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  2. Here's a mid-April update on the freezes. I had a heavy frost on 2/4, and my new Ambient Weather datalogger had 4 zones with consistent data. The backyard orange and yellow lines are consistently 3 degrees colder than the front yard, which explains why Bottles/Spindles up front were only slightly damaged and ones in the back were completely torched. This was the heaviest frost I can recall, it really looked like it snowed. The warmest spot is my nursery area, which is close to the house and under Queen canopy. That sensor gets hit by sunlight at about 8:30AM, which is why there's an unusual spike. The front NW sensor drops out a lot due to positioning, but on other cold nights it tracks the NE sensor pretty closely. I checked calibration at room temperature and in the freezer, all were within about 0.2F of each other: For the most part the 2nd frost didn't do any additional damage, but it was the coup de grace to a few plants. Of the previously mentioned plants, basically everything with 50% burn or less is growing happily, despite our February-April drought. All the cycads are flushing except for the E. Tegulaneus. The caudex is still firm, but no sign of life at the moment. Other tropicals like Ficus Elastica, Lyrata and Benghalensis started sprouting around the beginning of May. The heliconia are all growing back, and the majority of the bananas either kept growing or sprouted offsets at the base. Only a couple of random "Zebrina" types just rotted away to nothing. Most of the transplanted tops of Hawaiian TIs are resprouting, but very slowly. An Agave Attenuata Kara's Stripes turned to mush, as well as a Potatorum "Golden Glow" and a potted Aloe "Goliath." The planted "Goliath" was unaffected. And among the palms: Hyophorbes: 100% recovery at this point, even the completely torched ones are growing or have already opened new fronds. I already transplanted one of the trunking Verschaffeltii to the front yard tropical bed, and will probably transplant the second in a week or two. The two Lagenicaulis in the backyard are probably in the worst shape. They are both growing but opening up stunted or frost-damaged fronds. : Chambeyronia: The smaller of the two is pushing a new spear with daily movement, so it'll probably recover by the middle of May. The bigger one is probably dead, it had a spear pull last week and was really rotten inside. I gave it some Banrot systemic and hydrogen peroxide regularly. I give it a 5% chance: Allagoptera Caudescens: All three are recovering, to my surprise! The biggest one took a little more damage in February, but is growing new fronds at a reasonable pace. The first full frond should open up in a few days. The frost-protected seedling looks pretty good, with only minor yellowing/spotting. The one that burnt 100% has opened up a full new leaf and is working on a second:
  3. Any more photos of that Geofforea? I think it would go here in Inland SoCal.
  4. Hi everyone - I’ve always had an immense love / hate relationship with queen palms. When they look good, they look amazing! Those real thick trunks, long dark-green graceful fronds, and full crowns look great. But when they look bad, they look BAD. Spindly, skinny irregular trunks, yellowing, overall emaciated bean pole aesthetic. I’m finally interested enough to get a small potted specimen as my project of the weekend, but I’m unsure if I’m ready to make the leap if I can’t guarantee that I don’t end up with one of those spindly, ugly-looking things. Any tips to help ensure I end up with one of the thick, tall, massive crowns that I like? I briefly recall reading somewhere on here that Florida isn’t ideal for them, and can’t recall why. Nutrients lacking? Some type of pest? Is genetic variation at play too? Is there any sort of sign I should look for in a 5-7 gal specimen that indicates it will be thicker and fuller once it’s larger?
  5. chad2468emr

    Variegated Fishtail germinated

    There’s a particularly large specimen of one of these at Lukas in Oviedo. I had no idea this species had variegated specimens until I saw it. Never been a huge fan of fish tails, but this made me second guess myself!
  6. chad2468emr

    Central Florida Palm, 1974

    I thought the same given the height. I think the blur of the photo creates the suggestion of it being something more unique than it is, but given the location odds are p. roebelenii.
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  8. chad2468emr

    Was Palmgain discontinued?

    I see it at my local big box stores constantly. Have a hard time imagining such a relatively solid and in-demand product would disappear - but I’ve transitioned to osmotic / slow release ferts anyway. Maybe this just means big box stores are doing the same and I can stop having to hunt it down at wholesale warehouses? (Yeah right )
  9. @Jim in Los Altos WOW - just.... wow. That is the dream. Someday..... haha. This exact aesthetic / arrangement is what I’ve always visualized my future yard looking like. Zero grass to fuss over, paths in stone, water features with fish, tons of tropicals filling in the gaps, everything growing in juuuuust right to where it looks like it was MEANT to be there and placed perfectly. What tips would you instill on someone hunting for a house at this point in time? (AKA ME, haha) Anything you’d wished you’d taken into consideration? Any feature / shape / structure of the base landscape you wish you’d had but didn’t? Anything you’d learned along the way as things got going that you’d wished you already knew prior?
  10. NickJames

    Was Palmgain discontinued?

