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Archontophoenix cunninghamiana after the freeze

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Last January I had three back to back nights/mornings when temperatures dropped into the 20s F, with my worst night dropping to 23.5 degrees in the open yard. Under tree canopy my lowest low was 28 degrees. As such, about 80 percent of my crown shaft palms were devastated, except for some, for some reason, that were located on two particular areas of my property. For some reason these palms had very little cold/frost damage.

But to my point, the A. cunninghamiana palm below was totally defoiliated from the three nights of freezing temperatures. Last year I made a posting asking when I could expect my A. cunninghamina and alexandrae species palms to start producing seed. Well, I don't know if I will get seed, but my fried cunninghamiana palm below put out its first inflorescence yesterday when a frond base fell off.

Since my weather has gotten very warm as of late, my crown shaft palms have really kicked into the growth mode. Old frond bases are falling off and new spears are getting long and fat. On some palm two fronds have opened (or ae in the process of opening) since the freeze.

The below photos are progression photos.

The below photo is my A. cunninghamiana last summer:


The below photo was taken about one month after the January freezes:


The below photo was taken today, showing the open spath and inflorescence. Note the two detached frond bases that both fell off the same day (yesterday):


The below photo is a close up of the inflorescence:



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Inflorescence one day later:



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I have some 5 Gallon and 1 gallon sizes, about 10 king plams total. I experienced similar temps in a deep freeze and look roasted. How can I determine if the plant has died and what can I do to take care of it?

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