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PSSC May 19, 2018 meeting

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Event details

I am pleased to announce that we will holding the PSSC’s May 19, 2018 meeting in two gardens in Huntington Beach, in the OC by the sea. The first garden is the never-before-visited home and garden of Kathy van Twist. The second is the previously visited home and garden of John Boyer.


The Van Twists open their garden to show off a nice collection of rare palms. Highlights include: a HUGE Arenga pinnata, Beccariophoenix alfredii, a mature Pritchardtia forbesiana, grown 20’+ tall and almost 2 feet across the base, Pritchardtia martii, a maturing Parajubaea torallyi torallyi, various Dypsis including droopy onilahenis and many more.


John Boyer’s home and garden sit on a quarter acre, with many palms, some very well-established. The front is guarded by a stately Rhopalistylus sapida, brazen beneath the sun in all its glory. That’s just the start; other highlights include a fabulous understory Dypsis with pink crownshaft, toweringly mature Dypsis leptocheilos, mature Roystoneas, mature Chambeyroneas (including a “mealy bug”). Stopping now, catch breath . . . plus Burretiokentia veillardii (12 – 15 feet tall), Hedyscepe 15’ with 6 – 7’ of trunk, and a 10 foot tall Dypsis decipiens. Plus a Ravenea sambirinensis that’s 20’ tall and many many more.




9:30 a.m.  PSSC Board meeting at Van Twist Garden

10:00 a.m. Self-guided tours of Van Twist Garden

11:30 a.m. Exit Van Twist Garden go to Boyer Garden

12:00 noon. Potluck Lunch; chicken will be provided

1:00 p.m. General meeting

1:30 p.m. Auction

3:30 p.m. Adjourn




To Van Twist Garden:  From the north: Take I-405 south, exit Golden West; right on Golden West to Bolsa;

From the south: Take I-405 north, exit Golden West ramp which will take you right onto Bolsa, continue west on Bolsa;

Common directions: right on Bolsa; left on Capetown Lane; left on Dover Drive; right on Kingston Lane; Garden is located at 15102 Kingston Lane. Garden phone number is (714) 894-2191.


To Boyer Garden: Exit the Van Twist Garden, retrace to Bolsa, then to 405; drive I-405 south exit at Brookhurst south, take Brookhurst to Victoria/Hamilton; right on Hamilton; left on St. John Lane; right on Clearbrook Lane; right on Archer Circle, garden is at 21551 Archer Circle. Garden phone number is (714) 655-6168.


Participate in the potluck. While we provide a protein, you can provide something you like! Whatever it may be; grandma’s goulash, uncle’s eggrolls, or your own salad, if you like it, we will too, so bring it! We don’t care if you make it or buy it. All donations to the potluck are appreciated.


Participate in the auction. Donors can give 100% or 50% (and keep 50%) of the selling price of auction plants. Palm-themed objects d’art are also welcomed. The best auction plants are rare palms in 1 to 7 gallon sizes, though we’ll do bigger ones if you want. We also appreciate small plants for the raffle. (Please, no Washingtonia, Phoenix canariensis, Sabals, etc.) We try to get each plant to sell for a minimum of $20 if possible.


Thanks so much for your support!



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