesterday
  25. I live just off of lake Brantley, in Longwood FL, about 300 yards West of the lake. There’s a few 20’+ Roystonia regia directly on the waterfront in back yards, (will get photos soon) and this coco just a few blocks away. This coco is on the NW side of the lake, not sheltered much from the main lake affect, I believe.
  26. Silas_Sancona

    Quercus garryana, advice please

    Person i know who germinates and sells Oak saplings uses 10" deep Tree Pots ( think they were 4-5" wide.. ), or Deep Pots that are 2.5" wide X 10" Deep ...and 14" 's ( 14" inches seems a bit big / too deep to me though ) Either way, will provide the space needed for the Taproot, and allow the sapling to reach adequate size before transplanting out / stepping into bigger pots. Tried 5" ( tall ) Anderson bands i have when germinating out some Bur Oak but the pots weren't deep enough. Seedlings stalled and declined pretty quickly ( our heat doesn't help of course, lol )
  27. xoRudy

    Royal palm update Arizona

    I agree with Scott above. Some make it and some don’t. The Royal I bought from @aztropic is still doing well. Grew some this summer.
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