    HD has turned off online stock visibility for it (I wonder why???) I can check my local store today and would be willing to ship you if you’d like. An alternative would I guess be based on your soil composition. Florida soil is naturally high in phosphorus - is Texas the same way?
  11. Darold Petty

    A villain’s lair from Miami Vice?

    The backside of your place from the adjacent street ?? I don't know, Dave, I never saw lumberjack shirts or red high top Chuck Taylors on the show ! (How about a pale blue linen jacket over a pink tee-shirt, white slacks, and white loafers with no socks ! Please skip the big gun !) w
  12. Johnny Palmseed

    Jamaican tall seedlings

    Yeah this winter was tough on some things. Certainly not Texas cold but colder than average I think. My Jamaican Talls took a similar hit. These were not from @redant but were bought from a local grower. They looked quite good until the cold hit. I even moved them to a more protected area on the side of the house. They’re starting to push out of it.
  13. Tks Jim! Stunning and my fault for going OT. Sorry.
  14. maxum2610

    Chambeyronia macrocarpa from seeds

    just some update pictures cause someone asked...The greenhouse after a very severe winter. Lots of casualties. Chambeyronia macrocarpa (and a banana blocking the view) a dead Pelagodoxa a Pelagodoxa in a bad state Pritchardias (arecina, pacifica, hillebrandii) Areca Vestiaria rhopalostylis baueri var. cheesemanii, rhopalostylis sapida oceana Johannesteijsmannia altifrons Pinanga kuhlii, large and small, Dypsis pembana Archontophoenix alexandrae
  15. Collectorpalms

    Sabal palmetto Lisa x2

    How many feet of trunk do you think it needs to flower, and how many year will that be? I am planting 2, three gallons in Texas.
  16. Arenga Engleri should be a good choice. I also like shade grown windmills,. I don't think the water would be a problem for them.
  17. Kyle, Most of the transformation from average landscape to tropical started twenty years ago and has been in constant evolution since. Here are a few shots of parts of the lansdscape. Sorry everyone that this is off topic.
  18. Collectorpalms

    2021 Freeze Damage - Texas and the Southern US

    Medium-Large Japanese blueberry near my house appears dead at 5F. Brown leaves remain on it, It was planted at Pei Wei. I really loved that tree.
  19. DoomsDave

    Central Florida Palm, 1974

    Hard to say without a good pic of the trunk etc
  20. WaianaeCrider

    Drip irrigation specifics

    I really have no idea how much water is going out. LOL I just set the time. Most get about 35 min twice a week. Total water bill is about $70 a month including house. Just me and the wife. Also NO LAWN anywhere on the two acres.
  21. Collectorpalms

    More palm or plant ideas

    The obvious choice will be Sabal Minors (shorter ones). They look good in shade and love water. Second choice would be needle palms, they wouldn’t want standing water for too long I imagine. other than palms, elephant ear family.
  22. Collectorpalms

    Kinda rare stuff for the East Coast

    Let us know how that parajubaea sunkha does. When you say back in Virginia, where were the palms growing before you put them in the ground?
  23. Those royals sure give a place that stately air. Take s guess who’s place this is?
  24. Collectorpalms

    Palmageddon Aftermath Photo Thread

    Those are certainly all Filifera. Very stout, all nearly identical in height and girth. No sway to them. Those have a lot of pseudo-Bark damage. It can also be caused by the humid climate.
  25. PricklyPearSATC

    Palmageddon Aftermath Photo Thread

    Apparently filifera has the potential to get tall: These palms are almost 100 years old. The writer in the Express News did not know whether they were filifera or robusta Apparently there were plans for removal before the freeze. Their trunks are pretty beat up.. Green-gray foliage points to filifera
  26. VA Jeff

    Kinda rare stuff for the East Coast

    I put them in the ground a month ago, but I haven't protected them for the last two years. I've had all the ones shown for so many years, I know I'll have to protect them at some point.
  27. thallo

    Was Palmgain discontinued?

    I just checked the manufacturer site and shipping costs more than the fertilizer!
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