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  2. Haddock

    Medjool in pot

    They look beautiful, hoping mine gets to that stage soon
  3. I'll continue to provide as much as I can, but it'll be up to the palm at this point. I just did copper last weekend, now wondering if I should do another round today. I do believe and have seen these take much worse and recover. Just looking at pictures of chillypalms for reference, and our windmills have got to be 30# so these are big boys and should be able to handle this. For reference this is how a few of them looked on the 25th. I'll take some today for progress, and will continue to document them along the way. I just walked out and looked down the top of the windmill with the spearpull yesterday and I just see nothing, just straight down, nothing. It's pretty tall at probably 4.5'-5' so I'm sure it's heart is way down there. Here's hoping it makes a recovery with the weather getting much nicer now. You can see the Texas Sabal I have, it started pushing that big brand new spear out, then the damn cold weather event came... Good news is, I think it will make it as there is a small spear that I marked right between this current one, and an established frond....
  4. John Max

    Variegated Coconut Photos!

  5. Great photos. That's incredible growth for some of those palms. Do you see palms, esp. Washies showing up in many more yards and landscapes over the years?
  6. waykoolplantz

    How Bout a 'Color' thread?

    C Renda hybrid back corner of pond
  7. palmtreesforpleasure

    Don't you just love a variegated Howea

    Hi Tyrone, You would not recognise the palm collection in Sydney either, lots of growth since your last visit, more species planted, let me know if you come over regards Colin
  8. TropicalGardenSpain

    So Cal Bentinckia Condapanna update (6 years)

    Beautiful palm! Looks very happy in that spot!
  9. Palmfarmer

    Braheas in Northern Mexico

    incredible photos! I want to do a similar trip. Would you care to share the exact locations where these groves are located on pm?
  10. I think 2011 knocked out most robustas in N Texas, we'll at least the DFW portion of N Texas. Seem to recall El Paso had 2 nights of about zero and a third night of 7 in 2011. It was a much deeper cold in El Paso, with a quicker return to sunshine.
  11. Ouch those are cold, yeah the NB airport is way out in an open field out of town. I looked at all the weather underground sites near my house and none of them dropped below 9 degrees. Ever. And I got up at 5 and 6 am to check temperatures. I actually didn't see any drop below 10, but I am sure 9 may have snuck in there at some point. I have a hard time believing if we dropped to 3, there would be zero, like none, damage to Sabals and Filifera are sprouting new green undamaged leaves like lightning already. I posted the pictures of them in the other thread, but here are examples. My large Filifera is doing the same thing already, pushing several green fronds that look really good.
  12. I know you said you think your warmer than your NWS, but they updated their temperatures.
  13. OK, I get it. I also predicted there would be mass casualties north of Austin, with few recoveries. So maybe we actually agree. I don't live in Austin or north, so my prediction is for the San Antonio area. I predict 50-70 percent of Washingtonia Robusta and Hybrids will recover (probably virtually all of moderate trunk hybrids). The official 3 coldest nights for San Antonio, taken at the airport on the north side, was 9, 12, and 13. With one other night at 19 and another at 26. Those were the 5 coldest nights. Just as a side note, my Filifera are putting out new green leaves rapidly that look absolutely great. Vibrant green with little to no damage.
  14. I am not referring to zones 9 like San Antonio to Houston and southward. We did have single digits to zero in Central not south Texas. I think you missed my point, by reverting back to you, who didn’t have it nearly as bad. Wouldn’t you agree to that? You missed my point. You are dead set on your prediction. You might be right for zone 9. But I am referring to Central and North Texas. Thanks. p.s. What is your prediction for College Station?
  15. JohnAndSancho

    Indoor seed germination question

    This is gonna sound wild, but I googled germination for a specific species and someone mentioned baggies in their truck. I don't have heat mats or anything like that but even when we're having high temps in the 50s and 60s it gets stupid hot in the cab of my truck in the daytime.
  16. JohnAndSancho

    Replace tortured Rhapis with..... what?

    Even swap with the awful knockout rose bushes from my work. I'd take care of those. I say that, but I don't think those Rhapis would like TX summers. I'd have to water them with Tecate and mulch them with brisket and shredded Cowboys jerseys until they adapted.
  17. I've looked at the data for El Paso in 2011, and a couple things are clear. 1. They got colder than Central Texas got by 4-8 degrees. 2. They also had snowfall associated with their cold (in other words it was a "wet" cold, to a certain extent), and 3. Cold lingered throughout the month. There were many single digit and teen lows in EP scattered throughout that month...probably more in total than Central TX received in 2021. These 3 facts, lead me to the conclusion, that if left alone, there will be a decent amount of Robusta recoveries in San Antonio, Houston, and possibly even Austin. Will there be deaths, sure, but I for one am expecting recoveries. I will see if I am right in about 4 months. I have predicted 50 percent plus Robusta Recover in San Antonio, possibly upwards of 70 percent. Let's see if I am right.
  18. Has anyone eaten the fruit? I think I remember people saying they tasted like a not very good date.
  19. cisco

