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PSSC September 15, 2018 meeting

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Dear PSSC members (AND EVERYONE ELSE), I'm pleased to announce that the September 15, 2018 meeting, potluck, and auction will be held at the home and garden of Don Tollefson, at 935 Coeur d'Alene Avenue, Venice, California, in Los Angeles County. Don is a board member of the PSSC, and has been a stalwart nut since I joined in 1993, and before. 25 years-plus!

Don's garden is on an "estate-size" lot in one of the very best climates in Southern California. Ocean nearby, out of the tsunami zone, never too hot, humidity to fool the tropicals, so much to love.

Don started his garden about 7 years ago, so there's nothing towering overhead. Yet. But there will be, and in the meantime you can see some splendid rare palms up close before you have to break your neck to gaze at their beauty. They include: Kentiopsis magnifica and oliviformis; Jubaeaopsis caffra; Rhopalistylus cheesemanii; Chambeyronea hookeri, macrocarpa, and houilu. Hyaphorbe verschaffeltii, and one of the biggest H. indica I've seen. Dictyospermum album, red form, in all of its glory. Dypsis! Some of the grandest: lanceolata (steroidal); carlsmithii; ambositrae (maturing); "Big Bubba" aka robusta; ampasindavae and nauseosa.  In addition, five "Foxy Ladies" line the frontage. There is also a Big Curly about to form trunk, a young Taj Mahal palm that is exploding. 2 Dypsis canaliculata (or so Don was told when he bought them) and an unnamed Dypsis that is thought to be D. oropedionis that I have nick named "Super Curly" because of the radical curl of its fronds.  You must see "Super Curly." It's breathtakingly marvelous.

All, or almost all, are near trunking.

This is going to be a one-garden meeting, so take the time to savor Don's garden, then stick around for the potluck and auction. And, all PSSC members are welcome to participate in the board meeting, even if you're not a board member.

AUCTION GUIDELINES: The meeting auction is an extremely important component of the PSSC's fund-raising. We get about a third of our annual funds from that each year, and the percentage has increased. We depend upon and greatly appreciate donations, whether 100% or 50%, but there are concerns and constraints. On the one hand, we appreciate support, including plant donations; on the other, time at the meetings is limited. So, in general, fewer more expensive plants are better than more, cheaper ones. Accordingly, we ask that donors provide only rare palms, exotic plants, and palm-related objects d'art which have a realistic chance of selling for at least $20. 

POTLUCK: We'll provide chicken, but we appreciate all kinds of food any attendee is willing to donate, including desserts, salads, giant buffet sandwiches, or anything else you like. We don't care if you make or buy, just bring it. If you like it, we will too!

NOT A MEMBER? You're welcome to come anyway! Share our passion, and a bit of potluck chow. Just come on by and check us out. We'd love to meet you, too!


9:30 A.M. Board meeting

10:00 A.M. Self-guided tours

11:30 A.M. Lunch

1:00 P.M. General meeting/auction

3:00 P.M. Adjourn


Directions to 935 Coeur D Alene Avenue in Venice: Coming from the San Diego Freeway (405) North or South, take the 90 freeway west until it dead ends into Lincoln Blvd. Turn right on Lincoln Boulevard. Proceed a couple miles until you come to Coeur D Alene Avenue (look for a McDonald's on the corner). Turn left onto Coeur D Alene. Go 2 blocks and look for parking on the right side of the street only. You will not miss the property once you reach it!


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Don's big Dypsis double super duper Curly





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Sounds like a great meeting, wish I could be there.  


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Gonna try to be there!!!


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Oh yeah!

Gonna bring some new and exotic Dypsis for the auction.



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    • PRA in Venice California
      By DoomsDave
      Had a nice PRA in Venice, California. At Donald Tollefson’s place and a you had best believe that a fine old time was had by all!
      Roared off this morning from La Habra in El Cocinito RojoTM, full of auction plants.

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      Thanks @Philfor setting it up!
      Hyophorbe languncaulis at second garden.

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      I went to the PSSC’s March 17, 2018 meeting in Malibu and all I got was a picture of Don Tollefson as we thundered through the Nagel garten attached to a very nice nursery.
      It was a wonderful day, and I was too agog at the sunshine, and the general happy vibe to remember to take any other pictures.
      Maybe some of you who were there did?
      Good to see you @BS Man about Palms! Did you get any pictures?

    • PSSC March 17, 2018 Meeting
      By DoomsDave
      MARCH 17, 2018 MEETING
      March 17, 2018 is Saint Patty’s Day, and it’s also time for the PSSC’s March, 2018 meeting, potluck and auction in Malibu, Los Angeles County, at two gardens that have never hosted a meeting before. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!
      This is the first time we’ve been to Malibu for about two decades. These gardens are both the long lifetime labors of love of two serious plant enthusiasts.
      The first garden is that of William (Bill) Wolhaupter, at 3515 Cross Creek Road; Malibu, California; phone is 310-456-9738. Bill’s three and a half acre garden is full of a multitude of fascinating plants, including mature palms, orchids, and many more. Parking is limited; his driveway holds about 20 vehicles; additional parking is at the Malibu Library at 23519 Civic Center Way, Malibu, CA 90265 (rides will be available). The PSSC will hold its Board meeting at 9:30 a.m. and garden viewing will start at 10:00 a.m. All are welcome to attend the Board meeting.
      The second garden is that of Hans Nagel, located at 6432 Busch Drive, Malibu, California, 90265. The phone numbers are: 310-457-0656, 310- 924-2491. This is another magnificently landscaped property, the result of a long lifetime of plant obsession. Mr. Nagel, a longtime palm enthusiast, formerly owned a nursery and took full advantage of the access to thousands of rare plants over decades.
      405 north, 
      10 west to PCH 
      go 12 miles turn right onto Cross Creek Rd.
      Tell attendant at gate you're with the Palm Society
      Directions to 2nd house from the first 15 mins away
      Cross Creek road back to PCH go right
      8.5 miles to Busch Drive go right
      house on right side
      9:30 a.m.: PSSC board meeting at the Wolhaupter garden
      10:00 a.m.: Tour Wolhaupter garden
      11:30 a.m.: Leave Wolhaupter garden go to Nagel garden
      12:00 noon: Lunch
      1:00 p.m.: General meeting announcements
      2:00 p.m.: Auction
      3:30 p.m.: Ajourn
      Potluck: Chicken will be provided, but we invite everyone to bring their own favorite dishes, whether you cook them, or buy them, if you like them we will, too! Salads, meat dishes, desserts, cookies, all are welcome.
      Auction: The auction is a major source of the PSSC’s income and we greatly appreciate all participation, as buyers, donors, or both. Donors can make 100% donation or 50%. The best plants are those in 1 – 5 gallon pots, rare palms only. Please, no Washies, Phoenix canariensis, etc. Non-palm plants are welcome, too as long as they’re rare and interesting enough to sell for $20 or more. If you have a nice piece of palmy art, we will do that as well!
    • Mass PRA in Fullerton California
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      Howdy all,
      Yesterday we had a fine mass PRA in Fullerton, Orange County California attended by a happy screaming mob of palm nuts.
      First stop was the home and garden of Bill Dickenson, a longtime PSSC board member.
      Here he's pictured standing in front of a fabled cross between a Syagrus romanzoffianum and a Syagrus (née Lytocaryum) weddellianum.