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    • Syagrus x Jubea & Butia x Lytocarium
      By Alicehunter2000
      Does anyone have these two hybrids and can you show pics? Thanks (not Jubea x Syagrus)
    • Livistona nitida trunk
      By Alicehunter2000
      This palm was tucked back into the corner of my yard behind my large S. causiarum and never got the glory it should have received. It is a really cold hardy and pretty palm. I wish I had several more planted but just didn't realize how nice they are until owning this one. Anyway here is a closeup of the trunk.,  its got a redish color and the fronds self clean nicely.

    • Sabal causarium or something else?
      By Turtlesteve
      Made an interesting observation this week.  I have three supposed Sabal causarium planted out right now...two from one source (2nd year in the ground), and a small one (about 3 gallon) planted early this spring that I got from someone else.
      We've hit about 25-26F a few times so far this winter, and the small one is 100% burned already (what a wimp!).  The other two show no damage, and took low teens last winter with light damage (this is consistent with the species when mature, so I am told).  So the 3rd palm is obviously different from the first two.  I suspect it will survive the winter since the growth point is well underground.
      So - any guesses?
      - The small palm is incorrectly identified and is actually a more cold tender species (but what)?
      - The small palm is correct, but the larger two aren't (maybe causarium x palmetto)?
      - They're all causarium, but the species varies greatly in cold hardiness?
      Attempting to identify them from photos at this size would be a futile effort.
    • Northernmost CIDP's
      By Chester B
      I've yet to visit southern Oregon, but a quick scan of google maps showed some a real nice CIDP in Gold Beach.  As far as I know these are the northern most ones in North America.  I have a feeling their range may be creeping slowly Northward.

    • Sabal minors in Central OK
      By Dave_OK
      New to the board...Wanted to share a few pics of my Sabal minors from the Oklahoma City area (Z-7A). I've got around 20 or so Minors of differing sizes in my landscape. Some are seed-grown from my largest plant and others were purchased. Most of these have been in the ground for right at three years now. I've had my largest Minor for eight years and was fortunate that it transplanted successfully at the end of 2015. These plants absolutely thrive in our Oklahoma summer heat and get through winter with very little damage here. I've had some slight burn during our coldest winter snaps (mid-single digits), but nothing worse.
      The smaller Minors are the "McCurtain" variety. They're very, very slow growing, but have been in the ground for three years after being purchased as a small strap-leafed plants. As far as I can tell, my large Minor is a "Louisiana", but I'm not 100% sure. I bought it at a local nursery and the tag didn't specify.