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First let me apologize for posting this thread here. For some unknown reason, I cannot post in the Administrative section. Perhaps the MODS could assist in the moving of this thread.

Suggestion: Could we possibly get a feature, say adjacent to the IPS logo that could convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice-versa. Often when I am reading a post and Celsius is used, I am kinda in the dark as to the accurate temperture.

What do the members think of the suggestion? :unsure:


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Put "temperature conversion" in the search box and you will see a F to C topic and a C to F topic. Save the charts posted in those topics to your desktop, or save those links as a favorite/bookmark.


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I had the same problem in the past and like Dean wrote, I made a chart (9/5+32) and saved it as wallpaper on my notbook's desktop.

now I use the Firefox Add-on named : converter that converte many other things


High light the temperature, right click , Magic , you see that :

post-552-042789200 1327228317_thumb.jpg

always a way with Firefox



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