Unbelievable, Fruiting Coconut Palm in Southern California!

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11 hours ago, GottmitAlex said:

Well said. And yes, the unprotected Corona 9b coco.. the sweet irony. 

Until now, the only thing I have read which keeps cocos from growing in Socal zone 10, are the antagonistic folks "reminding" us all that cocos cannot grow in Socal.

As you aptly noted, the Corona ( freezing and snowy, 9b) coco is living proof of the opposite of the hearsay/myth. Those pontificating statements will give anyone a downer. And hence influence  folks to grow something instead of a coco or another tropical palm. I.e. bottle, dunno, A. merillii..... et al

Might as well plant some Cyrtostachys renda interspersed between the Coconuts for contrast and color. Perhaps some Vershaeffeltia splendida too for the beautiful stilt roots.

That would really show up the naysayers. :interesting: 


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      Just getting my coconut ready for the coming winter, it's a bit early to be doing anything just yet but I want to be ready for when it gets cool. I've placed four 50 litre black plastic tubs around the base of the palm which I've filled with water to act as a heat trap. These should help keep the palm warm over the cooler nights, in two of the tubs I've placed aquarium heaters set at 32c, these are very cheap to run and are thermostatically controlled so they'll only run when the water temp drops below 32c, they probably wont run during the daylight hours at all. I've also pushed six 19mm diameter metal tubes into the ground spaced at 860mm apart, this is the same size as clear polycarbonate sheeting that I'm going to cable tie to the poles. The palm is now way too big to cover but I'm hoping that this will help it fend off the coming winter as my theory is hot air rises so it should rise up through the fronds and just help a bit. I'll pick up the polycarbonate sheets next weekend and fix them in place, I'll put up a couple of pics of it completed then.

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      Hi, new poster here.  Look forward to good discussions.  Have a coconut in Orlando.  Planted it in 2015 and made it through unprotected 2 winters just fine.  Got hit by the January 2018 freeze. (6 hours below freezing, 4 hours @ 28F).  
      Protection: C7 lights around trunk wrapped in burlap and bed sheets.  Inside thermometer by trunk never got below 40F.
      Symptoms: New spears starting pushing out just a few weeks after the freeze. In March, it started showing signs of complications or stress. New fronds are wilting and some necrosis appearing. Last 2 fronds wilting in almost a "U" shape.
      Treatment: After seeing some necrosis or signed of fungus, I did a treatment of fungicide and hydrogen peroxide.
      Fertilizer: Like most others in Central Florida, I get spring stress from lack of Mn and K.  I did my normal treatment fertilizer, K, and Mn on 4/1 (I have a regular treatment 4x per year)

      1-2 weeks after freeze (2/1):

      Today (4/24)

      Today (4/24) Emerging spears looking ok

      Palm meristem seems fine.  I tug once a week and no signs of spear pulling out.  Whether it is cold damage or fertilizer, is this normal after a stress event?