Young Needle Palm Hardiness

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On 2/22/2017, 4:55:09, Laaz said:

I cut the pups & root them all the time. I have never sealed or did anything to the truck & they don't miss a beat.



Do you wait for the suckers to get a particular size before cutting them (to maximize survival)?  I've got one I'd like to trim at some point.

Around here Home depot and Walmart sell the ~2g blue pot palms....but strangely Lowes does not.  At Walmart they hit 50% off at some point in the fall but sell out fast (only got one on sale last year).  Home Depot never discounts them, even if they're dying - unfortunate because they've got the better selection.


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    • Moving the Needle (Palm)
      By DoomsDave
      Below is a portrait of one of my needle palms, and it's not really happy in that spot. It's hard to give it the water it needs. Note the Shoe for scale, 12.5" 32 cm long.
      It's been there for a year or two; anyone have experience moving these? I plan to put it in a shadier spot near a couple others and with a lot more water.

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      If i were to plant these in the ground right now, which gives them all summer to grow, would they make it through our Virginia zone 7a/7b Winter?
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      By Bigfish
      I found a small population of Rhapidophyllum hystrix last month in Georgia that I found interesting and worth mentioning.  
      The female palms there all had below-ground trunks (like Sabal minor), except for a pair of most likely very old palms that had about a foot of above-ground trunk.  They were reproducing adults, and I estimate that they were all well over ten years old (maybe quite a bit older).  There were very few pups per plant (typically 2-3, but as many as 4-5), and the pups were a greater distance than normal from the mother trunk.  The petioles were several feet long, and the palms had a more open appearance than a typical Needle Palm.  
      It should be noted that these palms were not very far away from a "normal" population, probably less than 50 yards.  I'm very curious as to why the trunks don't emerge from the ground.  As mentioned, there was a female palm with two trunks that each had about a foot of above-ground trunk (for some reason, I neglected to photograph this palm), so apparently with great age the trunks do emerge.  I'm sure that the amount of shade does not play a role, but I can't rule out soil playing a role.  Then again, it could just be genetics!  I did collect seeds, but it will be years before it can be determined if the below-ground trait is passed on genetically.
      There were several males in the vicinity, and one old male (pictured) had several feet of trunk above ground.  
      Onto the pictures!
      Palm #1, with 4-5 trunks.  Palm #2 is the last picture.

    • Why is my needle palm dying?
      By faceyourfaces
      In July I bought two needle palms from a guy selling them on eBay. One of them was clearly in worse condition than the other and it went into rapid decline in September. Today I was able to pull the most recent frond out of it and confirm that it's now completely dead. However, the other palm appeared to be in great condition and showed no bad signs until last month and now it is going into rapid decline like the other palm. The oldest fronds are dying one by one and all of them have dried up quickly. 
      The palm on September 29 vs. the palm on November 23:

      The guy who sold it to me said he would send me a new needle palm in the spring to replace the one that already died. However, I would like to know why this palm is dying and if there is anything I can do to save it from imminent death. I know that it cannot be completely due to cold weather because the daily lows are still above freezing and I have 5 much younger needle palms in the ground that appear to be in perfect condition. 
    • Can someone please recommend about these issues?
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      Good morning all. Im new to the forum and looking for help about 2 different palm issues Im having. First I have a Sabal Palm (I think it is Sabal) that some of the new growth always shows burned- see attached pictures. What can I do about this?
      My second issue is about the seeds of a needle palm ( see attachment)  Is this the correct size?  For the padt 3 years I get thounsands of seeds  but very small and always turn into this dark brown color.  The palm itself it is very healthy, with very green fronds.
      thanks in advance for your comments or suggestions