    Medjool in pot

    I have 2 P. dactylifera 'Mazefati' seedlings.
  20. cisco

    Seedling potting mix

    My conditions in my home determine what I can put in a pot. We have a long and dark winter. The floors and windows are cold. The radiator is under the window. Without growth lights, my palms growth would be very weak. I need something that won’t hold water for too long. I started using PalMeir mix 5 years ago. The best choice ever. My palms have never grown so well. Seramis, pine bark, crushed leca gravel. I,m calling it palmumix in finnish.
  21. Palms Brisbane

    New additions from PACSOA sale

    They had lots of different Chamaedorea as well. I was very tempted with the decent sized Chamaedorea tenella.
  22. PricklyPearSATC

    Thoughts on El Paso 2011 Freeze and Central/North Texas Freeze 2021

    Almost every plant except deciduous trees were actively growing in my yard. Lantana and salvia were blooming (Well, they rarely take a break, except in summer..LOL) My plumbago were also blooming. There had not been any freezes. I think one night it might have gotten down to 30..there was no frostbite on a single plant in my yard. Usually there is something by Feb 14th. Almost everything was actively growing. I kind of think of it as "water" in the plants....when they are actively growing there is water and when it freezes it bursts. On Feb 14th, my plumbago burst open with a frozen compound. Everyone on Texas Flora FB was posting this. Days earlier Austin had the same phenomena with lantana. (I think tomatoes were already in the ground in some gardens. ) Image shows "frostweed" phenonmena on plumbago.
  23. As an avid Washie fan who has been following their growth over here in the UK for several years, I thought I better compel a photo journal showing the biggest specimens over here and their growth rates. It appears that Filifera does perform better than Robusta here, in regards to cold hardiness. There are many more mature Filifera's around than Robusta's for instance, although Washingtonia in general does good in London and the south coast of England. As you move inland however, you will only see Filifera or hybrids. I'll start with what I believe is a pure Robusta at Peter Cavendish's home in Earl's Court, London. The first photo was taken in 2014... And again in 2020... Next we move onto another very impressive specimen. A Filibusta hybrid in Wimbledon, London. This was grown from seed in I think 1997 and it looked like this 10 years ago... And this is what it looks like now... Next up is what is probably one of the biggest Washie's in the UK, certainly on the mainland at least. It is located at Minster-On-Sea, which is about 20 miles east of London. This one is almost certainly a Filibusta hybrid too. I think the trunk is a little bit too fat to be a Robusta...? Here it is in 2009... And here it is now... Many of you have also probably seen Dave Brown's Filibusta hybrid in Kent, which looked like this back in 2007. He did a few videos on it surviving snow and cold winters... Well this is what Dave's washie looks like nowadays... Robusta's or Filibusta hybrids in Richmond, London near to Kew Gardens. First picture from 2012... And then 7 years later in 2019... Another Filibusta hybrid in Little Venice, London... shown back in 2013... And then 7 years later, now... I think the one in Chelsea Physic Garden, London is also a Filibusta hybrid. Here it is roughly a decade ago... And again in 2019... Probable Filibusta hybrid in a front garden in Southsea, Portsmouth. Here it is back in 2011 looking tiny... And more recently in 2020... Now onto the Filifera's, starting with Barry's one in Edmonton, North London, which is possibly the biggest Filifera in the UK now at 30 foot tall. Here is his Filifera about 15 years ago... And this is how Barry's Filifera looks today! The other contender for the UK's biggest Filifera is the monster at Canvey Island, just east of London. It looked like this back in 2009... But now it looks like this... Here's what looks like another big Filifera growing in Chingford, Essex. First shown in 2011... And then fast forward 9 years to now... There's another decent sized Filifera in Dulwich, London as well, which looked like this in 2008... And looks like this now... There appears to be a Filifera growing in a front garden in Thorpe Bay, Essex. You can just about see it's fronds back in 2009... But it looked like this a decade later in 2019... Another big Filifera on the Isle of Dogs in East London... A Filibusta hybrid, or possibly a Filifera, in a Wimbledon back garden... Another Filifera at Battersea Park, London... Filibusta hybrids at Sandsfoot Gardens, Weymouth Growth on a London street Washie from 2014... And then fast forward to 2020... There were a number of 5-6 foot washies planted at Ventnor Botanic gardens, which looked like this after the bad winter of 2010... And this is them in recent years, a decade or so later... The Abbey Gardens at Tresco has by far the tallest Washie in the UK with a 45 foot tall Robusta... however I don't have any 'before' pictures unfortunately... Tresco's Filibusta hybrid however has gone from this in 2011... To this now... Lastly, some big Robusta's at a private facility in the Docklands in east London. This place is supposedly used for hosting business magnates. Quite a weird location to place them. Here they are shortly after planting in late 2017... And then about 6 months later... 9 months later they're looking nice and healthy. The tallest Robusta's must be about 30-35 feet tall.
  24. Yes, strongest La Niña since 2011 as well. It was record hot and dry come spring into summer.
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