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    04 August 2020 11:00 PM      06:00 AM

    This event repeats every day forever

    Featuring: Impressive display of a wide range of native and exotic palms & cycads with many unusual plants such as palms with distinctive red leaves and cycads with blue leaves. Books, posters and magazines will also be on display. There will be a massive low-cost plant sale for indoors/outdoors, full sun/shade, feature/screening, fan/tall, rare/common. A great place to indulge your gardening passion.
    Palms & cycads are the backbone of the best tropical gardens. Society members will be on hand to help you choose the right species for your own garden. Whilst just a dozen varieties of palms are commonly grown in SE Queensland, discover 41 other varieties that are equally easy to cultivate. Also, consider growing different varieties of cycads. These have interesting fronds & cones. They can be small, medium & large and are generally very hardy. Once established they are drought tolerant too. Be different to your neighbours. Lists will be provided at the show.
    Despite the recent very welcome rain, SE Queensland has only had half the normal rainfall in 2019, Show goers will get a list of 20 palms that are drought tolerant. Once established, cycads are drought tolerant too. So highly relevant.
    Cost: $3 per adult, concession cards $2. Free Parking

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