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PSSC November 17, 2018 meeting

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Space. The final frontier, even (especially!) if you have a palm garden. Your palmy artistic ambition often exceeds the physical dimensions at your disposal. Most of us find ourselves, sooner or later, measuring in feet to avoid being too close to a property line, or encroaching on something else, or, heaven forbid, interfering with utility wires. We find, fall in love, then try to shoe-horn it in. If we can.

Now imagine a garden that seems divorced from such piddling concerns, with two acres of reasonably level land. A garden where its owner falls in love with, say, 60-plus foot tall Royals, and acquires them, and has the trucks, trailers and a trained, experienced crew to properly remove, haul and plant such magnificent monsters. A garden with an owner who bought a palm tree nursery to supply it. A garden that makes you forget that you just drove along teeming freeways in one of the world's largest conurbations to get there. A garden that makes first-time visitors stare in open-mouthed wonder, like I did when I first saw it about 10 years ago. A garden that lives up to its owners' sobriquet, "Lost World" and you happily lose yourself in its engulfing tropical greenery.

The garden of Pat and Jolynn Mahoney at 191 South Cobblestone Lane, Anaheim, California, in Orange County, is such a place. They own and operate West Coast Arborists, which, among much else, digs and moves large palms, and trims, trains and maintains trees all over Southern California. Mr. Mahoney grew up in Tustin, started trimming trees right out of high school and never stopped. 
Come and give your wearily over-stimulated senses some fresh exercise. Crane your neck to see the tops of the tall palms. Gaze below at koi ponds with koi like swimming Chinese lanterns. Check out the terra-cotta paths and eight waterfalls. And see, everywhere you look, plants, plants and more plants. Palms, bromeliads, philodendrons and much more. Cycads include Encephalartos altensteinii, Encephalartos ferox, Encephalartos gratus, Encephalartos horridus, Dioon mejia and Ceratozamia robusta. Palms include Roystoneas (big), Caryota and many more. Take a deep breath and smell the air that smells the way only a tropical forest can. Listen to birds chirping, co-visitors laughing and the soughing of the wind through the palm leaves. The Mahoney garden was established in 1995 and the passage of 23 years makes it better and better. 
This garden also includes a grand house, featured in an OC house and garden magazine, with, among much else, three exterior bathrooms. And lots of seating areas, all over. 
So, come and join us on November 17, 2018 at the Mahoney's Lost World, and lose yourself in it for a while. Find old friends, and find new ones. Eat some potluck food, and maybe bid on some plants at the auction. Remember why you're in California in the first place.
POTLUCK. This will be a potluck meeting. Chicken will be provided; we greatly appreciate food donations from attendees. Salads, desserts, sandwiches (cut into pieces), appetizers, eggrolls, empanadas, etc. If you love it, so will we. If it's your grandma's favorite recipe, so much the better, and we'll love it whether your grandma came from Boston, Baden-Baden, Saigon or Guadalajara. If you make it, great; if you buy and bring, great too. What's better than great food, great company and a grand palm garden? Eat, look at the palms, and be merry. 
AUCTION. There will be a plant auction at this meeting. Since the auction provides about half of the PSSC's funding we are grateful for the support of all donors. Donors can donate 100% to the PSSC (we sure love that) or 50/50. But, there are limits on time which require us - and everyone - to work together to make the most of this. Time is limited, so we try, if we can, to get a minimum of $20 per plant, or more. Accordingly: (a) the best plants are rare palms in 1 - 5 gallon pots; (b) we also accept other plants, especially cycads; and (c) we also accept palm-themed objects d'art. We will do larger palms, up to 15 gallons and larger, but they sometimes don't bring the prices donors want. Please, no common palms, such as Phoenix canariensis and robellenii, Trachycarpus fortunei, Sabals, etc. or other common plants. On the other hand, if you have something common you want to re-home, bring it, and we can use it as a raffle plant. Or, just give it to someone who will love it.
DIRECTIONS: From the west (LA, OC, etc): Exit 91 Freeway go right to Imperial Hwy (Rte 90) south. From the east (Riverside), exit 91 Freeway go left on Imperial Hwy (Rte 90) South. Everyone:  Go right on East Santa Ana Canyon Road; go left (south) on Royal Oak Road; go right (west) on E. Crescent Drive; go left (south) on South Peralta Hills Drive, which makes a right (west) elbow-bend; the garden is at Cobblestone Lane and South Peralta Hills Drive.
9:30 A.M. - PSSC Board meeting (all members welcome)
10:30 A.M. - Self-guided tours of the garden
12:00 noon - LUNCH!
1:00 P.M. - General meeting
2:00 P.M. - Auction
4:00 P.M. - Adjourn
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