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Sabal palmetto (Bald Head Island), Sabal palmetto (Trifton Hardy) and Sabal sp. "Birimingham" seeds

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Hi all,

I'm looking for seeds of some coldhardy Sabal palmetto provenances e.g. from Bald Head Island or Trifton Hardy.

I'm as well interested in seeds of Sabal sp. "Birmingham".

Of course I will pay a good price :).




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I have some Birmingham seeds left. Ill check and see how many. 


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Great! Thanks for checking!


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      Whenever I am somewhere where two Sabal species ranges intersect, I never seem to see any hybrids. For example, In South Carolina I will see Sabal palmetto with a bunch of Sabal minor at the base (and younger palmetto) but never see any hybrids. Do hybrids rarely happen? I would assume Sabals in habitats that intersected with one another would be a genetic mess, even though it is not really. Does anyone grow any Sabal hybrids or seen them happen? I am confused about the whole hybrid thing when it comes to palms. Sorry if this is a dumb question. 
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      So I ordered these Sabal minor seeds a long time ago and used the baggy method. The only thing was the area they were in was cool, so only one of the 5 seeds germinated so far. The ones that did not were put into a smaller community pot outside so they will be warm and hopefully I get a few more to germinate. Anyone have any Sabal minor 'Arkansas' they can share? Pictures? 

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      By Nakheel1412

      Several months ago, I bought two sabal palms from a local nursery, and still don't know what to do with them (where to plant them), since I don't know what they are ;
      Of course identifying young sabals isn't easy, but since there are some sabal experts on the forum I'm posting some pics with the hope someone might be able to help with identifying ;
      From what I understand, in Morocco there are 4 Sabal species : minor, palmetto, bermudana and mauritiiformis ; (that might help identifying?)

      First one :

      Second one :

      Any ideas ?
      Anyways, thanks in advance !
    • Possible wild S. Palmetto in New Hanover County, NC?
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      Off Ft. Fisher Boulevard (US 421) facing south near the ferry entrance.  Putting the googlemaps address since I am on mobile:
      2121-2187 S Ft Fisher Blvd
      Kure Beach, NC
      I will check this spot and compare it to satellite signatures of Bald Head Island palms once I am at a computer.

    • Closest I can grow to coryphia.
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      I’m still not sure if this is sabal causiarum or domingensis. There seems to be some confusion on which one has liguels. But none the less I love this huge Sabal. It’s finally going vertical after walking about 5 feet from its original planting spot. I planted it 7 years ago for my son (the monkey in it). It’s been a blast watching them both grow. Today he said “ I want to climb my palm” so up he went.