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    • Sabal minor Emerald Isle Giant w/seeds: any interest?
      By PalmatierMeg
      About 4-5 years ago I got this Sabal minor from Plant Delights in NC. S. minor Emerald Isle Giant is a variant of Sabal minor whose ancestors were rescued from a construction site near Emerald Isle, NC. It is notable for growing very large (up to 7' tall and 10' wide) with exceptionally blue 5' wide leaves. It is slow growing even compared to other Sabals. My mother palm is flowering and setting lots of seeds. Is there any interest for germinating and growing this palm on the forum? If so, I will clean them when ripe and post them for for sale. This is a very beautiful Sabal and quite cold hardy (see photos below). The rescued ancestors have been growing in Raleigh, NC.
      Sabal minor Emerald Isle Giant, Cape Coral, FL

    • What should I give to my Butias?
      By Nakheel1412

      All of my three Butias have opened yellowish new fronds (versus the usual darker green), and I'm pretty sure there's some mineral deficiency going on ;
      Our soil is podzolic (poor++), sandy, and clearly lacks potassium (got the classic symptoms of K deficiency on my largest W. robusta) ;

      My largest butia has been showing these signs even though I'm feeding it (sheep manure), which makes me think it is craving for potassium since its growth didn't slow down ;
      One additionnal detail : our soil is supposed to be rich in iron (reddish podzolic soil), but I can't quite tell if that's true or not ;

      What do you guys think?
      - Should I give it potassium (sulfate) ? Should I add magnesium? Does it also need iron?
      - Any indications on the rhythm of administrations to follow and the amounts to give ?
      (I have bought liquid potassium fertilizer (K₂SO₄) + solid heptahydrate magnesium sulfate (MgSO4·7H2O) )

      Btw, any advice is welcome !

      Here's some pics :

      New frond :

      A closer look :

      Thanks in advance !
    • Bloemfontein Palm Garden II
      By Marius
      A recently completed addition to my garden in Bloemfontein.  I planted three Trithrinax campestris & a Livistona decora.  I'll add ground cover etc later.
    • Bloemfontein Palm Garden
      By Marius
      My garden is situated against an East facing slope of Grant's Hill in Bloemfontein, South Africa.  Bloemfontein has hot dry summers (summer rainfall) and cold winters down to -10 degrees Celsius. My garden's microclimate is more a 9b though.  My lowest temperature this past winter was -0.9 degrees Celsius. The flat ( lower lying areas) recorded -9 degrees Celsius. 
      I moved into this house about 3 and a half years ago. The beginnings of the garden was cleaning up and eradicating alien invasive species and weeds. I started in the back and concentrated on South African indigenous plants. Now that that is settled I'm starting to add palms. The front and sides are now only starting with cleanup and planting in some areas.
      i have 33 palm species thus far.   Herewith some pictures. I'll add as the summer and the garden progresses.  
      These three pics are of the back garden planted with SA plants:

    • ID required: Syagrus?
      By Marius
      Hi Everyone
      Another mystery palm.  Can anyone please help with identifying this palm.  I suspect it is a Syagrus sp.  Coronata?  Is there a green form?