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  2. Mimosa nuttallii might be better for western states, but Mimosa strigillosa is an excellent recommendation.
  3. Silas_Sancona

    Lunar eclipse

    Start to finish: ( also posted in the " Night Photography " thread ) No special lenses, just a good zoom.
  4. More.. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20220426-should-people-get-rid-of-their-garden-lawns
  5. How does the trunk look on this 15 gallon dwarf coconut, worth getting it or is the trunk not thick enough? It's a fiji dwarf.
  6. Will Simpson

    Sabal time :

    I had an extreme Low of 7F or 8F during that 8 day cold period , but it hit 7F or 8F at least twice . My Birmys were burnt pretty good but nothing that did more than some frond damage . It has fully filled back out so I'm expecting a decent crop this season . Will
  7. amh

    Yucca love

    Probably have to hand pollinate. Wish I could find a good how to link, but I don't seem to be successful. Basically, you take a pollen ball and insert into the stigma. A wooden shish kabob skewer might work. Also works for hybridization, just sayin'.
  8. Silas_Sancona


    We do.. though California's sunsets are often about as attention - worthy.. When the fog isn't ruining the view, lol.. That said, the humidity the marine layer provides is what allows everyone there to grow more palms/ other sun tender stuff w/ less trouble than here. Here, super dry air in the lower part of the atmosphere, and generally higher cloud base height combine to amplify how light scatters as the sun sets ..or rises.. ( need to catch a few this summer ) Dust, Smog pollution, and Smoke in the air can be as high as many spots out there on a given evening.. In FL. some of the best sunsets i saw occurred during dry spells.. when atmospheric humidity was lower - by FL standards of course.. Similar thoughts regarding sunset views when i lived in both KS and Ohio.
  9. Today
  10. BayAndroid

    Ground Covers to benefit my Palms?

    Ok, I'll look into these!
  11. Jim in Los Altos

    Floribunda Order Is Perfect As Usual

    Darold, Sacramento Koi rescue carefully removed all 250 koi and re-homed them. Many ended up in this natural pond near Sacramento. I hope the video below works. It’s fun to watch. IMG_6036.MOV
  12. Silas_Sancona

    Ground Covers to benefit my Palms?

    Nitrogen fixers? look to Legumes.. If you can find it Sunshine Mimosa, Mimosa strigulosa is an excellent ..and drought tolerant ground cover that flowers and fixes nitrogen. Tough to find, but i know there is at least one mail order nursery in FL that has sold them. Another mail order place back east may sell it as well. Unlike Creeping Fig, it won't take over, strangle other stuff, or compete for water/ fertilizer ( roots ). Battled plenty of that stuff in San Jose. Stay far away from Wedelia as well.. You'll quickly regret allowing it into your landscape. . Clover could work too for fixing N ..but it will spread, and doesn't look all that tropical. You could add in low height perennial things, which would widen the " options - list"..
  13. I totally agree with the comments about Bismarckia fronds winning! The fans are big, heavy, and do not flex. The petioles are remarkably strong and the serrated edges can rip apart nearby palms. I didn't realize that when I planted my three, so I lucked out with *most* of my nearby plantings. The Bismarckia are growing up and above other plants, and I've only had to cut off 2 or 3 fronds to prevent damage. Here's another good example of what frond wins. The petiole that's missing the fan utterly crushed a Bottle just by slowly pressing down over it as new fronds grew...
  14. Butch


    You desert folk sure do get some nice colors in your sunsets... Butch
  15. Collectorpalms

    Yucca love

    What are you using for your camera by the way if you don’t mind?
  16. Collectorpalms

    Yucca love

    Can I do anything to get seeds off my Yucca Rostrata? Or I need a moth? There is someone up there….
  17. ahosey01

    Ground Covers to benefit my Palms?

    Asian sweet potato vine (Ipomea batatas... I think...) might be able to do what you need it to do. Ficus pumila if you don't mind trimming a LOT to control it and keeping it off any wood structures you own.
  18. Merlyn

    January 2022 Florida Freeze Report

    All of my Foxtails were 6' or more, but still with skinny trunks. All were defoliated except a couple of big ones in the SW side. A triple in the back was out in the open and in the 24-26F area, it was completely defoliated and showed no signs of spear movement in ~4 months...so I yanked it and trashed it. A triple in the East side yard has one that finally opened a partial frond and two with nothing. One was stunted at 3-4' tall. It'll probably end up as a single. 27-28F with frost. A double in the NE side yard had one collapsed trunk and one that finally opened a partial frond. It's now a single. 27-28F with frost. A single in the front yard was completely defoliated, but seems to be pushing a frond. 27-28F with frost. A double and single large one in the SW corner were slightly damaged, but were near the house and also protected by nearby Viburnum, Queens, bamboo, and neighbor's 70' tall oak trees. They probably had no frost. They were about 10' from the "nursery area" that saw 27.7F minimum, so were probably in the 27-28F range. Here's the E side triple: And here's the mostly undamaged big ones in the SW side, near the nursery:
  19. Hey guys, I'm wondering if there are some good ground covers you've used that would work well in a zone 9b climate, that would benefit my palm trees (specifically some king palms). I wonder if, A they would help hold and capture moisture to keep the ground from drying out as fast (we're in a drought in CA). I'm also interested in a ground cover that might be a good nitrogen fixer and actually benefit the palms by creating a nutrient rich environment for them to thrive on. Thank you!
  20. Butch

    Lunar eclipse

    Very nice Ed... We got a couple with the Iphone... Not very good quality... Butch
  21. Crazy that Phoenix reclinata came back. Glad to see all the Brahea came back, that’s a lot of what I plan on going with .
  22. Looking Glass

    Acanthophoenix Rubra

    It looks very much like the four 1g rubras I just got. They are 40-50 inches from soil to leaf tip. The undersides of mine are a little whiteish, but it’s not that obvious at a glance.
  23. Silas_Sancona

    Learning! Potted King Palm help!

    Think you figured out how to reply.. As far as using soft water over city stuff, because many systems use salt to soften tap water, that extra salt might be an issue for plants in containers since it is more of a challenge to flush accumulated salt from the soil ..compared to plants in the ground.. Now, if you were using water off an RO system, that would be ideal for potted things.. But a good RO system isn't cheap either, lol. While the soil the nursery put the King in may be good, when the pot sits in a decorative pot w/ out any drain holes for awhile, that can cause trouble since drain holes also allow oxygen to circulate through the soil, as well. Other plants look great, though keep an eye on your Majesty.. they really aren't the most ideal indoor palm even though they're sold in every houseplant section of the big box stores.. As mentioned earlier, Howea ( Kentia Palm ) are a better choice for indoor life. Rhapis ( Lady Palms ) and some Chamaedorea species ( sometimes called " Bamboo " Palms ) can handle the low light / sometimes dry climate of indoor life a bit better. W/ Chamaedorea, you can choose between species that look like any other palm, and a couple species that have " Whale's Tail "- type of leaves and generally stay small-ish. Chamaedorea metallica being the toughest of the Whale's Tail species looks great in groups of 3 or more and will take it's time getting bigger.. Somewhat harder to find, but worth it. Lots of great growers to contact around Southern California, if interested, or just curious about other options. ..Several post here on Palm Talk fairly regularly.. Chamaedorea also do great outdoors in shade as well, especially out there.
  24. Huntington Gardens California Hybrid offspring. Likely (BxS)x(BxJ) As they are next to each other. Most Closely Resembles my coveted Patrick Jubaea x Syagrus. Major Trunk Cut. Also, Trunk damage on north side.
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