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    • Help with ID's
      By Josh76
      Hi all,
      Hello from London. I had a good clearout of my greenhouse this week and have some plants which I don't have ID's for. Hope some of you can help.
      This one has a label in it saying 'Sabal texana' which I'm not sure is even a recognised species. I've had a look and S. texensis is described as having green leaves but this has very grey/glaucous leaves even at a young age. It could be plain old Sabal minor I guess but perhaps it could be a S. brazoria? Probably too early to tell as I know with Sabals it's the flowers that really help with identification. I think that's a long way off though!!

    • Which palm is hardier, Palmetto or Bermudana?
      By Palm crazy
      People have tried both here and Bermudana always outlives the Palmetto in the long run. But neither is bulletproof here. Anyone else grows the sabal bermudana in z8 with some success? Have a picture?
    • Windmill troubles
      By kbob11
      I bought this bare rooted windmill a couple of weeks ago and it looked great aside from a few bent fronds. I skipped one day watering and came home to it looking awful and shriveled. The center spear is still firm but all of the fronds are looking more and more dead by the day. Is this a really bad case of transplant shock? The soil and pot are well draining and I put in some slow release palm fertilizer. Thoughts? I really hope it pulls through.

    • PNW exotic garden 8b
      By Palm crazy
      Here is Dan Hinkley's garden in WA state. The garden is close to Puget Sound and is a solid 8b garden. 7 acres of garden and nursery at his home. This garden is overwhelming with rare and unusual plants. This is just one type of garden style here.  Hope you enjoy the pics. 

    • Sunquat/Lemonquat Variegated New Branch
      By Fusca
      Here is my sunquat/lemonquat that has recently added a new branch which is variegated.  It showed virtually no damage after our ultimate low of 20º F this past January.  I grew it from seed and the mother plant showed no variegation.  Is this common?  I have had other plants purchased as variegated plants (such as Chinese privet - Ligustrum sinense 'Variegata') which often has normal new growth as they tend to revert back but I've never seen the opposite before.