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  2. richnorm

    Ligule flap on Burretiokentia

    Mine has the larger flaps (auricles?) but they vary from leaf to leaf.
  3. sandgroper

    Winter down under

    Still usually plenty of sunny days in winter, not especially warm but bright and sunny. Happy to take the rain though, not often I complain about that stuff.
  4. GottmitAlex

    Can I plant Coconut in my climate?

    This! Beccariophoenix alfredii.
  5. greysrigging

    Winter down under

    Haha, the times I've flown in and out of Perth in winter, irs always raining ( well I suppose as you would expect from a Med climate ).
  6. Today
  7. I removed my 5 adult washies five years ago for my coconuts. Believe it or not, washies are high maintenance palms. In my old age I don't plan on climbing washies to maintain them. Too dangerous. I prefer "self cleaning" palms. 5-6 years ago I had to prop a ladder against my washies to "clean" them... Yes, they get full of bats, rats and roaches (among other pests) if left to their own devices. As a side note, the palm in the video seems to be a Washintonia filifera.
  8. ZPalms

    Plant or Repot Filifera

    Do you have a nursery pot or pot you recommend for the size they are?
  9. Victor G.

    Can I plant Coconut in my climate?

    I'd say it's rather typical for January and February. March was definitely below average, but even so the maximum temperatures would be around 20-22°C. The place is directly by the sea, which means its temperature fluctuations are always small. For example, right now we get 33°C max and 29°C min. Athens (the closest city) is a whole different story. Its minimum temps are lower than this place (9b zone) but has significantly more days with over 20°C max. Thanks for the advice and the tip!
  10. The issue may be lighting, is the plant growing towards the sun? My figs freeze to the ground about every other year, but the growth is always vertical.
  11. I have a few blue java, a dwarf Cavendish, and a mystery variety growing in pots, but they have yet to fruit. I have a mystery variety that survived -F, unprotected in the ground and my neighbors blue java survive in the ground as well. Results are probably not typical because there was 6 to 8 inches of snow on the ground for insulation. I will be putting the potted plants into the ground this upcoming spring.
  12. amh

    How much time before winter?

    The danger of frost usually begins for me the last week of October, but I have overwintered Sabal minors outside in pots for years, only bringing them inside when temperatures would be below 14F. I don't know the true hardiness of Sabal lisa, but it should't be a big chore to protect your palms December through March.
  13. sandgroper

    Winter down under

    Perth is only around 20mm short of its wettest July ever recorded and it looks as though we'll get there. The rainfall has been incredible, usually we get lots of rain in July but also plenty of bright sunny winter days but not this winter. It'll be interesting to see how August pans out, it's great for the dams and the cockies.
  14. Try Beccariophoenox alfredii. The cold hardy coconut look alike.
  15. Trustandi

    Super cold hardy triple hybrid

    Yes, he is Dave Alvarez. He does domestic shipping and Canada as well. I drove to get mine, he lives 25mins away from me.
  16. Hi guys! I just went to Lowe's in my area. They have 50% off all outdoor palms (Trachy, Chamaerops, Washingtonia).
  17. greysrigging

    Winter down under

    Record July heat and now the BOM reckons an early 'build up' ! Yuk ! https://www.weatherzone.com.au/news/bom-nt-predicts-early-onset-of-wet-season-build-up-as-july-temperature-records-fall/534674
  18. zimm

    Couldn’t help but share

    Wait, I mean Odorata. So confusing.
  19. Looking to purchase a Cyrtostachys Renda Hybrid. Does anyone where I can purchase one? Been looking for one quite some time with no luck. I am located in PINELLAS, Florida and willing to travel to pick one up if possible. If not, shipping is also an option. Thank you
  20. JohnAndSancho

    Patio Squad

    Ok. Here's a night pic of Tiny Jungle. If I ever clean my apartment I'll do a video of the Indoor Squad.
  21. JohnAndSancho

    Patio Squad

    No pics or videos today but I did sprinkle some stinky organic fertilizer on my C. Benezeii (I think I'm gonna name that one Hulk), Queen Elizabeth, my D. Lutescens, one of my Tuckerii seedlings, and a few others. Rearranged things so I can see Spindly Bob because I dig the orange colors. It's wild to look at how much these things grow within a span of a week or 2. Hulk has started to push another new frond while still pushing a new inflourescence, Groot Jr looks like he's gonna be as tall as Dirty Sanchez and Queen Elizabeth by the end of summer, and he desperately needs a bigger pot. Maybe Sunday I'll swap pots with him and Felix, the overpotted C. Cataractarum that I was ready to chuck into the dumpster a few months ago. C. Plumosa is just going wild, still in the nursery pot - On an unrelated note, I've got a few neighbors who've decided that my patio is a great place to come have an after-work beer before the mosquitoes show up. I'm here for it. Edit: and of course there's a random thunderstorm coming since I watered everything.
  22. mike in kurtistown

    Dypsis decipiens

    OMG! Move to Hawaii! Here are a couple raised from seeds, planted out from 2-gal pots in July 2015. Orange bucket is 5-gal. The larger ones are doubles (common for this species). Full sun (cloudy, humid east Hawaii Island version). Acidic, clayey, volcanic soil with a lot of broken rock of various sizes. Over 100 inches of rain each year. Summer temps 69 to 80 deg F, winter temps 60 to 72 deg F. I just planted them and forgot about them, no problem.
  23. Frond-friend42

    Pseudophoenix sargentii at Lowe’s

    Go wife!
  24. JohnAndSancho


    This little guy came to visit me in my office the other day. He curled up on a mouse pad and I covered him up with a microfiber towel. His name is Solo and he weighs 1.8 pounds lol. So tiny.
  25. Darold Petty

    Dumb question: Did Butia capitata go away.

    Yes, the Butia common to horticulture is now B.odorata. To make it more confusing, there is a B. capitata, but it is not generally in cultivation.
  26. The Germinator

    Dypsis sp. betafaka (blue decipiens)

    Nice.......................yo quierro Taco Bell. Where did you get it?
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