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    • What do you think of my protection method?
      By pennerchris@gmail.com
      Here's how I'm attempting to protect my palms: I wrapped a couple of little filiferas in Christmas lights and attached a thermo cube. I've done this to just the trunk before and it was fine, but in my climate I can expect total defoliation every year. I'm trying to avoid that by binding the fronds and wrapping all the way to the top.
      Is there any way this will backfire on me? 

    • Who Grows Larger Sabal minor In Pots?
      By PalmTreeDude
      Who here grows larger (as in older) Sabal minor in pots? How is their growth rate? I might put a bunch in pots because I may end up moving (locally) and it would suck if I planted a bunch in the ground just to leave them in the next year. 
    • Thrinax radiata VS Leucothrinax morrisii?
      By PalmTreeDude
      Hello, I am kind of confused about the differences between the Florida Thatch Palm (Thrinax radiata) and the Key Thatch Palm (Leucothrinax morrisii). Do they both grow in the same parts of Florida or are the Key thatch Palms exclusive to just the Keys and the Florida Thatch Palms found more inland? I heard of one of them being found right along the coast in deep South Florida, but I am not sure which one that was. Also what do their seeds look like? Thank you for reading this, I am a bit confused. 
    • Fruit on Sabal minor heading into fall
      By JSKeys
      This summer I finally got two of my Sabal minors putting out fruit. All the seeds have firmed up but are still green and aren't fully ripe. Unfortunately we are in fall and while we haven't had a frost yet it won't be long. Will they ripen when we reach low temps and if not if I remove them and let them dry will they still be viable for propagation?

    • Lanai Container Garden Fall Reorganization
      By PalmatierMeg
      Days have gotten shorter and rains stopped even though the weather is unusually hot and humid. But our bi-annual cleanup and reorganization of the tropical palm container garden proceeds. We emptied the lanai of everything except my huge Areca catechu dwarf, swept up loose debris, pressure washed the concrete, then soaked it overnight in bleach water. Yesterday I returned the tropical container palms to dollies or plastic shelving units (I don't let any pots sit directly on concrete, which can conduct cold in winter or stay wet after rain). I repotted and staked palms as needed, then watered them with Merit imidacloprid powder dissolved in water. My Cham metallicas were already developing mealybugs. I still have to fertilize and spray miticide to ward off spider mites that thrive in cool, dry weather. I tie lengths of fluorescent plastic ribbons on all highly cold sensitive palms to aid IDs when I have to move them indoors on cold winter nights. A lot of work but necessary if I want to keep palms healthy.
      I took the following photos this evening.