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Palmdom in Palm Beach - PBPCS Spring Sale '17 - Mounts Botanical Garden

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- 10:45AM - While Cathy was off doing her horse trading, Lew was in the booth describing the remaining plants to a pair of customers.


- 10:49AM - Tom and Jeff spend time talking under the society tent, discussing sales, events, meetings, the palm world in general.


- Just outside the entrance, the garden had their tent set up to collect entry donations and to pass out information about Mounts, especially about upcoming events. As usual, the next door dead D.M.V. provided plenty of event parking.


- 11:00AM - Back in the booth and with good timing, an old leaf base was removed from this 7 gal. Areca vestiaria, showing the intense orange and temporary red color. Now we would just need customers to notice.




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- 12:10PM - It was the half-way point in the day when we were visited by long time collector Justin. We regaled each other with stories of the palm sales of old.


- 12:12PM - I decided to take another walk around the garden looking for anything I missed the day before. As I crossed the sales area, I noticed veteran grower and vendor Dale Holton (brown jacket) visiting the sale.


- 12:19PM - In the forward, front corner of the garden, a Cassia bakeriana was in full flower.


- The entire tree was in bloom. This shot was from directly beneath the crown.




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- 12:23PM - I meandered my way through the rainforest-like corner of the garden when I heard sounds of a crowd gathering up front near one of the conference rooms. I made my way back up front to see what was going on when I stopped to photograph the statues along the way.


- This one is always a favorite among certain vendors and palm people...


- 12:27PM - When I made it to the garden entrance proper, a crowd was forming to see a performance of some sort. It was at this moment I noticed the sweet aroma of BBQ wafting my way from the sales area. I decided to follow my nose back.


- 12:28PM - I made it back to find the society BBQ lunch under way. On a grill set up in the holding area, society members were cooking and serving lunch to vendors, etc.




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- 12:28PM - This was a first for the society, at least in my memory, to provide a nice lunch for vendors and staff on Sunday. This is a reminder of the Society's usual summer or early fall picnic/BBQ event that is held at a unique location each year. Check the society website for more info. The menu today included burgers, hotdogs, and some very good sausage along with the standard picnic fare.


- Smokey goodness. I had my fill and then some. They kept making food and there was a lot to go around.


- 12:48PM - Jeff certainly enjoyed it, almost cleaned his plate.


- 1:39PM - After lunch, vendors started to discuss the procedure of getting trucks and vehicles into the sales area for packing up. With ten vendors it still required a bit of management. We were surprised by the visit of vendor Steve Stern (on the left in yellow) who wasn't able to sell at this sale.




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- 1:59PM - Travis and I took off to walk the garden once again, mostly to burn off lunch. A flower of the popular Mouse-Trap Tree, Uncarina grandidieri, before turning into one of those oh so popular spiny seedpods.


- 2:03PM - The central fountain in the herb and edible plant area.


- 2:06PM - The fun to grow and always interesting Angel's Trumpet, Brugmansia sp. Make sure you don't smoke it.


- 2:07PM - "No, you can't eat it." Travis takes a closer look at a pod belonging to the Sausage Tree, Kigelia africana, and wonders what he could do with it.




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- 2:10PM - A group of well-grown Kentiopsis oliviformis formed a line of sentries along the edge of the garden property. After being turned back by closed-off sections of the garden, we returned to the sales area to start striking the booth.


- 2:19PM - There was about forty minutes left in the sale, as vendors still entertained customers while they began taking their booths apart. The society tent began to slowly start packing up as customers paid for their new plants.


- One more shot of MB Palm's booth on the way back to start packing. We had a lot of cards to grab before we could start moving plants around. We spent the last minutes of the sale talking palms with people and getting the booth ready for the truck and trailer.


The Spring Palm Beach Sale was a resounding success. Saturday morning was a fun time for all who attended and I could not remember a society sale that busy in a while. I think their next event is their picnic, but I am not sure when and where that will be, as of now there isn't anything on their website. They have their meetings on the first Wednesday of each month, just yesterday was their last one, again check the website for more information.




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      - 7:59AM - We reached the gate and everyone took their positions as Jeff turned the golf cart around...

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